Erin Hunter chat #5 transcript - August 16, 2008

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On August 16, 2008, the authors who write as Erin Hunter joined us once again for an author chat. This time, Tui Sutherland, who wrote Secrets of the Clans and Seekers, Book 1: The Quest Begins, joined us for the first time, along with veteran chatters Kate Cary, Vicky Holmes, and Cherith Baldry.

Note: the transcript has been edited to make it easier to read. A lot of unrelated chat has been removed, and things were rearranged to keep related discussions together.

The author chat room was closed for a good part of the day, as Magicyop and SheilaRuth loaded the presubmitted questions and prepared the room for the Erin Hunter chat. Finally, an hour before the chat, they finished and opened up the room. Immediately, members began pouring in!

Wolf joined.

Amberheart joined.

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Wolf: woah

Sparrowheart joined.

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Adderfang: :D

IcefireWarrior: omg

Amberheart: lol

Daisypaw: yay!

Fidgetpaw: lol

Jayheart joined.

Sparrowheart: heya! :d:d:d

Swordclaw joined.

Wolf: :D

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Adderfang: Yess!

Swiftstep: Wow.

Magicyop: Greetings!

Icestar joined.

Wolf: I think I was first... Lol

Riverstripe joined.

Lightfrost: yup

Wolf: Yay! *tackles Sheila*

Amberheart: so many ppls

Swiftstep: I was third. Xd

Riverstripe: hi

wildstorm01 joined.

Amberheart: lol swity

Fidgetpaw: i think i was second

AshfurForever24: Yo!

CloudWind joined.

Amberheart: *swifty

Wildpaw: sorry

Swiftstep: Swity. ::cool

SheilaRuth: hi everyone!

Amberheart: omg stupid f key

Swiftstep: Hi, Sheila!

Adderfang: I Love U Guys! *tackleglomps everyone for no good reason*

Wolf: *hugs* Sheeeeeiiiiilaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Swiftstep: Aw, thanks, Adder. ^^

SheilaRuth: That was so funny! As soon as Magicyop opened the room, the user list exploded as everyone came in at once!

wildstorm01: yay!

Daisypaw: 45 mins!

Sparrowheart: 45 minutes!! yay

Wolf: Indeed, sheila Xd

Jayheart: Yay

Wolf: Vicky'll be here soon...

Wolf: ...she's almost always early

Magicyop: Is everyone excited about the chat?

Adderfang: Yes!!!!!!!!!

Riverstripe: yes.

Jayheart: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

IcefireWarrior: Yes.

Wolf: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no

Daisypaw: Yea!!!!

Magicyop: lol

wildstorm01: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fidgetpaw: ::hyper

Daisypaw: Hey Sheila, remember the gag-chewing incident? Xd

But trouble started rearing its ugly head, as too many people trying to get on at once overloaded the server:

SheilaRuth: I'm going to reboot the server again. Sigh

Wolf: Thank you..

Wolf: *pats sheila on back*

Magicyop: The server is incredibly slow due to the massive amount of people here

Swordclaw: Cats Of All Clans, Kittypets, Loners, And Rouges, We Gather Tonight In The Eyes Of Starclan And The Truce Of The Full Moon

Daisypaw: hey, it Is ful moon!

Daisypaw: it actually is!

CloudWind: 35 mins

wildstorm01: yay!!!

Wildpaw: yay!

Daisypaw: it's a full moon today!

Daisypaw: woot

Swordclaw: begins at moon high

Daisypaw: coiincidence?

Adderfang: srsly?

Daisypaw: O_o

Daisypaw: yes!

Wildpaw: Gathering Gathering!

Amberheart: no they planned it like that prob

wildstorm01: we should tell vicky when she gets here

Swordclaw: deliberate

Daisypaw: well, it was Nearly full last night sooo

Adderfang: Its A Gathering Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!

Wolf: And The Erins Are The Four Leeeaders!

Adderfang: 20 Min!

SheilaRuth: Hang on. I have site in offline mode to try to get iot working. Erins are waiting to get in. Please don't leave or you might not get back in

Swiftstep: All right.

Foxwhisper: ok

CloudWind: Ok

Lightfeather: ok

CloudWind: Aye aye cap'n!

Reedfrost: alright. let's not be rabid porcupines and follow orders!

Adderfang: *becomes a rabod porcupine*

Reedfrost: foxy! don't be a gooey chocolate chip cookie lol

Foxwhisper: Xd!!!

Reedfrost: where are they im worried...

wildstorm01: what's taking so long! *freaks out*

Adderfang: me too..

AshfurForever24: me 2 reed

Daisypaw: Sheila's doing her best im sure

AshfurForever24: Go Sheila!!!!!!!!!!u can do it!:d

Reedfrost: Sheila Sheila Sheila Sheila...

Lightfeather: Go Sheila!

Lakestorm: You Can Dooo Ittt!

Adderfang: Go Sheila!

Swordclaw: *grabs some ice cream*

Reedfrost: Let's go Sheila, let's go! *clap clap*

Lakestorm: And even so there's only 24 people o.o

Magicyop: The rest can't get in

Adderfang: *joins in with Reed* Lets go Sheila lets go! *clap clap clap*

Lakestorm: Will they be able to get in later, Magic?

Magicyop: We're working on it

Magicyop: The chat should have started seven minutes ago

Magicyop: We hope that with some luck we can get started about fifteen minutes late

Swiftstep: I hope they'll be able to get in before I leave...

Daisypaw: wwah :(

Swordclaw: Wave your wand, Magic

Adderfang: We no u guys (sheila and magic) r working as hard as u possibly can! and we appreciate that!!

Foxwhisper: yes we do :D

Magicyop: Thank you, Adderfang. : )

Daisypaw: yeah! what adder said!!!

Reedfrost: and i agree w/ adder!

Magicyop: Thanks everyone

wildstorm01: Go Shelia And Magic!

Swordclaw: Magic, I have a question for you

Lakestorm: *does fistpump*

Wildpaw: u guys are doing great! *randomly hugs them*

CloudWind: How's it coming, Magic?

Magicyop: I'm gonna entertain you all while we wait

Daisypaw: yay!!

wildstorm01: uh oh

Lightfeather: Ok, Magic

Adderfang: Yay! *remembers who is going to "entertain" them* Noooo!!!!!!

CloudWind: Toadz Of Theworld Uniteee

Riverstripe: lol

Magicyop: Because I was afraid to speak when I was just a lad!

Magicyop: Me father gave me nose a tweak and told me I'd been bad!

Sparrowheart: lol

Magicyop: But then one day I learned a word to save me achin' nose!

AshfurForever24: Yay Magic!

Lightfeather: Nice rhyme.

Magicyop: The biggest word, you ever heard!

Lakestorm: So then one day I learned a word that saved me achin nose!

Swordclaw: go magic, go magic

Lakestorm: And this is how it goes!

Magicyop: And this is how it goes! Oh!

Foxwhisper: yay!! the great lord entertains!!

Daisypaw: lol

Magicyop: Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious!

Reedfrost: yay!

Lakestorm: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

AshfurForever24: Ha!

Wildpaw: Cool!

CloudWind: I used that as a spelling word once Xdxd

Lightfeather: Holy Smokes

Swiftstep: gtg now.

Magicyop: Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious

Fidgetpaw: supercalfagilisticexpialadoshious

wildstorm01: long word ::blink

Adderfang: is that prounounced?

Sparrowheart: *claps hands*

Swiftstep: Say hi to the Erins for me!

Lightfeather: awesome

Lightfrost: Bye Swifty 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Amberheart: no swiffer dont leave

Foxwhisper: bye swiffews :(:(

Swiftstep: Okay, bye. :(:(

Swiftstep left.

Finally, Sheila and Magicyop fixed the problem, and everyone started pouring in as the virtual doors opened wide. The Erins came in with the crowd...

Silent joined.

Ebonycrow joined.

Tui Sutherland joined.

Ebonycrow: -crawls in slowly-

Fallenleaf joined.

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Stormflower joined.

Fallenleaf: omg shelia i just got in

Hawkstorm joined.

Johnny Knoxville joined.

Quailfeather: Hi~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightfrost: Omg hi tui!

Fallenleaf: *sighs in relief*

CloudWind: People can sign in now?

Adderfang: Hi ppl who just entered!

Hawkstorm: Hawky and Sunny in da house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

KateCary joined.

Snowberry joined.

VickyHolmes joined.

Daisypaw: Omg Hai

Magicyop: Oy!

Foxwhisper: Omg Kate!!

Fidgetpaw: hey anyone who entered

Adderfang: Kate!!!!!!!!!!

Silent: Hi Kate

Daisypaw: Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IcefireWarrior: Kate!!!!

Magicyop: Welcome!!!

Lightfrost: Hi Tui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sparklefeather joined.

Foxwhisper: And Vicky!!!!!!!!

CloudWind: Hiya

Tui Sutherland: hi guys!

Amberheart: hey

wildstorm01: hiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Fallenleaf: Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightfrost: And Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starsight joined.

Daisypaw: Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Foxwhisper: Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flametail: Hi, Tui!

Adderfang: Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayheart: Hiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quailfeather: Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightfeather: Yayyyyyy

Thunderstar joined.

Lightfrost: And Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hawkstorm: only one computer is working, so we r sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fallenleaf: Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reedfrost: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!

Amberheart: lol dang ppl chill out

Silent: Hello Erins

Waterstripe: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Wildpaw: Omg!

Khestrelle joined.

Tui Sutherland: I'm trying to figure this out...eee exciting! everything moving so fast!

Adderfang: Kate Vicky Tui!

Curratora joined.

Lightfeather: Vicky! You Rock

CloudWind: Kate And Vicky

Quailfeather: Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

Brambleflower joined.

Hawkstorm: Hi Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Icetail joined.

Ivyflower joined.

Starsight: *drowns in exclamation marks8

Reedfrost: yay tui!

VickyHolmes: Hallo! I'm here at last! Phew, I thought I was in danger of falling asleep!

KateCary: Hurray! It's good to be here :)

Quailfeather: Tui~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CloudWind: Tui?@

Adderfang: *megaglomps all erins*

Quailfeather: Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starsight: *tackle-glomp-squishes all 43 people in here*

CloudWind: Tui's Here?

Tui Sutherland: hi! oh my goodness!

Thunderstar: Erins!

Sparklefeather: Hi Vicky!

Lightfeather: --dies From Excitement--

Wildpaw: hi vicky!

VickyHolmes: So, where are all these questions, then? :) It's so good to be back. Hope you're all well!

Quailfeather: *does fan girly squeeeeeeeel*

Fallenleaf: I am so happy you guys got in :)

Squirrelflighty joined.

Swordclaw: May you eat of the haunch and sleep in the driest den, Vickyholmes

VickyHolmes: Hey Swordclaw, is that a Ratha greeting? It's cool!

Wildpaw: hi cate!

Amberheart: -sits quietly-

Snowberry: hey, Tui, Vicky, Kate and Cherithd! *i think i spelled your name wrong*

Icetail: trambles vicky.... again....

KateCary: Is Cherith here yet?

Squirrelflighty: Wow.

Lakestorm: Welcome, Tui. Hope you have fun at your first chat~!

Curratora: Whoooo! I'm in, I'm in, I'm in.

Wildpaw: i mean kate!

Daisypaw: Vicky! Remember me? The gag chewer?? Xd

VickyHolmes: Daisypaw! Are you going to hug me to pieces this time?

Daisypaw: Yes!! Muahahahaha *hugs Vicky till she goes poof*

VickyHolmes: *poof*

FireWolf787 joined.

Fallenleaf: I don't see her name Kate

Kurisir joined.

Quailfeather: Welcome!!!! *bows head*

Ivyflower: i'm finally in!

Sparrowheart joined.

Khestrelle: -waves at Vicky-

Brambleflower: Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wildpaw: hi tui!

Squirrelflighty: Welcome, Tui.

Prairiestar joined.

Icetail: Remember Me?? I trambled you in memphis

Sparrowheart: Vicky!!!!!!!!

Brambleflower: Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CloudWind: Vicky Kate Tui

Lilacheart: Hello, authors!!!!! :D

Fallenleaf: Vicky= you remember me from Fall 2007 tour?

Pinefur joined.

Khestrelle: Hi Kate, the smilo ;D

icyumber joined.

Brambleflower: Tui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sparrowheart: vicky i saw you in Ann Arbor

Silent: Vicky did you bring chocolate

Cherrypetal joined.

Adderfang: God, I love all of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quailfeather: this is my 4th chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hazelleaf joined.

