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On December 11, Cherith Baldry participated in an author chat with our members. Cherith is one of the two authors who write the Warriors series under the pseudonum Erin Hunter. The chat was scheduled to last 1/2 hour, but Cherith stayed for 2 and 1/2 hours answering questions from Wands and Worlds members! The transcript is as follows:

Snowpelt: thanks for coming, erinhunter!
greenbabynurse: Tanks for coming i love your books sooo much
SheilaRuth: Welcome to the chat everyone, and welcome to Erin Hunter, is now here.

Phantomheart(Q): How long did it take you to write the first book of warriors?
ErinHunter(A): About three months, I think, but it's a while now so I don't remember too well!

greenbabynurse(Q): Erin with there be any more books after this Prophcey is over?
ErinHunter(A): Yes, there will be a new series of six, and also a 'one off' special edition.

magicyop(Q): In the end of book three, cinderpaw was still called cinderpaw. However in the allegiances for book 3 it
said cinderpelt. then she was called cinderpelt in the beggining of book 4. why is this?
ErinHunter(A): Medicine cats have a special way of getting their full name, and you'll find out about that in this current
series - Book 4, I think it is.

SheilaRuth I forgot to ask if we can try to avoid asking any questions with spoilers. Some people haven't read all the
books yet. Snowpelt, I'm going to go ahead and forward yours to her, because it's not too bad but let's be careful

Liontail(Q): Where does the entire series take place? Where is the forest located? Any specific area?
ErinHunter(A): When we started, it was based on the New Forest in the south of England, but as we developed the ideas
it became more of a fantasy place, so it isn;t really located anywhere specific now.

Snowpelt: oops, sorry Sheilaruth.

Snowpelt(Q): Will the blood relationship between Hawfrost, Brambleclaw, Mothwing, and Tawnypelt play a large part in
the rest of the series?
ErinHunter(A): Yes, it will, but I'm not going to tell you how!

greenbabynurse(Q): Erin with there be any more books after this Prophcey is over?
ErinHunter(A): Scroll up a bit, as I already answered this. Let me know if you can't find it!

StarClan(Q): Where is the Warriors series set geographically (city/town, road, ect.)?
ErinHunter(A): Nowhere specific - see the answer to the other question a minute ago.

Liontail(Q): What were some of the reasons the point of view was changed from Firestar to the others in the new prophecy
ErinHunter(A): Well, we thought we'd really told Firestar's story, and so we wanted to get a fresh viewpoint. Another
reason was to use alternating viewpoints, which we do a lot in NP. If you've read Moonrise, you'll know that we use
viewpoints of cats who aren't in ThunderClan.

StarClan: Yes I read Moonrise. I was just disappointed ot see Firestar's point of view go.
Ravenpelt: How long does this chat last for? Is there a specific time it ends? (not directed at Erin Hunter)
Liontail: 30 minutes right?

Phantomheart(Q): Erin,are you gona make any warrior movies?
ErinHunter(A): There aren't any plans at the moment, but I'd be delighted if it happened!

Ravenpelt: No movies?! Aww...
SheilaRuth: It's supposed to be 30 minutes.
Ravenpelt: ok

Ravenpelt(Q): Hello, my name is Ravenpelt, and I have a few questions for you. 1. I wrote a fanfic on the events that
occurred between The Darkest Hour and Midnight. If you are interested, go to to read it 2.
What will Squirrelpaw's and Leafpaw's warrior names be? 3. What is the fifth book called and when is it coming out?
ErinHunter(A): I won't tell you their names, you'll have to read Book 4! Book 5 is called 'Twilight'; I'm not sure when
it's coming out.

Ravenpelt: The rumors were true then, it is Twilight
Ravenpelt: cool
StarClan(Q): How did you come up with the idea for the Warriors series?
ErinHunter(A): The whole idea was discussed between me (Cherith Baldry as you probably know) the other writer Kate Cary
and the UK editor Vicky Holmes.

SheilaRuth: Several people asked about the Warrior movies, and since she already answered it I'm not sending the extras
to her

StarClan(Q): Will the books ever be in Firestar's point of view again (I miss it so bad)?
ErinHunter(A): The special edition may be, but I'm not promising, because we haven't worked out what will happen in that
one yet.

StarClan: Yesss!!!!

magicyop(Q): When firestar got his nine lives, why were patchpelt and halftail not there?
ErinHunter(A): They might have been there; there werer lots of StarClan warriors, and we couldn't name them all.
The nine most important cats in his life at that time each gave him a life. (Cats that had gone to hunt with StarClan, that

magicyop: oh, ok.

Snowpelt(Q): How did you first meet Kate and start writing Warriors?
ErinHunter(A): Believe it or not, we have never met! We were brought together as writing partners by Vicky, who is

Ravenpelt(Q): I managed to get an advance copy of Dawn, good choice of a warrior name for Crowpaw!
ErinHunter(A): Yes, we felt quite smug about that!

Ravenpelt: hehe

StarClan(Q): Did you or Kate write the first book?
ErinHunter(A): Kate wrote books 1, 2 and 4 of the first series, and I wrote 3, 5 and 6.

Snowpelt(Q): Have you and/or Kate come up with the titles for the rest of the books in A New Prophecy?
ErinHunter(A): As far as I know, Vicky thought of all the titles. I'm very bad at thinking of titles!

StarClan(Q): Will Cloudtail ever belive in StarClan?
ErinHunter(A): I doubt it.

