List of Wandies Characters


If I've missed something in your character or whatnot, please let me know. Otherwise, I can't do anything about it.^_^


Sheila: tall with reddish-brown hair, blue-gray eyes that flash yellow when she experiences a strong emotion (i.e. anger, in the midst of battle). Sheila is a benevolent but firm leader. Rather than telling everyone what to do, she perfers to lead by gaining consensus among the Wandies whenever possible. But when there is a crisis or disagreement, Sheila always steps in and takes charge until the crisis is resolved. She's also a good listener, and all the Wandies know that they can come to her with their problems. Sheila can transform into an all black cat with yellow eyes. In her human form, she carries a curved Japanese-style sword at all times. As a cat, she prefers to use tooth and claw. Sheila has the ability to see into the hearts of people and know their feelins and intent (i.e. kinda like telepathy). However, it only works with concentrated effort, she she will never automatically know. Sheila's symbol is a black cat with a sword curving over it. *SheilaRuth*


Magicyop: 6-year-old with the brain of someone who's 40, and the back problems of someone who's 110 years old. He has brown hair with a strange, ever so slight blue tint in it (this only shows up in sunlight) and violet eyes flecked with red. He normally wears clothing that resembles robing. He's quirky, weird, moderately smart, and people must put up with him, since he's second-in-command. He enjoys giving cryptic prophecies just to annoy people, which he takes great sport in. He can transform into an olive green, very bumpy toad. He's almost always in toad form, and is rarely seen in his true form. Very rarely does he carry a little toad blowgun with poison darts. The poison containted in these darts is very dangerous, but it will only take effect if he's in toad form therefore he rarely uses it. He also carries a grappling hook shooter, which shrinks to usable size when he's a toad. In toad form it looks like a cute little toothpick shooter, but it can be adjusted to fire very powerfully. One major drawback is that sometimes he can't reach the dial. When in toad form, Magicyop has the power to activate a tiny, bouncy force field ball around himself. The only side effect is that he ALWAYS falls asleep within minutes of using his force field. Therefore, he will fall asleep hanging suspended in the middle of the force field. The moment he awakes, he can deactivate the force field, however there is a high chance that he will fall asleep again soon. His symbol is a toad face facing straight forward, with exaggeratedly wise eyes. *Magicyop*


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Sara Rishuuhi (Starry): 16-year-old girl with bronze-brown hair and deep amber-gold eyes. She is a crafty yet caring person, willing to do anything for her fellow Wandies. She knows much about herbs and plants, thus earning her the status as the Healer of the Wandies. She usually dresses in close-fitting clothes for supreme manuverability. In cold weather she will wear a silvery-black cloak decorated with a golden star-eye fastener. She carries a silver bow with eagle-feather arrows, and a silver sword set with a blue opal. Sara has the ability to transform into a rather small white and gold dragon no higher than an average man, and she has the ability to manipulate water and other objects. Her power works best while in dragon form, however, when she uses her water manipulation, she will be terribly weakened afterwards and extremely vunerable, while moving other objects only requires the same amount of energy as if she physically did it herself. Sara's symbol is the same as the fastener of her cloak, a golden star-eye set in a circle. *Starsight*

Diana Tsukuyomi: tallish girl with silver eyes and dark black-looking hair that falls to just above her shoulder blades. She likes to wear clothing that makes as little sound as an owl's wing when she moves, usually soft cloth or worn leather. Diana is usually active in the evening or early night and excels at keeping quiet when she moves, which is why she wears such clothing, so she can sneak around and "stalk" people (or prey). She's usually calm and quiet, and is very modest. However, her temper can grow quickly; watch out, for she often subconsiously turns into her transformation when too agitated. Her transformation is a wolf-like creature with silvery-white swirling markings on her legs, tail, chest, sides, brow, and around her eyes. She also has a few less-visible dark crimson markings in more prominent places and directly beside the silver. Diana's transformation is not quite a wolf becuase, like a cat, she can sheath and unsheath her talon-like claws at will, and has two serrated, twisting ivory horns sweeping back on her brow behind her eyes. Because of the horns, her ears are also positioned differently. Her hair and eye colours always remain the same whenever she transforms. Diana carries with her two dual-crescent blades (i.e. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) as well as a bow and arrow with which she is quite profficient. She has the power to bend light, which she uses to making things (including herself) appear invisible, create dopplegangers, intense shadow, blinding light, etc. However, she can only work with whatever light is present. Therefore, if there is hardly any light in a room, she can't create or remove it, but she can push it aside to create darker or brighter patches. In other words, it's easier for her to manipulate darkness because it's always there. She can also change some colours slightly. Her symbol is a silver cresent moon with a dark red stripe curving along the inner edge and against a black or really dark blue background. *Spirithunter*