CloudWind: Vicky!! I was at the 2007 Ac too

wildstorm01: i have chocolate cookies O_o

Losty joined.

Brambleflower: *huggles them all gfkjahgfkmfhalkdjsalkdjslkajklfaj;ldksajdsklajfkljfas;l tight*

Tui Sutherland: yay exclamation points! this is so excitin!

Cherrypetal: I'm A Cited!!!!!!

Pinefur: Rawr. Hey Vicky.

Lakestorm: Yeah - remember me too? I was there with Fallenleaf... and the family tree!

Flametail: Hello! *hugs them all* Glad to have you back.

Fallenleaf: Yes all four of you are my idols :)

Thunderstar: Vicky!!!!!! Kate!!!!!!! Cherith!!!! Tui!!!!!!'

Khestrelle: Vicky: I'm not sure if you remember me from the Toronto tour?

CloudWind: I was wearing the awesome necklace you complemented

KateCary: Hello - glad to see you here! :)

Hawkstorm: Vicky!!!!!! Do you still have the Brightheart pic I gave you?

Wildpaw: Vicky, remember me at the childrens book world?

Quailfeather: Vicky!

Elphaba the Not-So-Wicked joined.

Squirrelflighty: Tui is Excited? 8DD

Hazelleaf: Hi all!

VickyHolmes: Hi Sparrowheart. Did you come to Nicola's Books? That event was Crazy! I got to hug a very cute baby at the start.

Ivyflower: kate!

Ashtail joined.

Tui Sutherland: V. v. excited!

icyumber: Hi, Vicky!

Icetail: Hiiii

Fallenleaf: Yep it was me and Lakey! 2007 Fall tour= Vicky? The crazy people who drove 6 hours to come?

Ashtail: It works! I'm finally here! =D

Squirrelflame joined.

Quailfeather: Remember me, Vicky? I was with my friend Hawkclaw and we had on those Warrior shirts that said "I'm with Fox Dung"

Lakestorm: And then fifteen minutes earlier this year! Remember I had the second Tree?

Magicyop: Welcome to everyone!

VickyHolmes: Yes, Quailfeather, I remember you! I tend to remember most people I meet on tour, thank goodness. But I never know where I am!

Sparrowheart: to Vicky: Yes, I did go to Nichola's

Squirrelflame: i gtg in 5 minutes :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Waterstripe: Hi Erin's!

Curratora: Hello authors

Fallenleaf: Vicky do you remember me and Lakey?

Lilacheart: Where's cherith

Magicyop: To the Erins who are here right now- it's a pleasure to see you again!

CherithBaldry joined.

CloudWind: Hii!!!~

IcefireWarrior: !!!

Daisypaw: Cherith!!!!!!!!

Icetail: hi!

Sparrowheart: vicky, you hear me?

Foxwhisper: Cherith

KateCary: oh Squirrelflame! why you got to go so soon?

Silent: Did you Bring Chocolate

CloudWind: I Said Hi To Cherith First

Quailfeather: Cherith!!!!!!!

Adderfang: Cherith!!!!!!!!!!!

Hazelleaf: Hi Cherith!

Cherrypetal: *laughs Like A Maniac* oh wait... i am a maniac!!! *laughs*

Magicyop: There's the final member of our party!

Wildpaw: Hi cherith!

Fallenleaf: Cherith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brambleflower: Cherith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Lightfeather: Cherittthhhh

Riverstripe joined.

wildstorm01: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swordclaw: Vicky, I have all the Warrior books and the Magnas, and I am in the process of getting them in E-book format

Daisypaw: The Power opf 4!!

Quailfeather: *tackle hugs all 4 authors*

Nighty joined.

SheilaRuth: We're going to wait just a couple of minutes, to give people a chance to get in.

Lakestorm: lol Magnaz

Adderfang: *megaglomps all erins until they disintegrate*

Tui Sutherland: *tackle hugged!* yay!

Icetail: tramples vicky again

Snowberry: Tui are u a bit surprised by the crazyness of the chat?

Squirrelflighty: Shh, shh. Calm down.

Lightfeather: They're All Here. Yay

CloudWind: Vicky, do you remember me? I was wearing the amethyst necklace that you liked?

Fallenleaf: *tackle hugs Tui*

KateCary: Hi Cherith! Hi Vicky and Hello Tui - good to have another Erin on board!!!!

Daisypaw: Hay Vicky do you have chocolate This Time???

Khestrelle: Tuiii. Great job on book one! <3

Hazelleaf: Hey Vicky, hows the little ornge felt kitty?

VickyHolmes: Little orange felt kitty is on my desk, guarding my diary! I love him so dearly

VickyHolmes: Thank you, Magicyop! It's a pleasure to be here. No chocolate for me - I ate it all while I was waiting to log on! Just Missy to keep me company (although she's tucked up under her duvet, just like a little Twoleg, and can't understand why I'm still awake).

Tui Sutherland: totally! too thrilled! omg!

CherithBaldry: Made it!

Wildpaw: vicky, do u remember me, Wildpaw? The one who gave u the picture?

Losty: Hello, Erins =) Great to have you back!

CloudWind: Soundy was the one with the underwater cats book?

wildclaw118: Hey erins

Snowberry: no chocolate!

Khestrelle: Missssyyyyyyy -huggles Vicky's dog-

Daisypaw: No Chocolate Again???

IcefireWarrior: *tacklepounce*

Jadey EdwardXBella joined.

Fallenleaf: Thank you so much Erin's for doing this for us :)

CherithBaldry: It's great to be here. Hello to everyone.

Snowberry: Vicky how could u?!

Tui Sutherland: I don't know what a megaglomp is, but yay!

Thunderstar: Vicky! Remember Me? Iwhen You Went On Tour To Miami? I Was The Person Who Was Only On Into The Wild!

Foxwhisper: Yay!!! im finally at an erin authorchat!!! :d:d:d

CloudWind: *glomps the Erins*

Silent: What felt kitty

Lakestorm: I Had The Family Trees (but you knew that)

Nighty: holy I can't read this fast

Rubyz joined.

Squirrelflame: I Love You Erins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squirrelflame: Im Sorry I Cant Stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adderfang: I Love All U Erins!!!!!!!!!!! *megaglomps Erins Until They Disintegrate*

Squirrelflame: Bye Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hawkstorm: Vicky, I gave you a pic of Brightheart, singed Hawky, do you still have it?

Tui Sutherland: bye Squirrel!

Lakestorm: You signed "official producer of family trees!" in my copy of Outcast!

KateCary: Bye Squirrel!

Curratora: Hello people who joined bye Squirrely Hello Warriors Authors.

Midnightwind joined.

Wildpaw: vicky, remember? i was first in line!

Sparrowheart: Hey Tui! :D

Fidgetpaw: *sighs* this is crazy

Sandcloud joined.

Squirrelflame: Luvya All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VickyHolmes: We keep All the pictures and creatures and Warriors goodies that you give us. I lug them all home in my suitcase, then divide them up with Kate and Cherith. And from now on, Tui as well!

Fallenleaf: Hey Vicky, I was in Georgia at the Fall 2007 tour, the crazy person who drove 6 hours. I gave you a poster with Fallenleaf on it (I am also Sg4daisy), do you remember me?

shadowolf joined.

Squirrelflame left.

Ashtail: Everyone's posting so fast. lol I can't catch everything! Xd

VickyHolmes: Bye Squirrelflame! Stay longer next time!

cat joined.

Jadey EdwardXBella: Hi Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jadey EdwardXBella: Hi Cherith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SheilaRuth: I ji just want to remind everyoe please don't private chat the authors! If you private chat the authors, we'll have to turn off privatge chat.

Quailfeather: I gave Vicky a big picture of a calico. :)

Curratora: Hi Vicky, Cherith, Kate and Tui :D

Jadey EdwardXBella: Hi Tui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fallenleaf: I understand Sheila!

Squirrelflighty: But we love the Erins. Xd

Hazelleaf: oh. ok

Jadey EdwardXBella: oops

Sparklefeather: sorry

Fallenleaf: *pokes anyone who pcs the authors*

Dawnleaf joined.

VickyHolmes: Hi Curratora! Cool name!

CherithBaldry: This is so fast. My head is spinning!

Riverstripe: Hey erins!

SheilaRuth: Lol Cherith!

Lakestorm: Doesn't it always spin?

Daisypaw: Vicky!! I wanted to go to Toronto on your last tour but couldnt make it!! Xp

Quailfeather: Lol, Cherith

Nighty: Mine 2 Sheila

wildstorm01: i have a headache O_o

CloudWind: Curratora was...tigerwolf at the tour, right?

Squirrelflighty: Vicky, do you remember me? You said you liked my name--back in January.

wildclaw118: Hey erins

Silent: I wanted to go to Californa to see you

Sparrowheart: Vicky, remember the girl with the cat on her head in Ann Arbor?'

Midnightwind: Hey Tui

Midnightwind: Remember me? Probably not >.< because my name is different

Sparrowheart: That was me! :D

Quailfeather: 8D

CherithBaldry: A cat on her head????????????????

Rumblepurr joined.

Wolf: Yo, Cherith Xd

Brambleflower: Erins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CloudWind: Oh, in the Fall 07 tour, I was the one to ask "Why do you kill off all the young pretty she-cats?"

CherithBaldry: Hi again Wolf

Wildpaw: vicky, remember the girl in pa with the warriors picture i gave u?

Icetail: remember me? and dawnstripe? we trampled you in memphis? !!!!!!!!

VickyHolmes: Well, I'm back on tour in Two Weeks' Time, eek, oh my goodness, I think I'd better start packing right now! So pleeeeeease come and see me if you can. My schedule will be posted up here by Sheila as soon as it's ready.

Flametail: =D I've been to three tours now. Seattle, some place in Arizona (the name of which escapes me), and the latest one in Los Angeles. With any luck I'll be going to the Seattle one this year! *states random fact*

Midnightwind: Ahh Vicky

KateCary: Wow - there's a lot of fast talking going on! I can hardly keep up :)

Midnightwind: Where are you going on tour?

Waterstripe: I hope you come to Phillie again!

Midnightwind: Hey Kate!

Khestrelle: Viiiicky. You aren't coming to Toronto again D;

Reedfrost: yeah, where?

Squirrelflighty: Sorry we're hyper, Kate.

Wolf: Sorry, Kate...

Lilacheart: Do you remember me, Vicky? ::unsure sorry if that's been asked 2390482957398057 times...

Silent: Are you going to Arizona

Curratora: It's always this crazy during Eh author chats.

VickyHolmes: Flametail! That was you and your dad who kept me company at the La Book Festival, right? Please come and see me in Seattle!

Sparrowheart: Vicky, I've said this a million times..

Swordclaw: Vicky, do you want some ice cream?

Midnightwind: Hey, Vicky, do an international tour! Go to like...korea

Hazelleaf: Is the Guttersnipe still online? I can't find it!! :(

Fidgetpaw: I wonder will you ever come to a small town like Staesville North Carolina i cant go anywhere

Midnightwind: So I can see you!

Daisypaw: Please Ask Harpercollins If You Can Go Top Canada Pleeease!!!!!!!!!!!

Cherrypetal: will you guys ever come to canada (coughnovascotiacough) for a tour??

KateCary: guttersnipe has moved to - I redesigned my site

Sparrowheart: but remember me? That closet thing was funny! :D

Squirrelflighty: I superly hope she comes to Tampa, Florida for the Tour.

Snowberry: Kate!

Squirrelflighty: I saw, Kate!

Wildpaw: vicky remember when u had water and it leaked onto firestars quest and the yellow came off on u?

Tui Sutherland: I'm here!

shadowolf: Only problem is that Vicky would have to learn how to speak foreign languages when she should be working on Warriors and Seekers

Sparrowheart: so That explains why i can't get to guttersnipe.

Midnightwind: Tui!

Tui Sutherland: Just trying to read everything!

Dawnleaf: hey, someone wiyh the last name Hunter, Talk 2 Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squirrelflighty: Tui!

Fidgetpaw: **statesville, Nc there we go lol Nothing good ever happens there

Khestrelle: Toronto was funtimes. -heart-

Fallenleaf: Lol Tui!

Dawnleaf: Come To Ridhardson Tx Plz!!!!

Sparklefeather: Tui!

Sparrowheart: Heya Tui! We actually come from the same country! i think.

Curratora: Wow, Poor Tui.