Ravenpelt: Dawn was the best book of the new prophecy, I think

Phantomheart(Q): Erin,is it easy for you to make the warrior books?
ErinHunter(A): It varies. Some bits are really easy to write and some are harder. But it's always a great joy to do,
because there's so much in them.

greenbabynurse(Q): who will the nexted Prophcey/Series involve?
ErinHunter(A): Aha!

Snowpelt(Q): The main character in each of the serires (Firestar and Brambleclaw) both have StarClan mentors,
will this continue in the third series?
ErinHunter(A): I can't say at the moment, the third series is still very much in the melting pot.

Liontail(Q): Are all the cats fictional or were some characters derived from real ones
ErinHunter(A): Most of the cats were fictional, though I think Firestar was based on a cat Kate knows.
Brambleclaw and Sorreltail are based on my cats.

magicyop(Q): What happened to the rest of the pack in book 5? The leader and two others fell in but it was never
explained what happened to the rest.
ErinHunter(A): They were terrified and ran off.

Liontail(Q): Will there ever be an official site for Warriors fans to discuss about the series?
ErinHunter(A): The official site at present is, but I don't think there's a discussion facility.
Email HarperCollins and they might provide one!

magicyop(Q): What happened to the rest of the pack in book 5? The leader and two others fell in but it was never explained what happened to the rest.
ErinHunter(A): I think I answered this and it's come up again. Maybe I'm not using the console right! Anyway,
the dogs were terrified and ran off.

magicyop: Oops, thats my fault. i think i accidently sumbitted it twice.

StarClan(Q): Do your readers/editors ever bug you about writing style diffrences (beetween you and Kate)?
ErinHunter(A): The readers don't, or haven't until now. It's the editor's job to make sure the styles match.

StarClan(Q): So If I lookup the New Forest in Engald I can get a rough ariel picture of the series setting?
ErinHunter(A): Very rough, because as I said we've really developed it beyond that now.

Snowpelt(Q): Have there been large parts of the books taken out during editing that you would have like to stay in?
ErinHunter(A): No, hardly anything at all. Usually when Vicky sees my first draft she thinks of extra things we might put

StarClan(Q): How long does it take to write each book?
ErinHunter(A): It varies, depending on when the deadline is. Roughly three months, though I did do one in a month, and that was *hard* work!

StarClan(Q): Have you considered making a fouth series?
ErinHunter(A): It's a bit early for that.

StarClan(Q): I never notice any diffrences.
ErinHunter(A): Good - that's what we aim for.

Snowpelt(Q): Which covers came first, the UK covers or the US covers?
ErinHunter(A): The US ones.

StarClan(Q): Which covers do you like better, the US or UK ones?
ErinHunter(A): I like both, but I prefer the US ones.

Liontail: There are 2 different covers?
Ravenpelt: yeah, I've seen the Uk ones, they're so much better
StarClan: Yep
Liontail: anyone have the link for a view because I have never seen them
Ravenpelt: I asked her what happened to Mistyfoot's kits
Snowpelt: i like the uk
greenbabynurse: really..ravenpelt is there a web i could go to so i could see them

StarClan(Q): Do you or Kate write any other books? Do you have offical webistes?
ErinHunter(A): Yes, we both write other books. I don't have a website and I don't know if Kate does. Try googling
on our names - you'll see a number of my other books if you look up Cherith Baldry on, say, Amazon.


magicyop(Q): Will Ravenpaw ever return to thunderclan?
ErinHunter(A): Hmmm...maybe.

greenbabynurse(Q): I writing books what you have allways wanted to do?
ErinHunter(A): Yes, one of my earliest memories is of sitting on my grandfather's knee and reading him a story
I had written.

Ravenpelt: I dunno, I don't remember where I saw them

Liontail(Q): Will there be any tours in the US/Canada promoting the books?
ErinHunter(A): There was a tour last May - I had a terrific time! It's possible there'll be another next year,
but nothing is fixed yet.

Ravenpelt(Q): Why does Ferncloud get picked on? (you know what I mean)
ErinHunter(A): No - explain!

Ravenpelt(Q): Ferncloud loses so much family, you know, in both Moonrise and Dawn. Why?
ErinHunter(A): I see. I'm not sure there's a specific reason; it's not because we hate her! She is the only cat
with young kits at this time, and very young and old cats are most at risk in hard times.

Liontail(Q): My friend wants to know is there a reason that the books are not available for online buying in
Canada? He has tried to order the new Prophecy but was unsuccessful and had to wait for the release
ErinHunter(A): Sorry, I've no idea. I don't have anything to do with marketing.

SheilaRuth(Q): I know you have to go soon, but some of the members of the group are writers. Do you have any
advice for young writers?
ErinHunter(A): Yes, lots. The most important thing is to read, read, read, and read some more. Then as you're still
in school, take advantage of your English classes. Publishers won't spend vast amount of time correcting grammar
and spelling. It has to be right. Then go off and have a life so you have something to write about.

StarClan(Q): Is the Warriors series considered popular compared to other children's books?
ErinHunter(A): I don't think we'll ever outsell Harry Potter! But it's doing very well otherwise. As you
probably know, Midnight and Moonrise both made the New York Times bestseller list.

StarClan: I think you could!

Snowpelt(Q): Who is Rosetail?
ErinHunter(A): I don't think I've heard of Rosetail. Good name, though.

Ravenpelt: wasn't Rosetail killed in the very first book?
Liontail: no
StarClan: Should we quit asking questions so Erin can finsih up the ones remaining?

Phantomheart(Q): Erin,do you go on anyones(fans of the warrior books) web sites?
ErinHunter(A): Not really, though I've looked in on one or two. It's probably best for writers not to be too close to the fan writing.