Kate Forrest: 13-year-old girl with medium length light brown hair that drops only to her shoulders. Her eyes are brown, and she almost always has a mischevious smile, just waiting for the chance to bug someone. She usually wears blue jeans and a brown, black, or blue shirt. Kate loves to get into trouble and takes sport in annoying people, to which her hyperness contributes greatly. However, she can also be serious, and smarter than she seems. Kate can transform into a dark tortoiseshell cat with green eyes (i.e. Forestpelt). She loves her cat form because human eyes are so dull. Kate carries her own laser beam, in her pocket at all times. However, it only works when she is in human form. In addition, if it accumulates any extreme moisture it won't work for the next 2 hours after it is dried. Its battery has to be charged once a month. Her other weapon is a paintball gun. She has very careful aim, but it she's distracted she might be off. Beware the purple coloured painballs; they're brimming with poison. When in cat form, Kate has the power to call upon StarClan to keep them safe and help them win. To activate this power she will yowl, "I call upon my warrior ancestors to keep us safe and help us!" Thus, an army of starry cats would surround them, flanking them and protecting them. However, they can only stay down for an hour at a time, and Kate will be completely drained of energy afterwards. Her symbol is a simple cat's eye. *Forestpelt*

RF: thin, nearly 15-year-old boy round 5'9" tall, with brown hair, hazel eyes, and glasses that usually need washing. No one know his true name; he always insists on being called RF. RF likes to wear casual clothing; anything but jeans, which he loathes with a passion. His favourite shirt is a red-and-white shirt that reads "NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS" on it. He usually prefers to go barefoot, though he will wear tennis shoes in cold weather. RF is usually quite, calm, and logical (which sometimes causes great annoyance to his friends), though a bit of an introvert. He likes to have time to himself and feels uncomfortable around too many people (i.e. 10+). However, among his friends he can get quite talkative and random. He tries to resolve disputes, but often gets tired of meditating and lets Sheila handle it instead. At will, RF can transform into a golden eagle. He loves controlled flight, and sometimes he will wake up from a dream of flying thinking he's still an eagle and attempt to fly, sometimes with near-disastrous results. RF likes to use whatever's around him as a weapon (i.e. rocks, tree branches, another's sword), although with varying success. He is skilled in martial arts, and uses his hands and feet to good effect in battle. RF has the power to intensely highten his already quick reflexes, thus becoming all but superhuman. However, the added dexterity only lasts for 10 mintues, rendering him rather light-headed afterwards. RF can choose to end the time early, with minimized effects. His symbol is an eagle with outstreatched wings flying straight at the viewer. *Runningflame*

Lillile: tallish 13-year-old girl with chin-length dusty-blonde hair and blue eyes. She is quite adept at using a bow and arrow, and carries a dagger with her at all times. Lillile has the power to limitedly read minds, that is, she can never guess exactly what a person is thinking but she can interpret their intentions. She has the ability to transform into a finch, and her symbol is a small stone floating over a lake. *Cloudwind*

Caitlin (Losty): fairly average 13-year-old girl with dark brown medium length hair that constantly frizzes up and dark brown eyes. She usually wears Black Puma shoes, light-coloured jeans, and either a Muse T-shirt or Arctic Monkeys T-shirt. Caitlin is slightly hyper and insane, and extremely OBSESSIVE. However, she is an intelligent and nice girl, though very opinionated and will yell if provoked. Caitlin can transform into a gray-brown coyote. She carries with her a small pistol that, instead of bullets, shoots small poisonous pellets. She has no special power, and her symbol is a musical note. *Lostpaw*

Catilan: young girl with tan skin and orange hair with bangs that cover up her face, gray eyes. She usually wears a soft brown shirt and pants with a dark brown string belt tied across her hips. Catilan is usually very quiet, but when she says something it shocks nearly everyone around her. She likes to listen more to others, and often shakes her head. Catilan can transform into a poisonous dart frog, and carries a dagger as her weapon. Her breath is sligtly poisonous, which accounts for the reason that she doesn't talk a lot. Catilan's symbol is a circle with a frog in the middle and a cross over it. *Dogpaw*