Squirrelflighty: Tui, you did a wonderful job with what you wrote! <3

VickyHolmes: I'll be in Seattle on September 12th-14th, I think. Can't wait! Alas, not Tampa Fl this time. Boo! And Wildpaw, I Do remember the gold leaking off Firestar's Quest! That was yet another moment when I looked like a fool on tour!

Tui Sutherland: whee! eeeek!

Snowberry: I'm sure Vicky, you'll get to Idaho sometime^^

Khestrelle: Hee, I pretty much walked out of the building with you, Vicky.

Curratora: This just be madness for you.

Hazelleaf: Hi Tui! I love the Avatar series! I can't wait for Twilight!

Tui Sutherland: really? what country, Sparrowheart?

Khestrelle: -was the last one to leave-

Jadey EdwardXBella: Vicky Come To Texas Again!

Icetail: what about memphis will you be there

Lakestorm: Hey Vicky! Someone In Scotland Who Orders Warriors Books Off Amazon 'cause That's How Obsessed She Is Says Hi!

Silent: Are you going to arizona

Midnightwind: Tui remember me? I was at your Ridgewood library thing! I gave you the thief piece of writing. *name remains undisclosed*

Wolf: Hi, Tui....................

Tui Sutherland: oh my gosh, Hazelleaf, thank you!

Midnightwind: Rememeber?

Sparrowheart: Venezuelaa? That is, if wikipedia's reliable..

AshfurForever24: Vicky, you should come to Missouri!!!

Squirrelflighty: Khes, I envy you.

Tui Sutherland: Midnightwind! I'm So Excited you're here!

Sparrowheart: i speeled it wrong.

Snowberry: I went to see u in Seattle Vicky! Though I don't think you would rember me....

VickyHolmes: Khestrelle, are you Alethea? I remember you from Toronto! You have Eagle Eyes!

Khestrelle: Yes!

Hazelleaf: no problem! seriously, they Rock!

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Lightfrost: Lol you should come to Omaha you could stay in the Qwest Center

Brambleflower: Can You Come To Utah?????????????????? Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeee??????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quailfeather: I Love you Erins ::wub

Tui Sutherland: Yes, Venezuela! that's where I was born!

Fallenleaf: I have been to every Erin chat. Half of them, I've been Sg4daisy, half I have been Fallenleaf :)

Wolf: Vicky, I saw you on Tv.....

VickyHolmes: Is Missouri near Minnesota? I'm going there this time.

Wildpaw: vicky, when r u going to pa?

Tui Sutherland: Mw, did you get my letter?

Squirrelflighty: Khessssssss. She Remembers You! -envy- xd

Fallenleaf: I think so Vicky

Reedfrost: you're going to missouri!!!!!!!???

Sparklefeather: I live in Minnsota!

Hazelleaf: uh, not that close i don't think.

Waterstripe: Are you coming to Phillie?

Khestrelle: I pretty much Melted when I saw I was the most delightful fan of the day.

Sparrowheart: Vicky, you going again to Michigan soon?

Jayheart: This is my firsy Erin Hunter chat :D

KateCary: Wecome Jayheart - good to have you here

Tui Sutherland: sparrowheart, do you still live in Venezuela?

VickyHolmes: Yay, Wolf! Did anyone else see me on the Today Show with Al Roker? I really enjoyed it, and didn't feel nervous At All because Al's really nice and almost as short as I am!

Sparklefeather: This is my 2nd Erin Hunter chat

icyumber: Will you guys ever swing by a New York town called Rochester? It's semi-near Buffalo. :P

Snowberry: I saw u Vicky!

Dawnleaf: I Did!!

Daisypaw: I Did

AshfurForever24: Me!!! U were great vicky!

Ivyflower: I saw that! It was awesome

Wolf: You were really good, Vicky ^^

Hawkstorm: I saw it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CherithBaldry: Vicky, you ruled on that show!

Losty: I saw you on the Today Show, you were great =)

Daisypaw: You Got resceduled Twice

Waterstripe: I saw you Vicky

Lilacheart: *hands vicky chocolate* Xp

SheilaRuth: We're getting ready to start! I'm so sorry for the problems. Thanks for your patience!

Tui Sutherland: I saw Vicky on the Today show! hee hee It was awesome! h

Snowberry: u looked very professional Xd

Sparrowheart: I didn't see it...i was lazy and i forgot..

Fallenleaf: I didn't see you Vicky =( I'm sorry!

Midnightwind: Getting Ready to start?

Quailfeather: You were grat on the Today Show, Vicky!!! :D

Curratora: It's always great to have you here, "erin". ^^'

Midnightwind: Eh...hasn't this already started

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Squirrelflighty: Tui, maybe you can tour. xd That'd be epic.

Cherrypetal: Erins!!!:do you remember me?? i'm whisperwind oceanmoon magnoliakit!!!

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Hazelleaf: were you nervous on the today show, vickey?

Jadey EdwardXBella: guys i was seriously getting ready to cry because i was gonna be late to this chat lol

Sparrowheart: *hands shake form excitement*

VickyHolmes: Thanks for the chocolate, Lilacheart! *chomp* Aha I see you got me Maltesers! My favourite!

Curratora: Same here, jadey

Fallenleaf: Me too Jadey!

Fallenleaf: When I got in, I totally spazzed?

Elphaba the Not-So-Wicked: Vicky was on the Today show? Darn. That's what I get for not having Tv.

Sparrowheart: *gives vicky 200-pound box of chocolate* hahaha!

Sandcloud: yay almost starting

Thunderstar: vicky, do you remember me and Bluefire? we were from miami when you were on tour.

Pinefur: Hey Vicky, do you remember the weirdo group of girls at the Fall 07 tour that asked you about Warrior's Wish?

Quailfeather: Vicky, did you read the note on the back of the canvas painting of a cat I gave you???

Rainfall: hi everyone i'm posting from six flags parking lot!

Tui Sutherland: Squirrelflighty, sometimes I do little library talks -- nothing as exciting as what vicky does, but I'd always be psyched to see you guys there!

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Midnightwind: I was at her library talk! one of them anyway

VickyHolmes: Thanks for giving directions, Wolf. And Sparrowheart, enough already with the chocolate! Don't you know I'm getting Married in November?! How will I ever fit into my wedding dress?!

Khestrelle: Vicky: I screamed so loud when I saw I was the most delightful fan of the day that my dad came running to see what was up. ;D

Daisypaw: You guys broke your own rule by naming a cat Zsunpaw!

Tui Sutherland: Yay Midnightwind! Did you get my letter afterwards?

Jadey EdwardXBella: Vickys Getting Married!

Lilacheart: It's always good to have you here, "erin" :D

Midnightwind: Yep!

coalfang: hihi

Squirrelflighty: Well, Tui, I'd be glad to welcome you to Florida if you came near my place. ^^

Khestrelle: c: have you picked what you're wearing, Vicky? xddd

Jadey EdwardXBella: Congratulations!!!

CloudWind: Omg

Dawnleaf: Congrats vicky!

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Tui Sutherland: Yay vicky getting married!

Midnightwind: Thanks ^^ I got so excited

CloudWind: Vicky!

Ivyflower: congrats vicky!

wildclaw118: vicky getting married

Fallenleaf: Congrats (early) about marriage! :D

Lightfeather: Good for you, Vicky!

icyumber: You're getting married in November/ My birthday's in November!

Wolf: He popped the quesion?!?!?! :O

Midnightwind: I was spazzing out in my mom's room 'cause she had the letter

Khestrelle: -remembers from toronto tours-

wildclaw118: congradulations

Sandcloud: yay vicky

coalfang: Xd Yay

Magicyop: Congratulations, Vicky!

Losty: Congrats in advance Vicky ^^

Lilacheart: Omg, Congratulations :D

Thunderstar: Yay! Another Marrige!

Sparrowheart: i can't believe it! I made vicky fat...; :(

SheilaRuth: Hi everyone. I'm going to gag everyone (hopefully) temporarily so that I can go over the rules

Quailfeather: I wonder what lucky man got to marry Vicky!!!!

Jadey EdwardXBella: Whats his name???

Sparrowheart: Congrats! :D

CloudWind: Who's Mr. Lucky?

Tui Sutherland: aww, well I Loved your story, Midnightwind!

IcefireWarrior: Congrats!!!

AshfurForever24: Yay Vicky!

Thunderstar: Congrats Vicky!

Wolf: Vicky, remember me from last Chat? I was bluefether!! Xd

Daisypaw: I'm gonna chew through it again!

Lightfeather: Invisible gag

Sparrowheart: *chokes on gag*

VickyHolmes: I have found the most perfect dress. It's long, shiny, and Purple! Yes, like the famous purple pens! I have purple high-heeled shoes to match. Sooooooo happy. :)

Starsight: Wow, congrats Vicky!:d

Midnightwind: Thanks again ^^

Magicyop: You'll notice a sudden silence

Wolf: Gag? Like what happened to Daisy?! Xd

Magicyop: Anything you say will not appear

Midnightwind: Purple! Yay purple

Cherrypetal: *IS Gagged...*

Jadey EdwardXBella: omg your purple pen

Reedfrost: gag us now!

Wolf: I'm gagged?

Wildpaw: ooh... pretty!

Magicyop: Except for the authors and admins

Khestrelle: Hah, purple pens

Lilacheart: *falls silent*

CherithBaldry: Vicky, you will look awesome!

Quailfeather: I'm glad your happy, Vicky!!!!

IcefireWarrior: Awesome, purple B-)

Snowberry: Vicky do u rember the author talk at Petlua in cal? With my grampa that wanted u to sign a book that u didn't writexd he wanted to take u to dinner with us!

Sparrowheart: don't gag yourself!

Fallenleaf: Purple is a very cool color :) Royalty! A dark purple or light?

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Cherrypetal: mmmm mrffff naaafffpp mmmrrr!!!! (is gagged)

KateCary: I've seen Vicky's dress - it's Gorgeous!

VickyHolmes: Oh yes, Snowberry, I remember your grampa. I was really sorry I couldn't come to dinner with you. Okay, I'm going to be quiet now, to set a good example. :)

Stormflower: i shall chew through ze gag ::happy

Jadey EdwardXBella: luuuuuucckky kate!

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VickyHolmes: Dawnleaf - just had to say that I'm not typing with my mouth. :) That would be so weird!

Riverstripe: no what?

Hawkstorm: not us!

VickyHolmes: Come on with the questions! It's half past midnight here and I'm getting sleepy! Missy has given up and put her front paws over her eyes to block out the light. I wish I could post a picture of her. She looks sooooo cute and grumpy.

Magicyop: We're really sorry about all the hold-up

Magicyop: Our fault, not theirs.

SheilaRuth: Ok, everyone should be gagged. No chewing through the gag!

VickyHolmes: Don't worry, Magicyop. I know things have been absurdly frantic. I promise we'll write less popular books from now on! ;)

SheilaRuth: No, please don't write less popular books!

Magicyop: Hehe. No, don't do that!

SheilaRuth: We love your books!

Magicyop: I can hear fans screaming through their gags right now

SheilaRuth: Anyway: here's the rules:

SheilaRuth: No private chatting the authors or we will disable private chat

SheilaRuth: No Rping

SheilaRuth: You can chat amongst yourselves, but try not to go overboard with random chat, because with this many people, you can see the text moves quickly!

Magicyop: And if it moves too quickly you won't be able to see the questions being answered.

SheilaRuth: We've already queued up at least one question from everyone who submitted questions in advance. Those will be the first questions sent to the Erins

Magicyop: Stop chewin through your gag! =P

Fallenleaf: oh sorry...

Magicyop: no problemo

SheilaRuth: We can't guarantee that all the questions will be answered. The Erins can choose what questions they want to answer

SheilaRuth: You are welcome to submit additional questions, and if time allows and if the Erins still have energy, we'll send them after we get through the ones that are queued up.

SheilaRuth: Erins, we're sending you the questions now

VickyHolmes: I'm ready! Missy's started snoring. My dog is soooo unimpressed with what I do for a living. :(

Magicyop: Hehe.

SheilaRuth: To ask additional questions, use the yellow box and the "ask" button. For general chat, use the white box and the "send" button.

Tui Sutherland: I'm ready too! Vicky, Sunshine sends Missy many kisses.

Magicyop: Very well! Let the chat begin!

CherithBaldry: Ready here! My cats have gone out to slay something, though.

Magicyop: Authors, ready your fetching buttons! =P

SheilaRuth: I'm sorry again for all the problems. Thank you for your patience.

KateCary: My cats had taken advantage of my being up so late to bully another dinner out of me - they are going to be even fatter!