Phantomheart: It was Redtail
magicyop: Good idea. otherwise some questions might not get answered.
Ravenpelt: Rosetail was killed in Into The Wild, and Redtail was too
StarClan: oh, yeah...

StarClan(Q): If the cats move to another area in Dawn how will they access Highstones?
ErinHunter(A): That's a problem the cats tackle in Book 4.

StarClan: Who was Rosetail?

greenbabynurse(Q): Are that cats featured in a larger painting on the covers of the books usullay the cat that the
book is most about?
ErinHunter(A): Yes.

magicyop: Rosetail? I don't seem to remember rosetail... I only remember redtail.
Liontail: Redtail and Lionheart I remember
StarClan: Lets look it up later.
Ravenpelt: In the very first book, she was killed trying to defend the nursery, but her name wasn't in the
Alleigiances. They only mentioned her in one chap
greenbabynurse: same...but i like the name Rosetail i allso like Greyfire and Rosepelt

Liontail: Do you know what part of the book ( beg middle end) I could skim through and check

Snowpelt(Q): Rosetail was mentioned in Into the Wild by Frostfur who said she died bravely, killed by a ShadowClan
warrior, but there was never a cerimony for her and she was never previously mentioned.
ErinHunter(A): Ah, well now you've exposed my ignorance! That was Kate's book, of course.

Ravenpelt: told you so!
Snowpelt: Oops.

magicyop(Q): I have only just started book 6, so i dont know much about bloodclan, but will there ever be an
updated map shoing their territory?
ErinHunter(A): No, I don't think so.

Ravenpelt(Q): What happened to Mistyfoot's kits?
ErinHunter(A): They grew up to be warriors.

magicyop: Here is a joke: Let's say there is a kit named starkit. then that kit becomes an apprentice, starpaw.
then a warrior named starheart. then becomes leader of the clan. named: starstar! :D

StarClan(Q): Do you frequent any online forums or web sites?
ErinHunter(A): Not really.

StarClan: lol

SheilaRuth(Q): Sorry, Cherith, that was my fault. He asked it twice and I submitted it to you twice.
ErinHunter(A): Oh, OK. No problem.

StarClan: I did?
StarClan: Sorry
SheilaRuth: No, not you, it was magicyop a while back
magicyop: no, i think she meant me.

StarClan(Q): Will you ever change the map?
ErinHunter(A): Yes, but if you don't know why I won't spoil it by telling you.

magicyop(Q): Will any of the other kittypets become important?
ErinHunter(A): There's an important kittypet character in Dawn, and later on some sort-of kittypets come into the story.

SheilaRuth(Q): Do you make a timeline or something to keep track of everything going on and the ages of the cats in each
ErinHunter(A): Vicky does that. I try to keep family trees, so we know whose kits everyone is. It can get quite confusing!

StarClan: Will full chat transripts be avai;lable afterwards?
SheilaRuth: Yes, I'll post the chat transcript to the site
Ravenpelt: cool

Liontail(Q): Which character best represents you in any series. What about Kate?
ErinHunter(A): I don't know about Kate. I feel a bit like Yellowfang, because I get irritable easily, and a bit like
Leafpaw, because I think about things a lot.

Snowpelt(Q): What are Mistyfoots kit's names
ErinHunter(A): I don't think we ever worked them out.

greenbabynurse(Q): BrambleClaw and Squirrelpaw are becoming very close will it ever be somthing more????
ErinHunter(A): That would be telling!

Ravenpelt: of course they will!
StarClan: I think so

Snowpelt(Q): Will there be any friendships between cats and other creatures?
ErinHunter(A): Have you read Midnight yet?

magicyop(Q): Will any other animals besides cats and dogs be introduced? (I haven't read the New Prophecy yet)
ErinHunter(A): Yes, there's one important other animal who comes into NP.

Snowpelt(Q): Will there be any future inter-species (other animal) friendships?
ErinHunter(A): Yes.

StarClan(Q): Who comes up with the names?
ErinHunter(A): All three of us.

Ravenpelt: Brambeclaw and Squirrelpaw are bascially Firestar and Sandstorm all over again!

Snowpelt(Q): Was Whitestorm in any way related to Bluestar?
ErinHunter(A): Not as far as I know.

greenbabynurse(Q): Has Dawn allready been written and is just waiting to come out or are you still writing it?
ErinHunter(A): Dawn comes out just after Christmas - it's Kate's book, not mine. At present I'm writing book 6.

magicyop(Q): Will a new clan ever be introduced?
ErinHunter(A): Have you read Moonrise yet?

magicyop: no, i haven't.
Liontail: same
Liontail: :(
Snowpelt: brambleclaw and Hawkfrost are like firestar and tigerstar
Liontail: ah
Phantomheart: they are called tribes as I have heard

Snowpelt(Q): Will there be a love-trianble between Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, and Stormfur?
ErinHunter(A): No. That's not to say there might not be one with some other cat...

StarClan(Q): Will the cats ever fully understand cars and the thunderpath?
ErinHunter(A): No, I don't think they're able to do that, and they can't get very close to observe them because
it's too dangerous.

Phantomheart(Q): Erin,is it hard to make the warriors names?
ErinHunter(A): Not really, though it can be hard to come up with the exact right name. We discussed for a long time
what Squirrelpaw's warrior name would be.

magicyop(Q): No, I haven't read moonrise.
ErinHunter(A): Ah, well, you need to do that, then, and you'll find the answer to your question.

StarClan(Q): Did Bluestar trust Whitestorm in the last three books in the first series?
ErinHunter(A): Yes, he was about the only cat she did trust all the time.