Tasha: rather tall 13-year-old girl with long black hair. She is a great lover of animals. During battle, Tasha tends to take on a slight "fight to always win" personality (i.e. Rachel from Animorphs), and whenever danger threatens, she's always the first one to shout "I'm in!" or "Let's do it!" However, when she's not im battle, Tasha is a gentle person who cares about other people getting hurt. Many consider her to have a "split personality". Tasha can transform into a spayola, which looks like an aligator, slightly chibi, with a long tail blade and sharp teeth and claws. It does look cuter than an aligator though, and has the ability to manipulate. Tasha carries a ShadowWolf staff (i.e. ShadowWolf: almost normal black wolf with the power to disappear into shadows) and an Albino Tiger Sword. If ever damaged, the staff can easily be repaired, however her sword isn't "repairable", more rather "remarkable". Tasha has the power to crate images of fire, mainly Fire Horses which can damage up to 20 enemies at once. She will weaken for a while after using her power, though. Tasha's symbol is a shadowed wolf with silver claws against a firey background. *Soundstorm*

Laura: 10-year-old girl with long black and brown hair, blue eyes. She usually wears blue jeans, a blue shirt, and normal running shoes. Laura is the kind of person who loves to help out, though sometimes quiet. However, she won't sit around and do nothing if something bad is happening. She harbours a fear of guns and fire. Laura can transform into a wolf at will, and carries a sword as her weapon. She has the power to send long distance calls to animals for help. However, she must wait several hours for it to be safe to use her power again, otherwise the effort involved may kill her. Her symbol is a simple star. *Lilacheart*

Irvonnie: tall, gawky 12-year-old with short, stubby, ungly brown hair that doesn't quite hide her horns. She wears large glasses which make her eyes look very big. Nearly everybody laughs at her for this reason, yet it only heightens her self image. She has crooked teeth and a bit of a lopsided smile. She often wears baggy clothes, large T-shirts, and dirty cleats. A golden medallion hangs around her neck with a secret rune engraved on it. Irvonnie can transform into an Ember Snake; a slim dark amber serpent. She has a pet of the dragonian species Eknarasis Dracona. Irvonnie carries a long, silver white blade that works best in cold weather, which is also her favourite conditions (i.e. she likes cold weather). It is crafted from dragon's bane, and is extremely rare. Irvonnie has the power of Bloodsight; she can read runes and codes written in blood. Her symbol is a dragon's tail entwined around a long, pointed axe, the weapon of Papa Ge. *Riddleheart*

Brody "Kahuna" Kennen: 13-year-old boy, about 6.0, with dirty brown hair and brown-green eyes. He looks skinny on the outside, but in truth he is quite strong. Kahuna loves to wear camo, and is a bit short tempered. Kahuna constantly carries an M-16 gun, which is filled with lethal paintballs rather than bullets. He has no transformation or power, and his symbol ressembles the U.S. Army Symbol. *Jinxstar*

Amanda: short young girl with soft white skin, straight brunette hair with blonde highlights, and beautiful blue eyes. She always wears blue jeans and a tank top, with a long sleeved shirt over top, and Puma shoes. Amanda has the ability to transform into a white tiger with blue eyes, and she carries a magical dart in her pocket which can transport enemies to a cold chamber in the middle of Russia. She has the ability to teleport, though it's tiring and she must rest for a while afterwards. If she is ever knocked out she is automatically transported to Russia to recover. Amanda's symbol is blue sparkling eyes surrounded by darkness. *Fruit Salad*

Phoenix: 5"5' girl with hazel eyes and halfway-to-elbow long hair which is curly at the ends. She usually wears tight dark pants and black shirts. She loves to wear a ton of eyeliner and will always stand her ground, never backing down from a fight. Veronika has a bit of a barbed tongue and loves to talk. She has the ability to transform into a black and white cat, and she can be a bit agressive while in human form. Veronika carries around a bow and arrows, and has the power to cast magic from her hand (i.e. Eragon/Dragon Riders), though this is quite tiring. Her symbol is a dark purple or white lightning bolt. *Lightstreak*

Tadailia (Daili): swift, 15-year-old, fairly tall girl with dark brown hair like chocolate and hazel eyes. She usually wears jeans or bermudas with flip flops or converse. She likes to wear casual clothes like T-shirts or sweatshirts. Daili constantly wears an abalone ring and a green woven anklet, as well as a silver locket which is sometimes hidden in a pouch she wears as well. Daili can transform into a beautiful and swift large spotted owl. Daili's weapon of choice is a light and slender electic rope which will shock all others besides herself. She also carries a short spear which has a light blue ribben decorated with feathers trailing from it. When around friends and family, she is quite outspoke, opinionated, and talkative. When around strangers, she is quiet, shy, and reserved. Daili is a determined girl, definately not a perfectionist, and likes to prove herself right. She's friendly to almost anyone, and has the power to shape the air (i.e. create tornadoes, make the air humid, push objects with air, etc.). Daili's symbol is a leaf blowing across a moon. *Copperrose*