Lakestorm(Q): to Vicky: Is Scourge related to Firestar in any way?
VickyHolmes(A): Do I have to fess up? *evil grin* Actually, some of you have guessed it already, so huge special purrs for being so eagle-eyed! Scourge and Firestar are half-brothers! Quince’s mysterious mate, who’s mentioned as a ginger cat who loved gazing into the forest and wondering what was going on beyond the garden fence, also fathered another litter of kits with a different queen. And one of those kits was Rusty! (Another was Princess, of course.) These kits were born quite a lot later than Scourge, who is a couple of years older than Firestar. The clue was that Scourge’s father was fascinated by the woods, just like Scourge…and Firestar! So Firestar’s greatest enemy was actually his kin, and the only cat he has ever killed was his half-brother. Gasp!

AshfurForever24: Omigod!

Coalfang(Q): to Vicky: the pace of first three books in power of three have, in my opionion, been kinda slow compared to the last two series. will things pick up considerably in the last three books of PoT?
VickyHolmes(A): Power of Three has been more about the internal issues faced by the three cats born under the prophecy than external battles. I thought it was time to move away from plots we’d already covered, and look more closely at things that matter deeply to the Clans, like destiny and faith. But there will always be battles – in fact, ECLIPSE sees the biggest battle ever between the four Clans. And Books Five and Six deal with something that’s not happened in ThunderClan before…

Rabbitfoot(Q): to Tui/Vicky: Most of the Warriors books don't have many magical or mystical qualities besides the dream-walking, so I was wondering why you chose for there to be a shape-shifting bear in Seekers? Was Ujurak fun to create and write about?
VickyHolmes(A): The shape-shifting bear was one of the very first ideas I had for Seekers. As in Warriors, I wanted faith and spirituality to be a central theme, so I needed to establish what sort of beliefs each bear would have, in the same way that the cats have the tradition of listening to their warrior ancestors. Because the bears are linked so closely with their environment, I did some research into Native American beliefs which are also based on interpretations of the land and natural phenomenon. I was particularly interested in the Inuit beliefs, which center on a shaman, or priest, who is thought to have the ability to change into a different animal and thus get even closer to the natural world. I thought: What if the shaman wasn’t a person who could change into a bear (or whatever), but a bear who could change into a person?! I loved the idea that an animal could infiltrate a human community without them guessing the truth. And this quickly expanded into a “shaman-bear”, which is how I describe Ujurak, who can turn into any animal he wishes, including humans. This opened up the story to a whole new level of action, plus a chance to see the human world through an animal’s eyes in a very different way than the cats’ experience of Twolegs, for example. I loved coming up with situations for Ujurak to transform, sometimes by accident, sometimes unhelpfully, and sometimes just in the nick of time. And Tui did the most extraordinary job of describing each transformation, which Cherith has continued in Book Two: Smoke Mountain.

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Rainfall(Q): to All: Will there ever be an evil medicine cat? They would be able to control nearly everything the Clan does.
VickyHolmes(A): Interesting! And actually something I’ve been considering for a while. So watch this space!

Brambleflower(Q): to Vicky: Did you ever, at any moment, even think of having Brambleclaw and Feathertail fall in love? This is really important to me, so please answer. Thank you ^^
VickyHolmes(A): Brambleclaw and Feathertail? Interesting! I have to say no, because Brambleclaw was always interested in Squirrelflight and Feathertail wasn’t on the look out for a boyfriend until Crowfeather hit her with his unexpected charms.

Hawkstorm(Q): to Vicky: Do you have a plan for when Cinderpaw dies?
VickyHolmes(A): Actually, I don’t have any plans for Cinderpaw’s sticky end yet! Maybe you should tell me yours… :)

Losty(Q): to Vicky/Kate/Cherith: In Cats Of The Clans, you mentioned Onestar being called 'Firestar's kittypet' by the Clans. Is this a reference to former Prime Minister Tony Blair's political reputation with American president George W. Bush?
CherithBaldry(A): No, we don;t really get into that sort of thing. But full marks for thinking of it!

Wildflower(Q): to All: Is it really true that Warriors is going to be made into a movie, and if so, when?
KateCary(A): Vicky says there are "talks" going on with a movie company at the moment! Fingers crossed!

Shootingtail/Silvershadow24(Q): to Vicky/Tui: Who are the polar bear cubs' and the grizzly cubs' fathers? I know that in real life, bear fathers don't play a large role in raising the cubs, but will we ever get to meet them? And will Taquiq return?
VickyHolmes(A): As you say, wild bears’ fathers don’t get involved with raising the cubs, or even stick around long enough to meet their offspring, so I don’t imagine we’ll ever get to meet them. Besides, the bears will be going far, far away from where they were born. But we haven’t seen the last of Taqqiq!

Wolf(Q): to Tui: How did you come to become an Erin?
Tui Sutherland(A): For one thing, I'm very lucky! I was actually the editor on the Warriors books when I was still an editor, working at Harper. Then a couple of years ago I decided to quit editing so I could write full-time, and Vicky asked me if I wanted to join the Erin Hunter team. I was like, "hmmm, let me see...YES." And it's been mad excitement for me from there! :

Silvershadow24(Q): to Vicky: Can you tell us what this "most shocking secret in the warriors series" from TROS is?
VickyHolmes(A): It's that Firestar and Scourge are half-brothers! See an earlier answer for all the details.

Wildclaw118(Q): to All: Will Jaypaw and Cinderpaw fall in love with each other? this is something I want to know alot
CherithBaldry(A): It's Vicky's call, but i very much doubt it.

Quailfeather(Q): to Vicky: Will SkyClan ever appear in any more books besides the special edition that will be coming out of the modern SkyClan?
VickyHolmes(A): Not as far as I know, but I’d love to feature them at some point in The Fourth Apprentice because I love those cats dearly.

Hazelleaf(Q): to Vicky: What will happen when the tree-bridge to the Gathering rots or is washed away?
VickyHolmes(A): I hope that doesn’t happen! Maybe StarClan would knock down another tree to make a bridge?

Elphaba the Not-So-Wicked(Q): to Vicky: You mentioned in a previous chat(2 or 3, I think) that you have lines that echo lines from movies in the Warriors books. Could you maybe tell us which book and/or chapter their in? Maybe even which movie? I’m a big movie lover and I’m ashamed that I can’t find any of them.
VickyHolmes(A): I’m not sure I should reveal this because it’s very naughty to steal lines from other people’s work! But I’ll tell you two examples: In chapter 22 of MOONRISE, Talon quotes a line from RAMBO (clue: it’s a very short line! Only two words!), and in chapter 22 of SUNSET, the final exchange between Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost was heavily influenced by one of my favourite movies ever, GLADIATOR. Can you find them now? :)

Amberheart: lol

Wittle Mewstar: Vicky, remember me? I gave you the binder from Warrior's Wish at the Raliegh tour!

CloudWind: Lol

Wildtail(Q): to All: Are there any updates concerning the Bluestar Super Edition?
VickyHolmes(A): I can tell you that it’s going to be called BLUESTAR’S PROPHECY, and Kate will be writing it. It will feature Bluestar’s life from being a tiny kit to just before Rusty joins ThunderClan. And you’ll find out a LOT more about Tigerstar and his early days!

CloudWind: o.0 kewl

Adderfang: awesome!

Wildtail: Oh, wow!

crystal_caverns: sweet

Wittle Mewstar: Yes!

Wittle Mewstar: Long book.

AshfurForever24: Yay Kate!!!

Skywish(Q): to Vicky: In "Cats of the Clans", it says under the page of Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw, that Hollypaw is the thinker, the politician. The sentence "Wit can be sharper than claws; remember that, little ones." Is that saying something about Hollypaw? Why Tigerstar and Hawkfrost depend on strength, and have confronted Lionpaw, but not yet Hollypaw? Will she be stronger than Tigerstar and Hawkfrost or am I reading too much into it?
VickyHolmes(A): Well spotted! I deliberately wrote lots of mysterious hints into CODE OF THE CLANS, and I’m thrilled that so many of them have been picked up! There’s a brilliant thread on them on this website – and I have to say a lot of your deductions are spot on. J V impressive! I don’t want to give too much away here, but I can say that Holly is very, very different than her littermates, in ways that aren’t always appreciated by her fellow cats.

Daisypaw(Q): to Vicky: Have you decided on names for some of the main characters in the fourth series? What are they? (It's not like it would give away the parents or anything)
VickyHolmes(A): So far, we’re going to be dealing with characters from the third series, as the stories will carry straight on from Power of Three Book Six. So as yet, I can’t give you any new character names, although I’m sure we’ll be adding to the cast list!

Thunderstar(Q): to All: What happens if a cat dies from old age? (if thats even possible?)
VickyHolmes(A): Oh yes, some cats die of old age (if they’re lucky J). They go to StarClan, the same as the other cats.

Thrushwing(Q): to All: Are there any particular songs or artists you listen to when you're writing?
CherithBaldry(A): I don;t listen to music when I'm writing because it's too distracting; I end up listening to it and not writing. My favourite music is from the European Middle Ages and Renaissance, and I'm also very fond of folk music.

Soundstorm(Q): to Vicky/Tui: Why did you kill Nanook?
Tui Sutherland(A): Well, mainly because Vicky told me to. :) So she has more of an answer to this, but I think basically Kallik has to make her journey on her own for a while. But I know, poor Nanook!

Sandcloud(Q): to Vicky: Between the first series and TNP, Runningnose dissapeared and i was wondering what happened to him.
VickyHolmes(A): Runningnose died (presumably of a cold!) and now pops up in StarClan, where he tends to hang out with Raggedstar, former leader of ShadowClan

Spirithunter(Q): to Vicky: Is the artist of "The Rise of Scourge" going to be doing any more Warriors graphic novels? (Her art is my favorite so far.)
VickyHolmes(A): Yes, I think she’s doing the Ravenpaw trilogy.

Adderfang(Q): to Vicky: What do you think of the ScourgexAshfoot theory? That Scourge was Crowfeathers father, and that he and Leafpool had Hollypaw and Jaypaw.
VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, that’s a very interesting theory! But I think I can safely reveal that Scourge did not father Crowfeather. Ashfoot has much better taste than that!

Talonfur(Q): to All: Will the Tribe be of help to the clans since they helped them in Outcast?
KateCary(A): I don't know if the Tribe would be much help in an emergency. They're a bit defensive and insular. But it would be great if they can overcome their fears and prejudices to help the Clans out.

Lighty(Q): to Vicky: (remember me? I gave you chocolate in LA, california!) during the last author chat, you said cinderpaws leg didnt heal. If it never heals, what would happen? Leafpool cant have 2 apprentices, According to jayfeather x3.
VickyHolmes(A): Thank you for the chocolate! It’s always appreciated! I especially love it when it goes a bit melty in my suitcase. Don’t put chocolate in the fridge! That’s my top tip. Anyway, Cinderpaw’s leg… Well, you’ll find out what happens to her poorly limb in ECLIPSE, which is only two weeks’ away!

Riddleheart(Q): to Vicky: Are there any strong, interesting female leaders on the horizon? Like, Russetfur, Ashfoot, and Mistyfoot?
VickyHolmes(A): Well, those are all deputies, and they’re all what I’d call strong, interesting females, so I guess the answer is YES! It’s about time we had another female Clan leader to rival Bluestar for being powerful and generally cool.

Forestpelt(Q): to Kate: In Reckoning(Bloodline), why did Mary have to close her eyes while Harker was a bat?
KateCary(A): Harker couldn't bear the thought of Mary seeing him so inhuman - and I think Mary felt the same way.