StarClan(Q): Then why didn't she allow his apprentince to become a Warrior?
ErinHunter(A): I think because she didn't trust any of the apprentices, except for Firestar's. She wasn't being rational,
so don't expect all her actions to be logical.

Snowpelt(Q): I meant other than Midnight.
ErinHunter(A): Not at present, but it's always possible.

StarClan(Q): What is book 6 called? When will the future books be released?
ErinHunter(A): The working title for Book 6 is Sunset, but that could change. I don;t know when it will be out.

Liontail: The books seem to go in order from time of day ( any one else agree)
greenbabynurse: i do liontail
Liontail: yay
Ravenpelt: I noticed that too Liontail

Liontail(Q): Will there ever be a short that fills in the blank between Darkest Hour and Book1 from the NP
like Ravenpelt's fanfic
ErinHunter(A) That might be what we do for the special edition, but again I can't say for certain
because we haven't worked out that story yet.

magicyop(Q): Are there certain defined starts and ends for warrior names, and you just choose one of each,
or do you sometimes come up with entirely new starts and ends for names.
ErinHunter(A): There are a lot of obvious ones, but sometimes we come up with quite new ones. I find it very confusing
if there are cats with names that are too similar - Mudclaw and Mudfur, for example, and there's also Ashfur and Ashfoot.

StarClan(Q): What is the plan fo rwho will write the books in the New Phorpecy?
ErinHunter(A): I have written all except Dawn because Kate has had a very busy time and moved house.
But it will be three each again for Series 3.

StarClan(Q): What are the workin gnames for books 4, 5 and 6?
ErinHunter(A): Eeek - these 'time' names confuse me. Let's's Starlight, Twilight and Sunset, I think.

StarClan(Q): Will apprenences names always end with paw? How about kits?
ErinHunter(A): Because that's the way it is. Kits' names end with 'kit'.

StarClan(Q): Can StarClan reject a leader?
ErinHunter(A): Ooh, good question! Yes, in theory I'm sure they can, but I don't know what would make them do it.
They didn't reject Tigerstar or Brokentail, after all. They rejected Nightstar, who if you remember never got his nine
lives, but that was because Brokentail was still alive.

Snowpelt(Q): Is there any way we can see the family trees?
ErinHunter(A): No, they're all on scruffy bits of paper in a folder on my desk!

Snowpelt(Q): Will they ever be put in print?
ErinHunter(A): I suppose it's possible, but there are no plans at the moment.

Snowpelt: awwww

greenbabynurse(Q): what was the very first warrior name you or Kat came up with?
ErinHunter(A): I don;t know about Kate. The first one I invented myself was Thistleclaw, who never
actually appears as a character. He was the cat who would have become deputy of ThunderClan if Bluefur
(as she was then) had kept her kits.

Liontail(Q): In real life, what is the moonstone?
ErinHunter(A): A large piece of quartz, I imagine.

[Sun Dec 11 16:57:24 PST 2005] greenbabynurse ohhhhh

SheilaRuth(Q): Maybe you should get someone to draw the family trees up nice and publish them in a supplemental book!
ErinHunter(A): Yes, that would be great! We could put all sorts of Warriors background in it.

SheilaRuth(Q): Yes, that would be really cool to do that. There have been similar books for other series.
ErinHunter(A): I agree!

magicyop(Q): Will StarClan ever actually cause misfortune on a clan or fight with a clan?
ErinHunter(A): Again, no plans at present. I think StarClan's normal way of working isn't to interfere directly with Clan
life, but to guide through dreams and signs.

greenbabynurse(Q): do you know how many copies of Moonrise have been bought?
ErinHunter(A): No, sorry, I've no idea. A lot!

Ravenpelt(Q): Does Spottedleaf continue to send dreams to Firestar in the New Prophecy?
ErinHunter(A): We don't have Firestar's viewpoint, so we don't know for certain. But I'd be surprised if she didn't.

magicyop(Q): Do you enjoy being famous?
ErinHunter(A): I'm not that famous, because most people don't know that I'm part of Erin Hunter, and anyway Warriors isn't
as big over here as it is in the US. I wouldn't like to be really famous so I got recognised in the street.

Snowpelt(Q): Have you read the Lord of the Rings? There seem to be some parallels between your books and LOTR
ErinHunter(A): Yes, I have, and I love it. I think there are parallels, because we deal with the big questions like good
and evil, courage, faith and loyalty.

Snowpelt(Q): Have you read the Clare Bell books, such as Ratha's Creature and Clan Ground. They are very similar to your
ErinHunter(A): No, I haven't. Are they just in the US?

Snowpelt(Q): No, I don't think so. Clan Ground is about two Clans of large cats. . . and I forget the rest, but they
had Clan gatherings and a leader like Bluestar.
ErinHunter(A): I'll have to look out for them.

greenbabynurse(Q): Have you ever wished that one of the books you wrote ended diffrently?
ErinHunter(A): I was very sad at the end of Moonrise. If you've read it you'll know why. But it was a good ending.

magicyop(Q): Do you do a lot of things like this chat?
ErinHunter(A): I've done others, but not often.

magicyop(Q): Throughout the first series, fire__'s love for spottedleaf is discussed. however when spottedleaf was
alive, i never actually saw any evidence of that!
ErinHunter(A): He didn't have that much time with her, and he was an apprentice new to the Clan, while she was the
medicine cat. If she had lived, I'm sure there would have been more, but remember that medicine cats can't have a mate.

greenbabynurse: Yes i have read Moonrise I was very sad allso i never exspected......i wont say any ferther

SheilaRuth(Q): Do you have difficulty writing the deaths?
ErinHunter(A): Not really. They are usually dramatic and emotional, and I find that kind of thing quite easy to write.
I do get quite worked up, though!