Rena-Chan: 14-year-old girl with medium-lenght straight black hair and short bangs. Her eyes are an unusual shade of aqua, and she always wears harajuku-type clothing, mixing different patterns and contrasting colours. Rena is often energetic, random, and silly, though on some days her mood can change dramatically. She specializes in making people laugh. Rena can transform into a Japanese Macaque. If she is feeling a strong emotion she will sometimes transform subconsiously. As a monkey, her fur has a bright pink undertone, and she will take on the extreme agility and qualities of an ordinary monkey, though she retains her human intelligence. Rena always wears an amulet decorated with a monkey which enables her to cast minor spells. It cannot be destroyed unless with powerful dark magic, and on every Year of the Monkey, her ability to control her powers becomes stronger. She always has the agility of a monkey, and her symbol is a golden outline of a monkey with a heart in the center, the same one pictured on her amulet. *Kittenkraze*

Casey "Lepus" O.: young girl with long, wavy red hair and hazel eyes. Despite the fact that she is pretty, she doesn't really stand out in a crowd. Lepus is somewhat stubborn and can be a bit cocky at times, but she really is only desperate to prove herself. She uses the name "Lepus" as a mask for her true self. No one takes her very seriously, especially herself, since she has feelings for a certain dark-haired boy.(*wink*) Lepus has the ability to transform into a rabbit-sized jackalope, and she carries a harp that easily lulls others to sleep (even if she is a little clumsy at playing it...). She also carries a knife so strong it can easily cut steel. Her symbol is a simple rabbit face with antlers.

Scarlet: 14-year-old girl with pretty wavy golden hair that reaches just beyond her shoulders, and blue-gray eyes capable of giving a striking stare. She's a little short and has tan skin from all the hours she spends at the beach. She loves fashion and has a ton of clothes, from elaborate warrior outfits to everyday jeans and a tee shirt. Scarlet is a nice person, though she tends to portray the opposite through her constant use of sarcasm and mockery. She manages to keep extremely snide comments inside, or at least mutter them only to herself. She playfully teases a lot, and sometimes she is a big flirt. She doesn't get angry easily, but when she does she can come up with and endless stream of insults and mock a person to no end. One of her best qualities is her ability to stay calm in stressful situations. Occasionally she's a bit lazy or stubborn, but usually she's pretty laid back. Scarlet's got a soft spot for animals, and she can transform into a black-footed cat, which is extremely fierce and able to survive the harshest of conditions. She always carries with her a special dagger that she made herself, as well as throwing disks, with which she has excellent aim. Her agility as well as flexibility allow her to have this. Scarlet has a perfect photographic memory; she has remembered every tiny detail since she was born. Even if she didn't pay attention at the time she can still remember a conversation or event, like she has gone back in time. She tries to block hurtful ones out, but if she gets worked up they will flood back into her mind with the same force they had when they occurred. This will cause her pain for days. Scarlet's symbol is a red ruby heart, which she wears on a chain around her neck. *Scarletfire*

Rose: pretty, 5'5" girl with medium brown hair that have caramel highlights, light green eyes. She usually wears sweatpants and a light gray T-shirt. Rose is a caring person, but is hard on emotions. She doesn't take things too seriously, and can sometimes be too self-confident. She can also be sarcastic from time to time. If she does gain enough self-confidence, Rose can transform into a young, but somewhat powerful sabertooth tiger. Her jaws are quite powerful when she is in this stage; watch out! Rose carries a Mugai-Ryu on her back at all times. It is a heavy sword with a curved top to rip at catch, along with a 'stinger' on the handle. She also has an incredible sense of smell and hearing. To bring this into contrast, she could hear a pepple clatter down a hill from two miles away. Rose's symbol is a gold star set with a black dragon. *Rosepetal*

Thomas: 11-year-old boy with brown hair, tan-white skin, and hazel-green eyes. Around 5' tall, Thomas likes to wear jeans and a two-coloured long sleeved shirt or T-shirt, sometimes with a sweatshirt overtop. He is a very nice person who has his "brave moments", though he has a hard time making decisions. Thomas likes to help people who are feeling down, usually by being funny. Thomas can transform into a drolf, a half wolf, half dragon-type creature. It looks mostly like a regular gray and brown wolf, but with dragon wings spanning nearly eight feet. He carries with him a sword that he found in an ancient temple; one of its properties is the ability to change into two smaller swords at the user's will. Thomas has the power of fire-breath, which only works in drolf form, however. His symbol is a wolf head with a scaly background. *Talonfur*