Shootingtail(Q): to Vicky: Would you ever consider doing a special edition book on Midnight the badger? [Like how you did Firestar's Quest, and the soon-to-be stories of Bluestar's life, SkyClan, and the five founders when the Clans had just begun.] Her life must be very unique, and I can't imagine where she learned to speak the language of foxes, cats, or rabbits; or how she attained a connection with StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting. Badgers are supposed sworn enemies to all cats.
VickyHolmes(A): Midnight is the most fascinating character, isn’t she? I’d love to do a book from her viewpoint, but I’m not sure it will happen because there are still so many stories to tell about the cats. I do have an idea about how she learned all the different languages and became connected with StarClan, but I haven’t thought of a good way to reveal it yet…

Reedfrost(Q): to Vicky: Can you give away any hints in general about the next series?
VickyHolmes(A): Hmmm, that’s really tricky because if I do, it will give away too much about Power of Three Books Five and Six! So I think all I can tell you is that it will still focus on the cats at the center of this series (there won’t be a huge gap between the series), and we’ll find out a lot more about where the Clans originally came from. And several major characters will reach the end of their lives…

Lakestorm(Q): to All: I realized when reading Outcast, at the part where Foxpaw and Icepaw (I think) were talking to the elders that that was actually the first time that Swiftpaw's death had been mentioned in almost two series by something that wasn't just memory (like Brambleclaw did once in one of the books). Do you plan to keep making references to events that happened in the first series (like the Swiftpaw one) in the rest of the third and fourth series? It would be interesting to watch a legend dying out in progress, sort of to understand exactly how for example SkyClan was lost in memory...
CherithBaldry(A): Yes, I see what you mean. It would be interesting to see that - and maybe the other way, of a real cat becoming a kind of hero or villain figure after they die. (Behave yourself or Tigerstar will come and get you!)

Wildstorm01(Q): to Vicky: Did Cinderpaws leg TRUELY heal?
VickyHolmes(A): I hope so, for her sake

Jadey(Q): to Tui: Congratulations on becoming one of the famous Erin Hunters along with Vicky, Cherith, and Kate! What Warriors or Seekers books have you written - or what parts of the books have you written?
Tui Sutherland(A): Thanks, Jadey! I am really ridiculously thrilled and honored to be one of them! So far I've written SECRETS OF THE CLANS and SEEKERS Book One, and I just turned in book three of Seekers, which is I think coming out next year. Also, I wanted to add about the shape-shifting bear that Vicky was talking about -- I love this idea and it is SO much fun to write -- feathers popping out of his fur, etc.

Fireblossom(Q): to All: Can the cats in the Dark Forest see everything? For example: Could they see if Let's say a medicine cat mated with someone? just an example. What I mean is, Do they know EVERYTHING that happens in the warriors world?
KateCary(A): I think they have a very limited view of the warrior world. Tigerclaw can see Lionpaw but I don't think it's easy for him - he's just very very focussed!

IcefireWarrior(Q): to Vicky: In future books, will we find out more about why Fallen Leaves was destined to stay in the tunnels?
VickyHolmes(A): Yes, we’re going to learn more about Fallen Leaves – who was only meant to feature in one book but is such a great character that I keep bringing him back! He’s surprisingly popular with you guys, too, which is always nice to see. J

Neverflyte(Q): to Vicky: Does Jaypaw have a forbidden mate in his future? Or will he be the perfect medicine cat and keep to himself?
VickyHolmes(A): Well, it would be nice to think that at least one ThunderClan medicine cat could stick to the rules and not fall in love! But don’t you think Jaypaw would make a great tragic hero, with a beautiful she-cat falling head over heels for him and going to desperate lengths to make their love survive? See, I do have a romantic side! Must be something to do with the fact that I’m getting married in November. J

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Ashtail(Q): to Vicky: Do you remember a girl named Danielle in Houston that brought The Sight for you to sign and that you signed it out to Ashtail? That's me! I gave it to her for you to sign! If you don't remember that's okay. I think it was in '06 or '07. DX
VickyHolmes(A): I do remember Danielle in Houston! At least, I remember signing her book to Ashtail but I couldn’t have told you where I met her. I have a great memory for the fans, but the places tend to get a bit blurry after the first week of a tour. Quite often I wake up and think, Where on earth am I?! L

Ashtail: My question! X3

Flametail(Q): to All: In the last chat, it was said that there were two she-cats and a tom in Tawnypelt’s litter. However, in Outcast it appears that Flamekit and Tigerkit are both male. Which is correct?
KateCary(A): Oops! In Eclipse there's definitely two males and a female - we get to meet them :)

Ivyflower(Q): to Vicky: Do the Clans have any mythological explanation for the moon and the sun?
VickyHolmes(A): Interesting question! And I think I’d have to say no, they haven’t given either a great deal of thought, although they do consider the moon to be under the control of StarClan during Gatherings.

Silvermoon(Q): to All: Is rock like God? If so then who rules the'dark forest'?
CherithBaldry(A): I don;t think Rock is godlike. He didn;t create anything, and his power if in what he knows, rather than what he does. I don;t know who rules the dark Forest. Good question!

Jinxy(Q): to All: Are you guys’ gonna bring a book signin’ to Louisiana? I wanna go to one, but I can’t go to Texas.
CherithBaldry(A): This is for Harper Collins to decide.

Icetail(Q): to Vicky: What started the hole Seekers series? Did you sit down one day and say, "I like bears, lets make a series?
VickyHolmes(A): It was actually HarperCollins who prompted Seekers, by asking me to write a series about a different animal than cats. They suggested DOGS, but I was reluctant to create stories that I felt would be quite similar to Warriors. Dogs live in packs, they hunt for their food, they have a strict hierarchy within their communities, they guard their territories… Sound familiar?! I wanted to work with a completely different concept. So HarperCollins suggested HORSES, because they know how much I love horses and have written about them under my own name. But horses have a tendency to run away at the first sign of trouble, rather than stay and fight, which wouldn’t make for any exciting battles or confrontations; also, their hooves are clumsier than little paws so I couldn’t imagine a “medicine horse” making dainty little herb wraps. Next HarperCollins asked for DOLPHINS, but I said, How would you tell them apart?! And a dolphin battle would be a slow motion affair, with fins pushing gracefully through the water. Not the all-action excitement that the Erins love so much! Finally, in some desperation, HarperCollins said, What do YOU want to write about? And I said, BEARS! They live much more solitary lifestyles than cats, they are wild through and through with no history of domestication whatsoever (performing bears don’t count), and they are much bigger animals, with a whole lot more potential for fighting and facing unique environmental challenges. Unfortunately, I knew nothing about North American bears when I cheerfully volunteered to write about them, so I had to rush off and watch a lot of Discovery Channel and Animal Planet to get some ideas. And do some research into Native American spiritual beliefs, which led to finding out about Inuit shamans, and from there came the idea for Ujurak, the shape-shifting bear.

Icestar(Q): to Vicky/Cherith/Kate: Why is Brambleclaw so cold in Twilight, or was that just Tigerstar's influence on him?
KateCary(A): Brambleclaw is an ambitious warrior and I think Tigerstar fed on that part of his nature and encouraged the dark side, unbalancing him for a while. But Brambleclaw has a true warrior's heart and Tigerstar could never completely change him

Lightfeather(Q): to Vicky: Approximately how old was Scourge when he was killed?
VickyHolmes(A): He was two or three years old - very young to have such huge power! And to be so evviiiilllll.

Snowberry(Q): to All: Will Breezepaw ever have a mate?
CherithBaldry(A): You'll see some hints about this soon.

SheilaRuth: yay!

Shadowolf(Q): to Vicky: Where can we get the background artwork of book covers without all of the portraits and text?
VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, I’m not sure. Possibly from the official website, You can copy images from there, I think.

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Brightpool: Hi, all. :]

Rainripple(Q): to All: Why do 'amber eyes' keep coming up? Lionpaw has a dream of Hollypaw who is really a foz with amber eyes and Jaypaw sees amber eyes when he's with Fallen Leaves but Fallen Leaves has green eyes. Is this a simple mistake or a sign?
KateCary(A): We're just trying to keep you guessing as to who the true hero/enemy is ;)

Fallenleaf: omg lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fallenleaf: Nice question Rainripple!

Adderfang: a tricky bunch of erins, ye are!

Tui Sutherland: About the origin of Seekers question -- I was one of the people on the editor side asking Vicky for a new animal at that point. It's surprisingly hard to come up with something perfect, although I think she did with bears! What other animals would you guys have wanted to see? I was totally up for gorillas or elephants, but Harper was like, hmm, no thanks. ;)

icyumber(Q): Is Whitestorm Ashfur's actual father, or was that another of the infamous Family Tree errors?
KateCary(A): Vicky is the true expert on family trees - I always lose track and have to ask her because she is the Warrior God!

VickyHolmes: Er, not God. Just The Keeper of the Truth, bwa ha ha ha ha.

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icyumber(Q): Which book will the main villain of Power of Three be in?
CherithBaldry(A): All of them! If you mean in which book will the main villain be revealed...well, you'll have to wait and see!

Fallenleaf: lol Cheridith!!!!!!

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Wildtail: Good answer! {grins}

Magicyop: Lol, Cherith!

Foxwhisper(Q): Lets figure, hypothetically, that millie or daisy Become leader. would they have to change their name? expeccially after that one clan meeting.... Daisystar would be okay, but Milliestar? O_e
CherithBaldry(A): It's extremely unlikely, but I think that yes, they might have to. It would be up to StarClan. Could be interesting.

Ivyflower(Q): Are the four Clans' ancestors one of the Tribes that used to live around the lake?
VickyHolmes(A): I don't think "Tribe" is quite right, but yes, the cats who lived in communities around the lake a loooooong time ago were among the ancestors of our Clans today. I'll be revealing more about this in the next series, yay!

Brambleflower(Q): where in England are you?
KateCary(A): Up north, near the Peak District

CherithBaldry: I'm just south of London. (A northerner in exile!)

Brambleflower: btw, my dad asked that one Xd

KateCary: Does your dad know England?

Brambleflower: yeah

Brambleflower: I think Xp

KateCary: Tell him I live in Sheffield - it's like living in a Dickens novel!

KateCary: all clogs and woolen shawls :) (just kidding!)

Brambleflower: lol Kate

Wildtail: Lol, Kate!

Hawkstorm(Q): Sunny here: does leafpool still love crowfeather?
VickyHolmes(A): Hmmmm, I'd like to think she's put her duty as a medicine cat first once and for all, but the heart is a funny thing and doesn't always do what the head wants! Leafpool loved Crowfeather so much, she was prepared to leave her Clan for him. That kind of love doesn't fade into dust, however wrong it is...

Squirrelflighty(Q): to Tui: Welcome to the Erin World. ;3 Anyways. My question is this: How was it to write your first Warrior book? Were you nervous that people would think that it wasn't written as good as the other Erins wrote? Did you feel as if you had something to live up to? >^.^<
Tui Sutherland(A): Hi Squirrelflighty! And YES, good question! I was totally nervous! I couldn't go to the Amazon pages for either book because I was afraid people in the reviews would be like, dude, who is this faux Erin? There's a lot to live up to with these books! But the great thing is that Vicky reads and edits everything before it's published and she makes sure our voices all sound like Erin. I felt a lot better when I saw how carefully she read my manuscript -- I feel like it's still really an Erin Hunter book because she's watching over it all. Luckily for me! Whew!

crystal_caverns(Q): What inspired you the most to write your stories?
CherithBaldry(A): Well, in the case of Warriors, it was Vicky! But long ago, when I was very young, my grandfather inspired me to write because he told wonderful stories, and so I grew up thinking that making up stories was a natural thing to do.

AshfurForever24(Q): Can you pretty please tell us anything about the fourth series?!
VickyHolmes(A): Well, I can tell you that it's going to be called THE FOURTH APPRENTICE, and it will carry on from POWER OF THREE BOOK SIX, featuring most of the same central characters. I haven't finished telling our heroes' stories yet, so I didn't want to move on to another generation and miss out on their happy endings - or otherwise *evil grin*.

Wolf: Omg, yay!

Adderfang: o..m..g..

Wolf: omg

Wildtail: O.o

Brambleflower: O_o

SheilaRuth: Oh, cool.

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Quailfeather: The 4th Apprentice

CloudWind: This is Awesome

Sparklefeather(Q): Will Cinderpaw ever find out she's Cinderpelt?
KateCary(A): Not if Leafpool has her way. But I think Jaypaw's dying to tell her

Rainfall(Q): To All: My edition of Rising Storm has a picture of Firestar and Sandstorm, not like the standard Firestar and Cloudtail one. Can you explain this?
VickyHolmes(A): Actually, I can! The first editions were printed with the Firestar and Cloudtail cover, but the publishers decided that a fat fluffy white kitten didn't quite fit with the image of "Rising Storm" - too cute and playful - so they replaced it with more action-style figures! Bizarre!

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Sparklefeather(Q): Tui, are you excited to be an Erin?
Tui Sutherland(A): Hi Sparklefeather! SO excited, yes! I have loved these books since the very beginning, and I was worried that leaving Harper would mean I'd miss out on all the new Warriors stories...but now it's even better because I'm seriously on the inside now! :)

Brightpool: It's going so fast I barely have time to read the questions. >_<

Snowberry(Q): Will Jaypaw, Hollypaw or Lionpaw ever have kits?
KateCary(A): Hopefully in series four - but I think they've got some growing up to do first and a lot of adventuring!

cat(Q): why does jayfeather have gray fur and blue eyes?hisparents don't have blue eyes or gray fur.crowfeather does.
VickyHolmes(A): I must confess to numerous genetic errors in the colours and markings of our poor cats. They're all my fault, I'm afraid. I was never any good at science!