Ravenpelt(Q): Will Graystripe ever fall in love again after losing Silverstream?
ErinHunter(A): Who can say?

Liontail(Q): Thank you for answering my questions. I had a good time and will continue to love the Warriors series Bye!
ErinHunter(A): It was a pleasure. I'm so glad you like the books.

Liontail(Q): Ohh he was the one who would have dragged Thunderclan into unesscessary battles?
ErinHunter(A): Thistleclaw? Yes.

magicyop(Q): Will any other cats ever have their warrior name changed?
ErinHunter(A): They might, if their circumstances change.

Ravenpelt(Q): Does the cat that 'left' in Dawn ever return? I have a hunch it does, but I'm not sure.
ErinHunter(A): That *would* be telling!

Ravenpelt(Q): Would you be willing to help publish a fan-written book as an addition to the first series?
ErinHunter(A): I think there would be a lot of legal problems attached to this. You would have to take it up with the
publishers. It wouldn't be my decision.

Snowpelt(Q): Many people wonder if there will be a video game based on Warriors. What do you feel about this?
ErinHunter(A): I'm not that interested in video games, so I donlt feel much about it either way.

StarClan(Q): Carrion-place is a dump right? Does Four Trees really exist?
ErinHunter(A): Right. No, Fourtrees doesn't exist in quite that form.

Ravenpelt(Q): Is there any possibility that you would publish a fanfic?
ErinHunter(A): Again, it's not my decision, it's the publisher's.

Phantomheart(Q): Erin,will you consiter makeing a series in Tigerstar's piont of view?
ErinHunter(A): I doon't think it would carry a whole series. But it might be interesting to use his point of view
for a short while.

StarClan(Q): When do you think the special edition will be released?
ErinHunter(A): Not for a while. It's not even planned yet, much less written!

magicyop(Q): Do you have an ending point in sight for the warriors books?
ErinHunter(A): No, though we wouldn't want to go on so long that they got boring and repetitive.

Ravenpelt(Q): Do any major characters die in the rest of this series? I've read Dawn, so I know about you-know-who.
You don't have to say who dies, just say if one does. (Moderator note: not everyone has read all the books yet so be
careful how you answer)
ErinHunter(A): I think it would be very unusual for no cats to die!

Snowpelt(Q): Does that mean you've already written book 4?
ErinHunter(A): Yes, books 4 and 5 are going through the publishing process.

magicyop(Q): Did nightstar really die from the sickness? or did tigerstar kill him? or if nightstar did die
from the sickeness, did tigerstar bring the sickness somehow?
ErinHunter(A): No, Nightstar just died from the sickness. Very sad, but no villainy involved.

SheilaRuth(Q): I think that you've done a good job of keeping the books fresh so the don't get boring and repetitive!
ErinHunter(A): Thank you!

Snowpelt(Q): is it kind of weird to be able to determine every character's fate?
ErinHunter(A): Yes!

magicyop(Q): Thank you for coming to the wands and worlds chat. We hope you can do it again!
ErinHunter(A): I hope so too! It's fun to chat with you all.

greenbabynurse(Q): Do you have a favorit out of all of the books?
ErinHunter(A): Yes, I like Book 6 of the first series, because so many threads come together in it.

Ravenpelt(Q): Are Sandstorm and Dustpelt related?
ErinHunter(A): Not as far as I know.

Snowpelt(Q): I thought they were brother and sister!?
ErinHunter(A): No. That's why Dustpelt got a bit snarky with Firestar, because he liked Sandstorm but she liked Firestar

Liontail(Q): Will there be a boxed set containing all of the books once everything is done?
ErinHunter(A): If so I haven't heard about it, but it would be very nice!

SheilaRuth(Q): Yes, thanks for coming. It's been great. And thanks for staying longer!!! I hope you aren't too
tired tomorrow.
ErinHunter(A): I'll survive!

Ravenpelt(Q): Are you interested in having another Warriors kind of add-on story with like lineage charts and maybe
even art of the cats?
ErinHunter(A): I would love it.

Snowpelt: That would be sooooo cool.
greenbabynurse: i know

greenbabynurse(Q): Thanks for coming to wands and Warrior you are soo great. I have written many books but none will
ever compare to yours.
ErinHunter(A): That's very kind of you. And good luck with your writing.

greenbabynurse: thanks

Snowpelt(Q): Are you leaving now???? :(
ErinHunter(A): I'll leave when I'm thrown out!

Snowpelt(Q): Why doe apprentice names end in 'paw
ErinHunter(A): No idea. That's just the way it is.

Snowpelt(Q): Who is Rosetail? She was mentioned once in Into the Wild after she seemingly died.
ErinHunter(A) We spoke about Rosetail earlier and to my shame I couldn't remember who she was. She comes in Book 1
which is Kate's.

StarClan(Q): Yes I read Moonrise. I was just disappointed to see Firestar's POV go.
ErinHunter(A): Well, so was I, but you can't go on doing the same thing.