Xarka: thin, 13- or 14-year-old boy with shaggy dark brown hair, large dark brown eyes. He's a bit small for his age, preferring to wear loose, black cloth clothing under a dark gray cloak. He is a swift and skilled warrior, but tires very easily and only does physical activities like fighting for a short amount of time. A scar runs along his left wrist from a battle with a wildcat, and he has seven fingers and toes on each hand and foot, giving him an odd appearance. His fingernails are similar to claws, which suits him well in battle. Xarka is shy, often avoiding conversations with those he doesn't know well. An elegant warrior, he treats his enemies with as much respect as his peers. He feels safest at night, in the rain, or underground, harboring a fear of open spaces. Xarka can transform into what appears to be a swift, harmless black garter snake, but with a venomous paralyzing bite that can leave an enemy immobile for up to an hour. However, these venom stocks are low, averaging about three bites before he must wait a week to "recharge". Xarka prefers to use a martial art based on the attacks of the snake. Here his claw-like fingernails are a great advantage. If needed, he will use a ninjato, a sword similar to a short katana. The hollow sheath can be used as a breathing tube underwater, or as a blowpipe. He carries poisoned blowpipe darts for this purpose; the poison within is similar to the bites he can deliver in snake form. However, as he tires easily, he can't fight for long, and prefers not to fight at all. Xarka has the ability to crawl on the surface of walls or ceilings, and blend almost perfectly with shadows, like a chameleon. This is more natural training than magical ability, though many would say otherwise. As always, he is terribly weakened after using his power. Xarka's symbol is his transformation curled around a ninjato, with a blood-red crescent moon in the background. He wears this symbol on an amulet around his neck. *Sevenclaws*

Bella Muerte: 13-year-old girl approximately 5'3" with medium-length, layered brown hair with blonde and black highlights, light blue eyes. She tends to wear a pair of small silver glasses due to nearsightedness. Bella is an extremely nice person who loves listening to music. However, she can get really mean at times, so be careful. She carries a sword, though usually opts out for her advanced karate skills instead. TRANSFORMATION NOT CONFIRMED. POWER NOT CONFIRMED. Bella's symbol is a black heart with a car, resembling in the Car-Crash heart. *Ripplestream*

Rebecca Quail (Becca Q): 14-year-old girl with thick golden hair that has black-tipped ends, large blue-silver eyes. She usually just wears a hoodie and jeans, and can be very nice to others when she doesn't feel threatened, though a bit hard-headed. Becca Q. has unusually sharp teeth, and she has the ability to transform into a cougar. She carries a 6-inch blade on her at all times, and has the ability to hear the quietest movement from up to 2 miles away. However, close, loud sounds can damage her hearing, rendering her temporarily deaf. Her symbol is a simple cloud. *Quailfeather*

Ella: a short 12, almost 13 year old girl with dirty blond hair and natural blond highlights. In the spring and summer her hi-lights become brighter. She has blue-gray eyes and freckles dotting her face. She usually wears a skin tight tank-top and in spring and fall she has a T-shirt that goes over it and in winter a sweatshirt over that. She wears pants that can be converted into shorts and does not wear shoes because of the cat like pads on her feet. She has the ability to morph into a wolf-cat which is a wolf with all the skills of a cat. She uses her animal form as her weapon and her special bond with her pet wolf, Starfire. Starfire is a 10 month old she-wolf who Ella has raised from almost birth. She has kept her stunning blue eyes from her puppyhood, which Ella also possess in animal form. She is Ella's shadow and will only part when one of them dies. When walking together with Ella in animal form, they look like a pair of wolves never to be seperated. Ella posseses the power to comminicate with cats and wolves. Her symbol is a heart with a paw print in it. *Hawkstorm*

Silent: swift 12-year-old girl with long brown hair that has blonde highlights, deep blue eyes that lighten in sunlight. She prefers contacts to glasses, though she often wears large white sunglasses with cool clothes. Silent is a sweet and kind person, one who stands up to bullies and tries to protect anyone. She can transform into a large saber-toothed cat, and carries around a bow and arrows when in human form. Silent has the power to create fighting spirits. However, they don't last for long and are easily destroyed. They aren't very energy-draining either, which is good for long battles. Her symbol is a saber-toothed cat. *Silent*