Thunderstar(Q): Any) what happens if a cat loses a life from old age? (if thats even possible)
VickyHolmes(A): It's perfectly possible - it happened to Goldenflower, in fact. They go to StarClan, same as the other cats.

Lightfrost(Q): The wolves that our in the mountains with the Tribe, will we be able to get to learn about them or anything? Or are they just like the dogs in "A Dangerous Path"? Oops sorry 3 questions but can Midnight speak wolf?
CherithBaldry(A): As far as I know there are no plans to do anything more with the wolves. I'd be very surprised if Midnight can't speak wolf.

Brightpool: Genetics can skip genterations.

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crystal_caverns(Q): How do you keep things going and exciting in your stories?
KateCary(A): I just imagine it's me reading the story - I get terribly bored if a story lets up for great long descriptions or explanations - so I just try and keep the dialogue and action rolling along as fast as I can

Forestpelt: Omg!

Forestpelt: I'm late... I'm soo upset..... ;_;

Wolf: Forest!!!

SheilaRuth: Hi Foresty!

Cherrypetal(Q): do the names in seekers have any particular meanings, or are they made up?
VickyHolmes(A): All the bear names in Seekers are taken from Native American languages spoken in the areas where the bears are born. Lusa, for example, means "moon" in Choctaw. Kallik means "lightning, storm" in Inuit. And I can't for the life of me remember what Toklo means! But all the names have a specific meaning.

Quailfeather: Its ok, Foresty!

Forestpelt: *whacks book to forhead*

SheilaRuth: No worries, the chat started about 40 minutes late

SheilaRuth: We had site problems

Forestpelt: oh really? oohhhh

icyumber(Q): Are the rumors that Littlecloud is turning evil true? Tell me they aren't!
CherithBaldry(A): If they are, no one told me!

Tui Sutherland: Vicky, I thought Lusa means "black"? Maybe Toklo means many names to keep track of!

Forestpelt: *relieved

SheilaRuth: We haven't been going all that long. But the Erins are rolling through the questions. They're question answering fiends!

Wildflower: lol!

Jayheart(Q): To All- From Rippedstar: Why is it in the warrior code that medicine cats cannot have mates? Is there a real reason for it? Like it might get to emotional for them if they have to treat their mates/kits, just like doctors cant treat their family members.
KateCary(A): all their heart and soul and energy must go toward the Clan. How could they put the welfare of the Clan first if they had kits? The Clan must be their family first.

Lakestorm(Q): Do StarClan have powers not yet mentioned in the books? I wrote a story about a cat from StarClan who sent another cat back in time... could StarClan do that?
VickyHolmes(A): Great story idea, but I don't think my version of StarClan has that kind of power. They tend to be more observers, offering handy advice, rather than interfering with really amazing powers. But you can do anything you like in fanfiction, and I love the idea of a cat travelling back in time!

crescentmoon: And it was a good story, Lakey.

cat: is toklo or kallik bigger?

Tui Sutherland: I think Kallik is bigger

Tui Sutherland: Or she will be when she's older!

Tui Sutherland: Polar bears are Huge!

cat: yes, but grizzlies are more thicset. polar bears have alot obluubber after all.

Cloudwind(Q): to Tui: When did you join the other Erins?
Tui Sutherland(A): Hmmm...well, I've been editing the series all the way from Into the Wild, but the first one I wrote was Secrets of the Clans two years ago.

Pinefur(Q): What's the background on all the new names in Eclipse?
VickyHolmes(A): I'm not quite sure what you mean by "background", I'm afraid. :(

FireWolf787(Q): How many lives does Firestar have left as of Outcast?
VickyHolmes(A): Five. I think. :)

Talon: Hello Erins!!!!!!!!!!

Wolf: Nuuuu, Firestar Has 3 Lives Lleft!

Jayheart(Q): To All- Are She-cat leaders aloud to have kits? Because I have heard they are not aloud to.. Some people say it is because they are leaders of the clan and it will effect their duty, but it has never come up in the warriors series
CherithBaldry(A): She-cat leaders and deputies aren't allowed to have kits while they are in office. It would interfere too much with their duties. That's why Bluestar had to send her kits to RiverClan, because otherwise she would have been ineligible for the post of deputy. It's OK for them to have had kits before they become leader/deputy.

crystal_caverns(Q): Have you ever written the last chapter of a story and then gone back and written the rest?
KateCary(A): I couldn't do that. So much changes in the writing of a book that I never can be sure exactly how the tone of the last chapter will be, even if I know exactly action what will happen. The thoughts and feelings of the characters are shaped by the story and so the way they think and behave at the end is a natural, organic progression of the story. I could never write if first.

icyumber(Q): Will any of Tawnypelt's three kits turn evil?
KateCary(A): Oh I hope so. We haven't had a truly evil cat for ages.

Talon: Ur right Kate

Hawkstorm(Q): Hawky here: Tui, how do you pronouse your name?
Tui Sutherland(A): Ooo, thanks for asking! It's pronounced "too-ee" (or 2E, if I were a Star Wars robot) with the accent on the first syllable. It's actually a New Zealand name (that's where my mom is from) -- the tui is a bird that only lives in NZ. It's a funny bird; it makes all kinds of weird noises (kind of like me online). :)

Ebonycrow(Q): I noticed in the first series that cats were named with dignity and respect, and given an image in their name that represented them as an honorable warrior. It showed their strengths, and it did indeed show them as a true cat—a cat worthy of a respectable name. But again, Pouncetail? A warrior that pounces on tails like kit-games? A kit named after a cold, that at any moment, could have become fatal? I’m not understanding where these new names are coming from. Bumblekit, Tumblekit? How do they dignify the warrior? And lastly, if this is the apparent turn names are taking, what is your reaction to names like “Paleinfluence”, “Reapersythe”, “Gazerbeam”, or “Astralflight”—of which are names I have personally witnessed… Be perfectly honest. Were you at any point confused by names like this, are you still, or just… in general, how do you feel about names that blatantly ignore the warrior code? -END-
VickyHolmes(A): Hmmmm, interesting question. First up, I think I need to ask you all to be a little more forgiving about naming patterns in Warriors. Although we give a lot of thought to new names, we don’t have a system that’s cast in stone, so I can’t give you a secret formula or the absolute rules for acceptable/unacceptable names. We avoid using anything that doesn’t occur in the cats’ world, so when we came up with Copperpaw we were thinking very much of the color (though I guess we should have connected it to the metal as well, d’oh!). Sun has never been mentioned as a “sacred” prefix, it’s just not very common. But the leader before Bluestar was Sunstar, as we’ll find out in BLUESTAR’S PROPHECY. I agree Olivepaw is a little contentious, but I figured that the cats might have come across an olive tree, perhaps in a cultivated garden, and would therefore have a name for the little black berries. So, when thinking of names for yourselves, try to stick within the cats’ world but remember that there are cats all over the world having a whole raft of different experiences, so there are plenty of names to choose from! And if you choose one that wouldn’t appear in a Warriors book, well, I promise I won’t hunt you down and make you change it.

Lakestorm(Q): What's your favorite Warriors book?
CherithBaldry(A): That's hard! I love Forest of Secrets, because it was my first, and it was wonderful to get into the Warriors world. But I also really love Firestar's Quest.

FireWolf787(Q): What will be Hollypaw and Lionpaw's warrior names?
VickyHolmes(A): Shall I tell you? Okay, I'm feeling generous! Hollyleaf and Lionblaze!

Wittle Mewstar: Lionblaze?

Talon: Yes!!!!!! Now I Know!!!

Adderfang: knew it.. *yawns*

Wolf: I knew it..

Wolf: I hate Lionblaze...

crystal_caverns: Yes! ::hyper

Stormflower: hollyleaf, lionblaze, jayfeather

Fallenleaf: I love Lionblaze!

Wolf: Lionblaze is too fancy.

Starsight(Q): To Vicky: This is a little off-topic, but I was wondering if you remember me. I was at the tour in Toronto, and the very last person in line.XP
VickyHolmes(A): Hi Starsight! Thanks so much for waiting. That line went on forever! I really admire people who are patient enough to wait for hours and hours to get their books signed. I feel like I'm having all the fun, while you just have to mooch in a queue!

AshfurForever24: yay, the rumors are true! No Lionclaw!yahoo!

Wildflower: omg! Lionblaze!

crystal_caverns: no its not, its perfect

Talon: I thought for sure Lionpaw's was going to be Lionclaw!

Fallenleaf: Hollyleaf is okay, but I suspected it to be Hollyleaf.

Stormflower: ::hyper

KateCary: You hate Lionblaze?! *gasps*

Swiftstep: Lionblaze is awesome. ^__^

Fallenleaf: I luv Lionblaze :D

Wolf: Lionblaze is just.... ergh... no offence

Wildflower: i love that name!

AshfurForever24: Lionblaze is Awsome!

Quailfeather: the name Lionblaze reminds me of a lion jumping out of a fire

KateCary: It's a fab name!

Adderfang: eh.. Lionblaze? <.< >.>

Stormflower: i luv lionblaze

Magicyop: *gasp*

Wolf: I liked the first series names... simple and to-the-point

Fallenleaf: Yes I agree with Quaily!

AshfurForever24: me eating pizza now:d

Wolf: ok, I wont argue with the authors =_=

Magicyop: She revealed the names?!

Magicyop: Go Vicky!!!!

Magicyop: [cheers]

Swiftstep: ::laugh

Brambleflower: Lionblaze is... weird...

KateCary: I had pizz for tea - yummy!

Wildtail: Woot!

Fallenleaf: Me and Squirrel invented the name game so we could use our imagination to make different endings. i luv the weird endings :)

Ebonycrow: I don't like it because I prefer to stick with names that are of the same style in the first six books. They're more realistic and literal, these new names seem very strange in comarpison. :(

Wolf: *burns Lionblaze to the ground* Now he's blazing!

SheilaRuth: I like Lionblaze!!! That's a cool name!

crystal_caverns: *smacks people saying lionblaze is a bad name*

CloudWind: Goo Lionblaze

Magicyop: And Hollyleaf is neat too

Brightpool: Lionblaze is perfect! It's aweomsely amazing.

Ebonycrow: I'm just a difficult person. xp

CloudWind: Hollyleaf

Starsight(Q): How soon until the trio (Jay, Holly, & Lion) get their warrior/medicine cat names?^_^'
VickyHolmes(A): They all have their names by the end of Book Five: Long Shadows. Can you wait that long?!

Fallenleaf: I love Lionblaze Wolf. I think the name is great for his personality, what he accomplishes, and his heart :)

Ashtail: Lionblaze?! Sweet name!

Wolf: Hollyleaf is better, though.

crystal_caverns: no it's good

Quailfeather: Hollyleaf remins me of Bluestar's name for some reason....

Ebonycrow: Hollyleaf isn't bad, it's a nice name. I was hoping more for something like Lionclaw to show his strength as a figher, or Liontail for it's simplicity.

Fallenleaf: Nope we can't Vicky! :D

Jayheart(Q): To All- From Smokytail aka My mom lol: Why is the main clan always ThunderClan, and never any of the others.
CherithBaldry(A): Vicky would answer this better, but i think there has to be one main Clan: think of all the detail that we've amassed by now of all the cats in ThunderClan and stuff that has happened there. You just couldn;t do the same for them all. Also I think readers like to follow familiar characters and see how they turn out.

KateCary: I like the way the names have become more inventive - besides there's only so many 'claws and 'tails you can have without becoming repetative

Wildflower: Hollyleaf? I got it right in my fan-fic!

Forestpelt: I like Hollyleaf, but I don't know about 'lionblaze'... I guess it's ok :P

Brightpool: Long Shadows... interesting name.

Ebonycrow: I love repetition, Rofl. I roleplay fifteen cats, and of those, they all end in "stripe", "spot", and "fur". *IS Lame*

Lakestorm(Q): Have the Clan cats ever come into contact with the Tribe of Rushing Water before the six travelling cats met them?
VickyHolmes(A): Not quite sure how to answer this one! I think I'm going to have to make you wait until Long Shadows to get some clues. Oh I am soooooo cruel!