Ravenpelt: true

Ravenpelt(Q): Thanks for all of the time you spent on this, and thank you also for the advice on publishing a story.
Hopefully one day, if at all possible, publisher willing, I can add a story of my own to this series, the story of
between The Darkest Hour and Midnight!.
ErinHunter(A): Maybe, but if you love to write I'd advise you to invent your own characters and story. You're more likely
to get published with something that's uniquely yours.

greenbabynurse(Q): who will the nexted Prophcey/Series involve?
ErinHunter(A): That would be telling!

magicyop(Q): When firestar got his nine lives, why were patchpelt and halftail not there?
ErinHunter(A): I think I've had this twice. I'm sure they were there, but we couldn't name all the cats.

magicyop(Q): Will firestar ever have kits?
ErinHunter(A): Read NP!

greenbabynurse(Q): How did you choise BrableClaw for the New Prophcey?
ErinHunter(A): Well, about the time I was writing Book 3 I got this kitten.He looked exactly like a miniature Tigerstar,
but I couldn't think that this furry little scrap was evil! So I came up with the idea that he was Tigerstar's son, and
we had a wonderful time working out what this would mean to him and his Clan.

Ravenpelt(Q): Will Cloudtail ever get an apprentice?
ErinHunter(A): Yes, I expect so.

Phantomheart(Q): Erin,do you think you could ever use the name Phantom__(something)in one of your books?I just
love that warrior name!
ErinHunter(A): I don't think that the cats have the idea of ghosts in that way - though I agree, it would be a fabulous

Ravenpelt(Q): Oh well, I have written other unique stories, so I guess my Warriors fanfic will remain just that- a
fanfic. Thanks!
ErinHunter(A): You're welcome.

magicyop(Q): once again, i dont know much about bloodclan, but why is scourge not called scourgestar
ErinHunter(A): Because BloodClan don't believe in/know about StarClan, so Scourge isn't a nine-lifed leader like Firestar.

Ravenpelt(Q): Who were Rainwhisker's, Sootpaw's, and Sorreltail's mentors?
ErinHunter(A): Sorreltail's mentor was Sandstorm. I don't think we ever said who the others were; in fact, because of
something I'm writing in Book 6, I've just made a note to ask Vicky that very question!

Snowpelt(Q): Does that hint to anything we shouldn't know???
ErinHunter(A): Sorry, what?

Snowpelt(Q): That you need to know the mentors of two of the cats.
ErinHunter(A): Oh, right. Yes, it's something that I can't give away.

Snowpelt(Q): Can a cat have their kit be their apprentice?
ErinHunter(A): It's not usual.

greenbabynurse(Q): What is your favorit name? i like the name GreyFire
ErinHunter(A): I like most of them: Firestar is one, and I like Leafpaw's name (but I'm not going to tell you what it is!)

magicyop(Q): It would be neat if the cats found some kind of twoleg machine, like a flamethrower. do you think you will
ever do something like this?
ErinHunter(A): No, I'm sorry, but I don't think it would work at all. It would change too much in the way the books work.

Snowpelt(Q): Who was the silver tabby on the cover of Moonrise?
ErinHunter(A): Feathertail.

Snowpelt(Q): Can you ask Kate for us? My friends and I have been contemplateing about her for over a year now. . .
ErinHunter(A): What would you like me to ask?

Snowpelt(Q): Yes! Could you ask her to clarify the Rosetail character?
ErinHunter(A): I'll email Vicky. One or the other of them should know.

Ravenpelt(Q): I think their names will be Squirreltail and Leafpelt
ErinHunter(A): Hmmm...really?

Ravenpelt(Q): Yeah, they sound right

Liontail(Q): Will warriors be the only series written by either you or Kate? Will there be other books because I'd love
to read those
ErinHunter(A): No, it's quite possible that 'Erin Hunter' will write other, non-Warriors books.

magicyop(Q): Do you have a sense of control over your books, or did they run away?
ErinHunter(A): Mostly control, because the storylines are discussed in detail before I start writing, but occasionally
something comes up that we didn't expect, and then we run with it!

Ravenpelt(Q): In Dawn, there was this one cat listed in the RiverClan listings called Robinwing, and she wasn't mentioned
in any chapter or in any previous books, not even as an apprentice
ErinHunter(A): The Cat That Never Was!

Ravenpelt: lol
greenbabynurse: lol

Liontail(Q): What is your most favourite part in the first 6 books?
ErinHunter(A): Two really. I think my absolute favourite is when Firestar gets his nine lives, but I also like the scene
where he accuses Tigerstar to the Clan at the end of Book 3.

Snowpelt(Q): Will there ever be a good dog character?
ErinHunter(A): Possible, but not so far.

Liontail(Q): What happens to Fireheart's first kittypet friends from book one? They are barely mentioned again
ErinHunter(A): They stay happily with their Twolegs.

Ravenpelt(Q): There were also two other cats, called Owlpaw (WindClan) and Gorsetail (I can't remember which Clan) that
were in the story but not in the listings! Two more that never were!
ErinHunter(A): It just goes to show that when you do something like this with a huge sweep and a large number of
characters, some of them do go missing!

magicyop(Q): Dogs dont seem very smart in your books. are they?
ErinHunter(A): No, but remember that you're not seeing my view of dogs, or Kate's. You're seeing the *cats'* view.

Snowpelt(Q): How did the four Clans form?
ErinHunter(A): I don't know. We're always told 'there have always been four Clans in the forest.' Material for another
book, maybe?

Ravenpelt: oooh, that would be cool

Ravenpelt(Q): I always pictured Graystripe getting very emotional when he learns about ____ , but he hardly seems to
react at all in Dawn.
ErinHunter(A): I think by then he had just had all he could take. I think he felt deeply, but just hadn't got the
energy to show it.