Bittersweet: oranged-haired girl with dull blue eyes. She likes wearing plain coloured T-shirts and jeans, and can be quite sarcastic at times. She is liable to dance at any given moment, and likes to laugh. Bittersweet has the ability to transform into an orange cat, and carries around a vial of poison that puts enemies to sleep. She can read minds (with a concentrated effort) which often comes in handy. Bittersweet's symbol is an intese cat's eye. *Grayeyes*

Susannah: young female with short russet-coloured hair and brown eyes that are the same colour as her hair and are flecked with gold. She usually wears layered T-shirts, jeans, and canvas sneakers, along with a silver crescent moon that she wears around her neck at all times. She also wears silver Bastet earrings (Bastet being the Egyptian cat goddess). Many have said that Susannah has a split personality, which changes depending on the dimention or situation she's in. One side of her is quiet, watching, almost hovering like a shadow. Another is flat out goofy, quirky, and unpredictable, acting on spur of the moment. Sometimes she even howls at the moon. Her transformation is more like a shifting shadow. WEAPON NOT CONFIRMED. Susannah has the ability to independantly slide between dimensions, though it gets more difficult to do the more distractions there are around her. SYMBOL NOT CONFIRMED. *Crescentmoon*

Luna: short, 14-year-old girl with blonde hair and green eyes. She has very pale skin with a few freckles and she usually wears a light pink tank top, a white headband, a tan skirt, and a long white bag. Luna is very kind, but can be incredibly stubborn at times. She is quite intelligent and loves to joke. TRANSFORMATION NOT CONFIRMED. Luna constantly carries around a small, intricate gold dagger that she wears on her belt at all times. Luna has the power to control metal, however tiring it is, and her symbol is a white cat's paw with gold claws. *Wittle Mewstar*

Avery: tall girl with brown hair and blonde streaks, light blue eyes flecked with white and rimmed in dark blue. She likes to wear a blue tank top with a long sleeved button-up shirt overtop, along with long black jeans. She wears light blue earrings that bring out her eyes, along with a silver heart pendant and several dark and light blue beaded necklaces. Avery is very stubborn and can be extremely hyper at times. She is kind and friendly and not afraid to back up a friend in need. She loves to laugh and enjoys hanging out with her friends. Avery can transform into a small snow tiger with eerie translucent eyes. She wields a one-handled sword with blandes on both ends. The edges are made of diamonds and the handle is set with two blue stones on either side and decorated with a silver pattern. Avery has flaming hands that only work when she believes in herself or is calm. Her symbol is a heart filled with swirling threads of green (for the earth), blue (for the water), and white (for her knowledge). *Fallenleaf*

Krystal McIntyre: 13-year-old girl with black hair that is parted by an unusual blue streak, blue eyes. She usually wears a blue tanktop with darkwash jeans, along with a pair of blue and black sneakers. Sometimes she also wears a black choker. Krystal is prone to many mood swings, though overall she is quiet, since she enjoys watching things happen. Sometimes Krystal will go for a long period of time without speaking, then randomly shout "BOO!", startling everyone around her. Start up a conversation with her, and she'll talk for as long as she likes. Krystal can transform into a silver lioness, and carries two ice swords taht are impervious to het and never snap. Anything that touch them (besides Krystal, of course) will move slower because of the intense cold. Krystal's symbol is a silver lion against a silvery-blue background. *Crystalclaw*

Drew: young boy with golden-brown hair and brown eyes. He is a caring kind of person, with an unusal sense of humor. Drew can transform into a german shepard. WEAPON NOT CONFIRMED. He has the power to turn invisible, and his symbol is a simple german shepard design. *Glacierstar* DESCRIPTION SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Mitsuki (Mit/MitMit): thin girl with short, layered blonde hair that is a little on the dark side. One of her eyes is dark blue that sometimes turns red, while the other is a blue that sometimes turns light green. If both her eyes change colour (that is, when they are red and light green) then there's something wrong. Mitsuki is usually quiet and likes to keep to herself unless she's excited or mad. She tends to swear in Japanese under her breath when she is extremely angered. She is usually obedient, though this depends heavily on her mood. Mitsuki usually wears fitted rock T-shirts and jeans, and she can transform into a cute small white mouse with brown speckles and hidden wings on her back that boasts incredible endurance. Mitsuki carries a sharp dagger as her weapon, along with a multi-purpose laser than can be used to point at objects or zap them, depending on what Mitsuki wishes. She has the power to increase her vision to a level that rivals a cat's eye, though her eyes hurt and she can get headaches the longer she uses this "super-vision." Mitsuki's symbol is a round dot with small ears and a squiggly line at the bottom, resembling a profile of a mouse viewed from above. *Ashtail*