CloudWind: Nu Vicky

Icetail: you are cruel

crystal_caverns: lionblaze rules, it's like a fiery magic name, haha fire. Me of all people should love that.

Sparklefeather(Q): Will Tawnypelt's litter become apprentices soon?
VickyHolmes(A): Yup, as soon as they're six months old! They're apprentices in Book Five.

Talon: I liked Lionclaw because it would've added more drama. Like Lionblaze would be worrying to much about his name

KateCary: eek - something's going pop at me!

Fallenleaf: I like names that end with Spirit. Authors= do you think any names could end with spirit?

Brambleflower: I liked Lionclaw...

Wolf: Yeah, Brightspirit! Go Brightspirit!

Fallenleaf: I like Lionclaw, but Lionblaze is awesome :3

crescentmoon(Q): What's the Fourth Apprentice?
CherithBaldry(A): The next series, according to Vicky.

Rayne joined.

Fallenleaf: Moony! :)

crystal_caverns: noooo, there has been enough claw last name parts haven't there?

Wildflower: Brightspirit, Fallen!

Wolf: Hi, Moonglow

Rayne: Sorry Im late. At my grandparents' house.

Magicyop: I think the Fourth Apprentice is Breezepaw

Pinefur(Q): Is there really going to be a "Traitor"? Or is it just a myth.
VickyHolmes(A): I love the fact that Warriors has its own myths! There will always be cats who are more committed to serving their own desires than being truly loyal to the Clan. I guess you could call those Traitors. As for a specific traitor coming up, well, you might want to watch Book Five closely...

FireWolf787(Q): How large are the clan teritories in human standards?
CherithBaldry(A): I'm not sure: I was always bad at geography. But you could probably walk across the territories in a day.

icyumber(Q): Is Ashfur over Squirrelflight yet? And will he ever get a second chance at love? -Glances at Whitewing-
KateCary(A): I think he's over SF but I'm not sure he'll ever forgive Brambleclaw! I hope Whitewing doesn't settle for Ashfur. He bears grudges too long!

FireWolf787(Q): Who are the cats on the cover of Long Shadows?
VickyHolmes(A): Help, I don't have that cover in front of me! I think the main cat is Sol, a mysterious stranger who first appears in ECLIPSE. Sol is based on a real cat called Aslan, who is super-cool, and even basks on a stone slab in the sunshine!

Talon: Yay a real Traitor after all this time!!!!!

Pinefur(Q): Did any of you guys by any chance steal my name and put it in Eclispe? I noticed a new RiverClan Warrior named Pinefur, and you guys said once that you steal names from some RP forums like Warrior's Wish.
CherithBaldry(A): This is Kate's book, so maybe she can answer that.

CloudWind: Aslan, like in Narnia?

CloudWind: Interesting

Cherrypetal(Q): do you think that you might ever do a special edition where the seekers bears meet the warrior cats?
VickyHolmes(A): Alas, I don't think that will happen. For a start, Seekers is set in a specific location - North America and the Arctic - while the cats live in a sort of conglomeration of England and the US which couldn't actually exist because there's too much wildlife! So our cats and our bears will remain separate, I'm afraid.

Adderfang(Q): Will we ever see Midnight the badger again? I love her!
VickyHolmes(A): Oh yes! We love her too, and she's far too fabulous to be left out for long. She appears in the Prologue for Long Shadows.

KateCary: Pinefur - we loves the names our fans come up with and use them wherever we can!

Fireblossom joined.

Fireblossom: Hi!

Flametail(Q): Will the Bluestar, SkyClan, and ancient Clans special editions be about Firestar’s Quest-sized? Or smaller?
KateCary(A): Definitely Quest-sized - it's such fun to be able to really get our teeth into a big sprawing story

Katya: I've been reading warriors so long that my mind has turned Long Shadows into Longshadows.

VickyHolmes: Katya, I have the same problem! :)

Wolf: *hugs Kate* I Love You!

FireWolf787(Q): Is Mudclaw in StarClan?
VickyHolmes(A): Yes, he is, because he wasn't evil enough to end up in the dark forest. I felt very sorry for him when Tallstar fired him from being deputy just moments before he died! I think he had a legitimate claim to taking over WindClan's leadership, even if he was a bit heavy-handed about making it.

Lakestorm(Q): From another fan: How many lives does Blackstar have left?
CherithBaldry(A): I've no idea! A fair number, I'd guess, because life has been fairly quiet since he became Clan leader (excpet for the Great Journey, and he didn;t lose a life there.)

Lakestorm(Q): Hey, Tui, how does it feel to be surrounded by a ton of rabid Warriors fans? Did any of the other authors tell you what to expect?
Tui Sutherland(A): They did tell me it'd be a little bit crazy! Gosh, signing on to the chat at first and seeing how fast and bananas it was nearly gave me a heart attack (the good kind...the can't-stop-smiling kind)! I have always been wicked impressed with how many details you guys remember about all the books, so I tried to brace myself ahead of time...especially since my memory isn't nearly as good as yours! :)

Quailfeather: I've been reading Warriors ever sense the first book came out.

crystal_caverns(Q): I think you all are eeevvvilll for making all these taunting answers. Are you evvvilll?
KateCary(A): Being evil would be very useful, but I'm afraid I just can't manage it! I'm a big old softy who cries watching Judging Amy!!!

CherithBaldry: I definitely have an evil side, but I don;t let it out all that often!

Squirrelflighty(Q): Why was Lionpaw named Lionblaze? To remind Firestar of himself? Cx We love browsing HarperCollins to find juicy info!
VickyHolmes(A): Yes, I wanted to keep a "fire" theme going, and also "blaze" sounds like a powerful force bursting into the open; I think Firestar is very aware of Lion's power, and wanted to acknowledge that in his name.

Rayne: who is Tui?

Wolf: Tui iis the new erin

Rayne: aha!

Starsight(Q): For Tui: What's it like being one of the Erins?
Tui Sutherland(A): A crazy thrill! And also a little daunting, like, oh yes, hi, there are the famous authors and there's also me (hi Rayne!).

Rayne: Hi Tui. ::happy

Rayne: Tui... what's up?

Cherrypetal(Q): cherrypetal to all: will jaypaw ever realize that cats are just trying to be nice to him and be less crabby?
KateCary(A): Part of me hopes so, and part of me wants him to stay crabby - he's such fun to write!

CherithBaldry: Oh, he's definitely more fun crabby!

cat: he should be crabby

Brightpool: I feel the same way, Kate. Sure, crabby cats are annoying to read about but it's a thrill writing about them. ;P

Tui Sutherland: the crabby characters are the most fun to write! Like Toklo...he's hilarious because he is So grumpy.

Wolf: I love Toklo...

Tui Sutherland: aww, yay! So do I, Wolf!

Swiftstep: Toklo is awesome. Xp

Brightpool: I love Toklo--he's my favorite. But Kallik's name is my favorite.

Wolf: Yay, Toklo fans foreva! Xd

CherithBaldry: If everyone was nice all the time the books would be boring.

SheilaRuth: Lol Cherith.

Fallenleaf: I agree! You must have evil cats to have a book!

SheilaRuth: It would be like..."and then they had some fresh kill. And then they took a nap..."

Rayne: I ♥ The Evil Characters!!!!! I was absolutely in love with Hawkfrost(but not seriously in love, of course)

Fallenleaf: Hawkfrost is the best, then Ashfur, then Breezepaw Xd

Tui Sutherland: True, Cherith! This was the eternal struggle between me and Vicky when I was editing...i was like, "too much evil!" and she was like, "no, moooooore evil!" and of course she was always right. :)

cat: vicky kills of cats too much

Tui Sutherland: hee! cat, if you think she kills them too much, you should see how many she wanted to kill before I stopped her in the early books...she's so good at the big scary things! I would have let them take naps a little more often, probably. ;)

Wolf: I like ya, Tui ;D You're cool

Tui Sutherland: I like you too, Wolf!

Wolf: Wow, thanks!

Flametail(Q): How did Firestar lose two lives between The Darkest Hour and Firestar’s Quest?
VickyHolmes(A): He loses one in Firestar's Quest and another in a fight helping out Ravenpaw and Barley.

Daisypaw(Q): I figured out what is on pages 337 and 338 of Eclipse! Any info on the mysterious outsider, Sol?
KateCary(A): You'll have to wait and find out - he is sooo mysterious even I'm not sure of his motives!

Katya(Q): Will Hollypaw have a mate?
VickyHolmes(A): She'd love one, I think! But I'm not sure which cats she'd consider smart enough to be her equal!

IcefireWarrior(Q): Will cats like Snowkit and Longtail be given normal senses in StarClan?
VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, what an awesome question! Do you know, I’ve never given this any thought! But I guess if Jaypaw can see in StarClan, it means every cat has all their senses restored. Hmmm, I’d be curious to know what Kate and Cherith thought about this.

crystal_caverns: lionblaze is an awesome name, rocks people's socks.

wildstorm01(Q): Is there really going to be a warriors movie?
VickyHolmes(A): Hey, it’s the movie question! Well, we are in talks with a major Hollywood production company at the moment, but it’s the earliest possible stage, so there’s no script yet, or any plans for a release date. Things are looking much more hopeful than they were a year ago, but I can’t say there will DEFINITELY be a movie, nor can I tell you when it would come out. Sorry! But I promise I’ll keep you all posted if I get any more news.

Brambleflower: Hollypaw reminds me of Bluestar

Lakestorm(Q): From another fan: What do the cats do with the non-edible parts of fresh-kill?
VickyHolmes(A): They bury them in the place where they make their dirt. And to be honest, cats don't leave much behind! Usually just a squiggly piece of intestine. Yuck!

Flametail(Q): Will there ever be some sort of huge natural disaster in the series? I think that would be quite interesting to read about.
KateCary(A): We've done fire and flood! Maybe an earthquake? Perhaps a little too devastating for our poor cats?

cat: First i didn't like lionblaze. now ilike the reason.

CherithBaldry: Yes, the number of intestines I've cleared up off my kitchen floor!

Wolf: Bluestar reminds me of Sheila... before the madness, of course ;D

SheilaRuth: What!!! Are you sayinng I'm mad?

Wolf: Before! O-o

Wolf: Beeeeeeeforeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Wolf: *hides*

crystal_caverns: yea shiela you are definitley mad, or at least magic is...

crystal_caverns: your mad magicyop, admit it!

Magicyop: The proper term for what I am is "insane"

Magicyop: not "mad"

crystal_caverns: fine, howzabout deranged

icyumber(Q): What's your favorite cat pelt color?
VickyHolmes(A): I think gray and white, like Cloudstar in Firestar's Quest. Missy has woken up to remind me that as far as dogs are concerned, the ONLY color worth mentioning is brindle, which is brown and gold stripes.

CherithBaldry: My favourite cat colour is tortoiseshell, closely followed by tabby.

Adderfang: *late reaction* My cats leave half-gone mice under dining room chaaairs. -_-

Tui Sutherland: Sunshine objects! She thinks dogs should also be white and fluffy! ;)

Quailfeather: Omg!!!! My cat, Rocky (warrior name is Floodspots) is a gray and white !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waterstripe(Q): When will the Ravenpaw Trilogy start?
KateCary(A): er? Ravenpaw Trilogy. Maybe Vicky's best to anser that one...

VickyHolmes: I've just finished the final Ravenpaw script, but I don't think they'll be out for a while. We've got the Tigerstar and Sasha trilogy to come first!

CloudWind(Q): ALL: When/If there is a Warriors movie, will you guys write the screenplay?
CherithBaldry(A): I doubt it. That's a very specialised form of writing. I just hope they don;t change it too much!

Stormflower: they better not

Wolf: Oh, they will..

Forestpelt: I hope they don't

Quailfeather: I really hope not

Katya: If they change it, they'll get mobbed. -holds pitchfork-

KateCary: oh I hope they don't change Warriors too much if it becomes a movie!

Wolf: They will... :(

Rayne: me too

Wolf: *cries in a dark corner*

Tui Sutherland: Me too -- I wonder which book they would do?

Sandcloud: that would be horrible if they did

crystal_caverns: if they change it to much I will scream right there in the theater

Rayne: Not like... a Lot hopefully

Tui Sutherland: or if they'd mush a couple of them together

Tui Sutherland: or if they'd just go ahead and do five hundred separate movies

Katya: -prepares pitchfork- Then we will be ready.