Ravenpelt: oh ok, I can see how that would work

Snowpelt(Q): Is there a list somewhere that keeps track of all medicince cat herbal remidies?
ErinHunter(A): On another of my scruffy bits of paper! I do my research from a book by a man called Nicholas Culpeper,
who was an apothecary (like a modern pharmacist) in the sixteenth century. So they are real remedies, but never, *never*
try them yourselves. Take your cat to the vet if it is sick!

magicyop(Q): What were the original four clans? i know tigerclan, lionclan, uh, leopardclan... but what is the fourth
ErinHunter(A): I don;t think there was one, just the three you mention.

Liontail: cheetahclan?
Ravenpelt: maybe Lion, Tiger, Leopard, and Cheetah?
Ravenpelt: great minds think alike, Liontail!

Liontail(Q): In many parts of all the books, medicine cats use herbs and plants to heal injured cats. Were these
plants researched and thought about or did something else play a role
ErinHunter(A): In the cats' world, or during the writing?

SheilaRuth(Q): OOh, more material for your supplementary book!
ErinHunter(A): Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

greenbabynurse(Q): dose FireStars twolegeds owners ecer get another cat?
ErinHunter(A): Yes. She makes a brief appearance in - Book 5, I think it is.

Liontail: Book 5 from Np?
Ravenpelt: no, the first series
magicyop: no, book 6 in the first series.
Liontail: I need to check that
Ravenpelt: one of them anyway
Ravenpelt: 5 or 6
Liontail: Does she have a name
Ravenpelt: not that we know of
Liontail: ok
Liontail: Ohh
Liontail: i remeber her

Phantomheart(Q): Erin,how did you come up with the name 'Erin Hunter'?
ErinHunter(A): That was Vicky again. She's brilliant at names and titles!

Snowpelt(Q): A sixteenth century apothecary seems like the right source. I'm reading a book about the Plague in England
during the year 1665 and one of the characters eats poppy to releive pain.
ErinHunter(A): That sounds about right.

magicyop(Q): In our human life, what is highstones?
ErinHunter(A): A hill with caves under it.

Snowpelt(Q): I looked in the front of Moonrise and it says it's under copyright of Working Partners Limited. What is
that company?
ErinHunter(A): It is the book packager in the UK. They came up with the original idea, got HarperCollins interested, then
developed it with me and Kate. They do a lot of this kind of work; it's a successful company.

greenbabynurse(Q): When did the idea first come to you?
ErinHunter(A): About three years ago now. It started with a phone call from Vicky. I never imagined what it would lead to!
(By the way, I have Sorreltail on my lap right now).

Ravenpelt(Q): Have you ever read the Redwall series by Brian Jacques? It was my favorite animal series before I started
reading your books
ErinHunter(A): Yes, I've read almost all the Redwall books. I like the first ones a lot, though I don't think the later
ones are as good.

Ravenpelt: I agree

Snowpelt(Q): Where, roughly, is the four Clan's home in the UK? The map makes reference to the Druids, any significance?
ErinHunter(A): No, no real significance. The setting started out based on the New Forest, but it's developed away from
that now. It isn't any real place.

greenbabynurse(Q): *pets Sorreltail through the computer* Do you ever take names suggestios from fans?
ErinHunter(A): Just did. She said, 'Purrrrr!'

Snowpelt(Q): Can you say hi to Sorreltain for me?
ErinHunter(A): Sorry, answered the wrong question. I said hi to Sorreltail, and she said 'Purrr.' To answer
greenbabynurse's question, no, not so far. It would be Vicky's decision if we did.

Snowpelt(Q): Is there a highrock in every Clan camp?
ErinHunter(A): No, but there would be a suitable place for the Clan leader to address the Clan.

Sandstripe(Q): Oh my gosh, this is my dream come true!!! I was actually thinking of asking Oprah Winfry if I could meet
you!!! Ok, my name is Sandstripe and I LOVE WARRIORS!!!
ErinHunter(A): Hi - it's good to have you here. I'm really pleased you like the books.

SheilaRuth(Q): Erin, Sandstripe had trouble getting in and just got here.
ErinHunter(A): Right.

Ravenpelt(Q): If Ravenpaw ever does come back to ThunderClan, what would his warrior name be? I think Ravenpelt
sounds good! I have to go now, thank you for your time!
ErinHunter(A): Yes, I like that, but if he does come back we'd have to discuss it. It would be interesting to work
out whether he would have a warrior name, or stay a perpetual apprentice.

Snowpelt(Q): I justed looked up New Forest on google. It's very beautiful.
ErinHunter(A): Yes, it's a lovely part of the country.

Liontail(Q): Looking back, what has been the best part of writing the books?
ErinHunter(A): Getting to know so many fabulous cat characters.

magicyop(Q): Can you give me a summary of thunderclan camp? because my image of it keeps changing!
ErinHunter(A): Well, there are the dens - the warriors under the thorn bush, the apprentices under the ferns and the
elders by the fallen tree. Cinderpelt's den is in a cleft in the rock, spearated by ferns from the rest of the camp.
Then there's the nursery in a bramble thicket. In the middle is the highrock.

Snowpelt(Q): What's the deal with loners? Do they believe in StarClan?
ErinHunter(A): It would depend on the individual. Ravenpaw does, for example, because he was a Clan cat.

Sandstripe(Q): Ok, my friend Nightclaw and I are writing a book that's in the style of Warriors except it's with horses.
I was wondering if you could point us to publishers? We aren't copying, but it's in the same style!
ErinHunter(A): You could try HarperCollins to start with - after all, they like Warriors enough to publish it. Then
try other publishers who do animal series, but not horses - if there are any - because they wouldn't do two horse series.

magicyop(Q): when kate writes one of the books, do you read it as she writes? or do you have to wait?
ErinHunter(A): I have to wait until she has written a draft; then I see the final draft - which can be quite
different - when she is ready. If I'm writing the next book, it can be quite difficult, because of continuity.