Kaya (Wolf): young girl of average height with short, medium brown hair with red low-lights, silvery-gray eyes. She always wears regular street clothing, but never anything she considers "girly". This usually consists of short-sleeved T-shirts and capris. Kaya is a stubborn girl who can be happy at times, but is always kind to her friends and the people she loves. She tends to keep to herself and rarely hangs out in large groups. If the group gets too large, she would silently, yet quickly walk away. Kaya has the ability to transform into a silvery-white wolf (hence her nickname, and carries a sword slung on her back at all times. She also has a 9mm handgun called a Gale Gun in her pocket that goes wherever she does. Rather than bullets, her Gale Gun shoots a small jet of compressed air, which is usually more effective than any bullet, with the added bonus of disappearing after the shot. Kaya usually reaches for her sword in a fight, but uses her Gale Gun more often than not. She is skilled with her sword, but even more so with her gun. Kaya has the power to control the wind. She often uses her sword to channel this power, but since it tires her greatly she only uses it as a last resort. Kaya's symbol is a howling wolf's head with a crossed sword and gun in the background. *Wolf*

Ryan: tall, dark man in his early 20s with pale, almost white skin, dark black hair, and ice blue eyes so pale they're nearly transparent. He constantly dresses in black and sometimes wears a long, thick, dark gray traveling cloak. He also wears a bleached bone necklace which is usually hidden beneath his shirt; he always said it was the teeth of the grizzly who had left that eerie white scar over his left eye. Some people describe Ryan as a stormcloud, which fits will with his moody and secretive personality. Usually he's calm and mellow, but he's liable to snap when he's in a bad mood. If he gets angry enough his eyes flash red, though this happens so rarely that only a couple Wandies have ever seen it. Ryan can transform into a massive black dragon with ruby-red eyes, and uses a strong sword that is harder than diamond as his weapon. The sword's blade is blacker than night shadows and the silver-gold hilt is set with a glittering black opal. Rarely he uses a strong and accurate crossbow, and possesses a short ruby-encrusted dagger that he inherited from a friend. He has never used his special ability so no one knows what it is, and his symbol is a glowing red dragon's eye against a black background slashed with white.

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I dont see my charie.....

Be crazy, and people will adore you. Be insane, and they'll make your they're leader.


I dont see my charie.....

Be crazy, and people will adore you. Be insane, and they'll make your they're leader.


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I'm not entirely done yet; patience!^_^

I'm still not on it!!!!!

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I can't wait 'til the next chapter of this is up =]


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Okay, I just finished putting up all the characters. Please don't mind the fact that some things are not confirmed at the present time; I'm working on sending out PMs to everyone on this.^_^

Alright, works for me, I'm not even sure myself. Hahaha!

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Starry, Ryan's symbol is a red sragon? That's so cool, like from the movie!!!! =D


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We are arrant knaves, all: believe none of us.
- Hamlet

Wow... This is a lot of characters...

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updated description??? pleeeeeeeease put it up the old one is soo bad its killing me hahhaa

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Can I edit mine a little? (lot, lol)
Casey "Lepus" O.: young girl with long, wavy red hair and hazel eyes. Despite the fact she is pretty, she wouldn't stand out in a crowd. Lepus is somewhat stubborn and can be a bit cocky at times, but she really is only desperate to prove herself. "Lepus" is the name she uses as a mask for her true self. She has assorted abilities, one of which is to transform into a red-furred weasel, and she carries a harp that easily lulls others to sleep (although she's a little clumsy playing it...), as well as a knife so strong it can cut steel. Her symbol is a simple mouse/weasel like face. No one takes her seriously, especially herself, because she has feelings for a dark-haired boy of the enemy...

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Argh, wish I could, Scarlet, but I left it on my computer at home.>_<
Remind me again during the weekend; I have to focus on my English and Chemistry exams coming up on Thursday and Friday, respectively. And I never really do well on English exams...>_<

Uhhhh *moans* I have to change it again -_____- If her name is LEPUS, why is her transformation a WEASEL? X_x OK... make it a jackalope again. But a RABBIT sized one! Not a capybara sized one. LOL...and make the symbol a simple rabbit face with antlers. SORRY! *dies of embarrasment*

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Oops - Her hair is short, she is tall & slender.

I pm'd you with more details, including my weapon or lack thereof & my symbol.

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*smacks self* I swear, I'm half asleep half the time these days...>_<

Okay, I've fixed both of you, and I'm now working on Scarlet's updated description. Please don't mind if I don't finish tonight; I still have a Music exam to write on Monday.>_<




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Yayerz. I have most of the descriptions up now. Still waiting on Furry and Wolf for theirs, and Glacier for his updated one.



Oh ya, and I can I poke Magic for the rest of the symbols?*laughs*^_^

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Your constant nagging about YOUR symbol... my editing it taking up all my time...

LOL! Just kidding! ^___^'

I'll try to start on dem again. And I'll fix yours. X^D

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Well, if you're gonna bug me about writing the book, I gotta bug YOU about something.^_^

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I think I'm gonna cut a few people, cause this is just taking way too long...*pokes Wittle Mew and Glacier*-_-

Johnathon: he never talks for up to weeks for a time and is almost never around. He hears more than most poeple know because he is alwas lurking in the shadows. Hes 12 years old and is very smart and can solve almost any puzzle or trap. He transforms into a griffen. He can see glimpses of the future so some times he knows alot of things that should have been secrets. Can make objects out of solid light but it is very dagerous because if he made something to big it would plunge the world into eternal darkness and extingush the sun and everything would die. HIs wepon is a huge double handed sword that is close to twice his size but is as light as a feather made by his own power.

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Mitsuki just turned 13


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Omg, I just read that! Yea go Nebraska Cornhuskers!!!! Nice taste RF lol!

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Sorry Rabbitfur, but sign ups are closed... :[ I think. [glares at starry] Close all the changes and write the next chapter!

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What the foo is with that stopsign?o_o

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Because I misplaced your description.^_^' I found it again recently, but I keep forgetting to go back and fix it.>_> *fixes description*

oi! magic my symbol is magnificento!! :D i love it so much! thank you!

Thanks Quaily!



All symbols courtesy of Magicyop.^_^

Perfect, except one thing. This is optional, btw. Her gun can be called a Gale Gun as a nickname for it or something, lol! Thanks! Its looking great-no- awesome!

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Hey Starry, in my description: Can you change the "twelve year old" part to "thirteen year old" ? Thanks! :)I'm 13 now, not 12 ^^




Sure to both. I'll fix that, and I have to do some editing on my character too.^_^


Umm, please take down my symbol and put up rabbit's. ( for Lepus, I mean )

Rabbit's is better, mine looks like it's frowning -.-

LOL, I spent like forever trying to not get those antlers to look like trees... :P

Well, back to the coal mines on the symbols. (jk)

Copperrose: Thankies! :D

Starry, also, is your new symbol okay? Does it Glow enough? :P

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Greyeyes, your symbol is an 'Intense cat's eye'?! Forest symbol was a 'Cat's eye'. How in the world am I supposed to make an "Intense" Cat's eye? Does it matter? >.<

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Narrow the pupil. I find that makes things more intense.^_^ And Rabbit would kill me if I put her symbol back up there.>_<

Can I be one?... (If anything's similar to someone else's, sorry. I'm going off my actual description)

Breanna "" Holloway~ 14-year-old girl about... 5'5". She wears Tripp pants (if you don't know what they are, look em up, or go to Hot Topic) with purple on them(the pants I want). She wears a light grey shirt with an angel on the right side driving a sword through a skull, and faint unreadable writing in the background. Breanna wears black and white Airwalks and has black and burgundy hair(burgundy on the roots -that's about halfway down- and black on the rest). Her eyes change colors, and mostly they're hazel. This part isn't real: She wears clear contacts, but they make her eyes look like cat eyes. End unreal part. She is going out with a guy named Kyle that is very... perverted and... ~doesn't know how to describe it~... umm... yeah. He's very stupid, but not in the "What's 1+1?" kind of way; in the way that he drums on cop cars with drumsticks and then when the cop chases him, yells, "G**D*****, the m*****f****** pigs are after me again!!!" She has VERY bad anger problems, and often says she is a vampire because of her strong cravings for blood. She also says she's a werewolf. Cuz they're cool. Often talks in IM speak... or text speak.... Often says, "Rawersh" when there's a random silence, or whenever!! Has a dirty mind, thanks to her friends. ^^ She wears thick black eyeliner and dark purple eyeshadow. The back of her hair is curly, and the front straight. Often wears a black and white polka dotted headband, and thick black glasses(often known as emo glasses. Look at my siggie. The glasses that I wear). Her weapon is a knife who's cover is a brown-red color with silver designs made of...steel, or metal. The handle has the "Gay pride" sybol on a little part of it(I didn't know that until my friend told me). It's silver, with another design at the bottom made out of the same stuff as the cover. The blade is steel(that's what it says...) with black vine/thorn design. It's curved.

If we pick our symbol:

Her symbol is a medium grey wolf with deep blue eyes.

Me and my love, Tyler. ^^

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