Snowpelt(Q): Does Barley believe in StarClan? How does he know Bluestar?
ErinHunter(A): I don't know about his beliefs. He met Bluestar when she travelled past the farm to get to Highstones.

magicyop(Q): Is there anything in the warriors books that you consider to be magical in some way?
ErinHunter(A): No, unless you count the signs from StarClan. Nothing happens that you couldn't imagine cats doing if
we could only catch them at it.

SheilaRuth: Snowpelt, can you post the link for the New Forest here so I can include it in the transcript?
SheilaRuth: Thanks Snowpelt!
Snowpelt: no problem

Sandstripe(Q): Let me try again, how did you get the idea?
ErinHunter(A): It started with Vicky, the editor at Working Partners in the UK. She brought Kate and me together to be
writing partners.

Sandstripe(Q): How did you meet Kate?
ErinHunter(A): We have never met!

Snowpelt: ah. . . um. . . *wracking brain*

Sandstripe(Q): NEVER EVER??? Wow, that must be hard!
ErinHunter(A): No, because the wonderful Vicky co-ordinates everything.

Liontail(Q): Thank you for the time in answering my questions. You've been a great help and keep up the marvelous work!
ErinHunter(A): Thank you. It's been great fun.

Sandstripe(Q): How did Wands and Worlds contact you?
ErinHunter(A): I'm so bleary-eyed by now I'm finding it hard to remember. I think they went through publicity
at HarperCollins US. If I'm wrong, Sheila will correct me.

Phantomheart(Q): Erin,I love your books and enjoy every minute of reading them.Thank you for the time you spent with
us.May your days be filled with delight,happyness,wonderful surprises,and laughs.Bye.
ErinHunter(A): Thank you so much, and I hope yours are too.

Sandstripe(Q): What does the W in Erin W Hunter stand for?
ErinHunter(A): ???????????? News to me!

Snowpelt(Q): On the UK Amazon store, you're listed as Erin W. Hunter.
ErinHunter(A): They are a law unto themselves!

Sandstripe(Q): Oh it says W on some of the sites where you can buy the books!
ErinHunter(A): Riiiiiiiiiight...

greenbabynurse(Q): What is your favorit food...i know it has nothing to do with your books but i just had to ask
ErinHunter(A): Chocolate!

greenbabynurse(Q): Same!!! i love Chocolate im eating it right now *hands some chocolate to Erin*
ErinHunter(A): Oh, slurp!

Sandstripe(Q): Do you have advice for me and Nightclaw?
ErinHunter(A): As writers? Read a lot, work hard at the nuts and bolts - grammar, spelling and punctuation - and
go out to have a life, so you have something to write about.

magicyop(Q): Goodbye. thank you for answering our questions! it was great fun!
ErinHunter(A): Thank you too. I've enjoyed it.

SheilaRuth(Q): Yes, actually the publicity department at Harper Collins contacted me about reviewing Dawn, and I asked if
Erin Hunter would be willing to do a chat.
ErinHunter(A): Excellent - they're very active there, I'm glad to say.

Snowpelt(Q): It has been so wonderful for you to be hear, thank you so much!
ErinHunter(A): Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Snowpelt(Q): Why is the paperback cover to Rising Storm different than the hardcover?
ErinHunter(A): No idea. That would be the art department.

SheilaRuth(Q): OK, looks like that's all the questions. Thank you so much for coming, Cherith, and thank you for
staying so long!
ErinHunter(A): Thank you. It's been great.

magicyop(Q): Maybe the w stands for weird (for coming up like that)...
ErinHunter(A): Could be...

Sandstripe(Q): Thanks! We both ADORE writing! We actually met over a petition to make Warriors into a movie and then she
created a chat site, and we became close friends and started writing! I actually got to spend Halloween with her even
though we live in different states!
ErinHunter(A): Excellent! And let's hope they will make a movie.

Sandstripe(Q): Nevermind that last one! You just answered it!
ErinHunter(A): OK!

Sandstripe(Q): Goodbye!!! Hopefully I'll be able to contact you some way of another!!
ErinHunter(A): Goodbye! Perhaps you can go through Sheila.

SheilaRuth(Q): Usually you contact authors through the publisher. I will find out from Harper Collins what the official
address is for fans to send you letters
ErinHunter(A) Yes, of course, I should know that by now. I think that letters would go to Working Partners.

ErinHunter: Goodbye to everyone. I'm off to bed!
Snowpelt: Goodbye! Thank you so much!
Snowpelt: Have a good rest!
SheilaRuth: Bye!
Phantomheart: Good night Erin!

Snowpelt(Q): Oh! If you do get an anwswer from Kate or Vicky about Rosetail, could you post it somewhere so my friends
and I can read it, please?
ErinHunter(A): I'll try. Bye!

Snowpelt: Thank you, again!
Phantomheart: thanx
Sandstripe: Greenbabynurse, let me direct you To The Greatest Rp Site Of All Time!!!
Snowpelt: awh, she's gone
Snowpelt: Thank you, Sheila, for putting this together!
SheilaRuth: You're welcome! It was really fun. Thanks to everyone for coming!
Snowpelt: goodnight, everybody!
SheilaRuth: Good night!
Sandstripe: Bye!
SheilaRuth: Ok, I'm going now too. Thank you for coming!
Sandstripe: Thank you so much Sheila!
Sandstripe: Bye!
Sandstripe: That was amazing!