Tui Sutherland: mwa ha ha

Forestpelt: If they do..... well.... I don't wanna think about it. *agrees with Katya*

crescentmoon: They'd better start at the beginning - (movie)

Hazelleaf(Q): Tigerstar Destroyed Cinderpelt's destiny. Can any cat mess up a destiny, or was Tigerstar just really powerful?
CherithBaldry(A): Any cat could do it. They'd have to have some power, of course, and be twisted enough to want to.

Daisypaw(Q): Can you give a hint on Brightspirit's role in StarClan in Long Shadows?
VickyHolmes(A): She's going to come to Jaypaw to offer a hint which will help the whole of ThunderClan survive a deadly bout of greencough. Just in the nick of time!

Adderfang: 0_o what a good spoiler!!!!!

icyumber(Q): Why doesn't Lionpaw's warrior name have the traditional "Claw" ending?
VickyHolmes(A): Not every warrior has a name ending in "claw"! Just the warriors with distinctive claws. :)

FireWolf787(Q): To all:Why was Swiftpaw never a warrior, even though he was apprenticed before Cloudtail was born?
VickyHolmes(A): Because he was killed by Tigerstar's pack of dogs at Snakerocks. He was overdue to be made a warrior, but Bluestar was struggling with some personal demons at the time and didn't trust any of her Clanmates enough to promote them. So sad.

icyumber(Q): Will Twist ever come back into the series? She had such a great appearance!
CherithBaldry(A): Twist?

Wolf: I wish the warriors manga had more blood..

Lilacheart(Q): Do you pay attention to genetics of the cats?
KateCary(A): We try and make the kits reflect their parents colour and character but genetic influences can pop up from several generations back - which makes for more interesting characters!

Waterstripe(Q): Since the fourth series will be carrying on from the third series, will Holly's, Jay's, and Lion's big moment happen then?
VickyHolmes(A): They've had some pretty big moments already! With more to come in Books Four, Five and Six. But hopefully I'll think of some action-packed stories for the fourth series as well.

Wolf: ....i craaaaaave warrior cat bloood...

crystal_caverns: ewwww

Swordclaw(Q): Vicky: Why did you move the tree bridge?
VickyHolmes(A): Did I move the tree bridge? Eek, when?

Katya(Q): I'll get it right this time.. Will Lionpaw show signs of love soon?
KateCary(A): I think he already has - with Heatherpaw!

Sparrowheart(Q): What will Breezepaw's warrior name be?

Midnightwind(Q): In Outcast, does the title refer to Stormfur and Brook being outcast from their Tribe? Or does it have some hidden, deep meaning?
CherithBaldry(A): Yes, it refers to Stormfur and Brook.

cat: bloodthirsty authers are evil.

Fireblossom: lol breezepelt is good

Wildtail: lol

Adderfang: Breezepelt!

Swiftstep: Breezepelt, cool!

Ebonycrow: Breezepelt! Simplicity. I love it.

Sandcloud: wow vicky is generous tonight

Quailfeather: Breezepelt!

Wolf: Yes, Breezepelt!

Icetail: i like breezeshadow better

crystal_caverns(Q): What's the wierdest question you've ever been asked?
KateCary(A): Do any of the Erins like Kelly Clarkson? I don't even know who she is!

Fallenleaf: lol Kate!

Quailfeather: Lol!!!!!!

Tui Sutherland: hey, I like Kelly Clarkson! :)

Forestpelt: Kate: me neither... ::blink

KateCary: who is she?

Talon: Breezepelt Yay!!!!!!!!!!

icyumber(Q): Just how much of the Third Series have you written?
CherithBaldry(A): I wrote books three and five, and I'm currently writing six.

Brightpool: Breezepelt. I bet he was a bit annoyed at that. Too plain for his proudness.

Reedfrost(Q): Vicky: Can you give us any hints about what will happen in the special edition concerning the early clans?
VickyHolmes(A): Alas, I can't - not because I don't want to, but because I haven't gotten around to thinking about that book yet! I'm working on BLUESTAR'S PROPHECY right now with Kate, then in 2010 we'll have the SkyClan Super Edition, and the Early Clan book will come out in 2011. I'll be a little old lady by then!

Tui Sutherland: ok, ignorant online question here: what does Xd mean?

Magicyop: xd is a face

Magicyop: Turn your head sideways

Brightpool: To the left.

Fallenleaf: its a smiley Tui

Forestpelt: What? The capitals don't work again??

Magicyop: Xd is a face

Forestpelt: X D

Tui Sutherland: Ohhhh. I see it! Thank you! X D

Thunderstar(Q): Bluefire: How will firestar lose his last life
VickyHolmes(A): As if I'd tell you that! Not even the other Erins know! Bwa ha ha ha.

Ebonycrow: Get it right Magic. D:

Magicyop(Q): Is the Fourth Apprentice Breezepaw?
VickyHolmes(A): Oh, good guess! But I'm not going to tell you if you're right. You'll have to wait and see. I can tell you that you'll find out in the very last line of Power of Three Book Six!

Cloudwind(Q): to to All: Which animation studio is working on the Warriors movie/s?
CherithBaldry(A): Vicky will know this, but i don't; sorry.

cat: vicky is evil but she is not mean

crescentmoon: Thanks for asking, Tui. I always wondered aabout xd.

Magicyop: lol

Brambleflower: Xd

Brightpool: Vicky, you just gave something away! You said not even the other Erins know how Firestar looses his last life, which means he won't die in Pot! ...right? Did I get excited for nothing? xp

AshfurForever24(Q): Will Ashfur ever find love? If so, will you tell us who?
VickyHolmes(A): Poor Ashfur, do you think he's ever got over losing Squirrelflight? He's such a great warrior, he deserves a worthy mate. Keep your fingers crossed!

Adderfang: Vicky is the coolest, awesomest, and most evil person on the planet!!!!

Rabbitfoot joined.

AshfurForever24: I love Ashfur so...he my fav. warrior right now

Rabbitfoot: I only have a couple minutes ><

Tui Sutherland: Agrees with Adderfang!

Fallenleaf: Seconds Ashfur with a Ash & Hawkfrost tie

Rabbitfoot: I didn't think I was gonna be able to get on at all

Swiftstep: All of the Erins are cool! Xd

Swiftstep: Hi, Rabbit!

Fallenleaf: I agree Swifty!

Magicyop: Hi Rabbit!

KateCary: I'm wearing fluffy slippers - am I still cool?

Brambleflower: lol

Rabbitfoot: Yeah!

Wolf: Yes!

Quailfeather: ya!

Swiftstep: Yeah!

Stormflower: yes!

Wolf: Fluffy Splippahs Pwn!

Fallenleaf: Yes! Fluffy Slippers are ::cool

Talon: lol

Quailfeather: totally!

Sandcloud: yes

Brambleflower: Yes!!!!!

Brightpool: There's no way you're Not cool, Kate. xd

Tui Sutherland: I think so!

Adderfang: Fluufy slippers are Awesome Coolness!!!!!!!!

Icetail: youd be even cooler if you still had oaq s

VickyHolmes: Which animation studio is working on the Warriors movie/s? We’re not at this stage yet, I’m afraid. We’ve got some big producers who are very interested in taking the project forward (la-speak!), and we may have a director who’s willing to work on a script, but we’re nowhere near finding an animation team or starting production. Sorry!

Wolf: Ever Erin is cool ;D

Brightpool: Well, I'm barefoot. Am I still cool? :'(

Tui Sutherland: Woo fluffy slippers! I have some that look like big goofy seals.

Wolf: *every

Wolf: O_o

Cherrypetal: I'm Wearing Fluffy Slippers Too Kate!!!

Tui Sutherland: I don't wear them while I'm writing Kallik's scenes. ;)

CherithBaldry: I'm barefoot too. And in a bathrobe.

Swiftstep: Lol!!

Quailfeather: xd

Ashtail: lol

Wolf: I'm laying in bed typing. Am I still cool? ;_; wait, I never was....

KateCary: oh Icetail, please forgive me one day! I stil love you even if I don't have time for oaqs anymore :(

Icetail: i forgive you i just missed oaqs

Fallenleaf: omg lol Cheridith!

KateCary: Hey Cherith - I've got my jimjams on too!

Icetail: im sockfoot

Wolf: Barefoot from Earriors!

Icetail: lol

Brightpool: Why? Because Kallik's not a fuzzy slipper-type?

Tui Sutherland: because she eats seals! wouldn't want to upset them. ;)

Magicyop: "barepaw you shall henceforth be known as Barefoot"

Swiftstep: You're cool, Wolf. xd

Magicyop: Lol

Rayne: lolz, Magic

Talon: lol

CherithBaldry: lol magic

Lakestorm(Q): As this has to go through Magic/Sheila before it gets to the authors, I want to say that NOBODY CAN HEAR ME! AT ALL! Now, so that I actually have a question in case this does get through, I'm just wondering - do you have a strict set of prefixes and suffixes you use for names, or can you use pretty much anything the cats know of?
VickyHolmes(A): Hi Lakey (I hope it's okay to call you that?). I answered this question in response to Ebonycrow, a while back. Hope you can find it! But basically, I think it's fine to use anything that the cats have encountered in their world, wherever they live.

wildclaw118(Q): To vicky: will cinderpaw be mates with jaypaw or someone else.
VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, I hope she doesn't end up being Jaypaw's mate! He's a medicine cat, and it's about time at least one ThunderClan medicine cat stuck to the rules and didn't fall in love!

AshfurForever24: Erins, you should make a charecter with the prefix - Eagle

CherithBaldry: Well, Talon is talon of Swooping Eagle.

Wolf: Tui, you're so different from Vicky.... innocent, not-evil.... yet. Soon you will catch the Erin-hunter-evilness virus, and you will be supirior...

Tui Sutherland: True, but Vicky is working very hard to make me evil, too. ;)

Fallenleaf: Hehe Tui!

Elphaba the Not-So-Wicked(Q): To Vikcy: This one is from my sister who is hanging on my arm begging to ask. What would happen if a Clan leader never used up any of his/her lives? Would they die of old age or live nine times as longer than a normal cat?
VickyHolmes(A): Wow, great question! I think they'd die of old age nine times over. I hope your sister lets go of your arm now!

crescentmoon: I'm barefoot. Or is that a warrior name?

Quailfeather: Silver24, they already did make a cat with the prefix Eagle, remember Eaglekit?

AshfurForever24: I like the name - Eaglefeather

Swiftstep: Eaglefeather is nice.

Katya: Eagletalon or Eagleflight are also nice.

Fidgetpaw(Q): What would you tell someone writing a book right now is HarperCollins a good pulbishing agent??
VickyHolmes(A): HarperCollins is a fabulous publisher, but there are lots of other great publishers producing children's fiction, so you should never restrict yourself to just one possible home for your manuscript. An agent is something completely different: They aren't connected to one single publisher; instead, they work independently, helping an author to find a home for their script by sending it out to lots of publishers, and often offering advice to the author on how to make their book even better.

Sparklefeather(Q): Will Breezepaw and Heatherpaw become mates?
CherithBaldry(A): I don;t kniow, but it's certainly a possibility.

Talon(Q): Will Lionpaw follow Tigerstar's footsteps in life even just for a little while?
VickyHolmes(A): Well, Lion has tremendous fighting abilities and is fiercely ambitious to be the best warrior ever, so you could say he's already following in Tigerstar's pawsteps! What a scary thought!

crystal_caverns(Q): Do any of you have a favorite saying?
Tui Sutherland(A): I can't find the exact phrasing, but I mine might be something Douglas Adams said, which was something like: "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by." la la, not that that ever happens to me, or anything. ;)

Brightpool: I've heard that one!

Curratora(Q): Did you really change the sixth book of Power of 3 from Cruel Season to Sunrise? And if so, why?
CherithBaldry(A): The publisher wants it changed. Far be it from me to speculate about why.

Midnightwind(Q): Since Brightheart, there hasn't been another 'heart' ending in ThunderClan. I'm just curious about that XP
VickyHolmes(A): "Heart" is a very special ending. Lionheart was such a wonderful cat that I want to use that suffix sparingly, so you know a cat is truly special when they echo his name.

Fallenleaf: Yes, I liked the name Brightheart. It was a sweet name for Firestar to give Brightheart :)

icyumber(Q): Kate- Do you really have a You-tube account?
KateCary(A): Yes. Youtube is fun! I might upload a video of my fat old kittypets one day :)

Forestpelt: I hope Kate makes another Bloodline book.... Omg.... *sudden craving for a 3rd Bloodline book*

Brambleflower: lol Kate!

Rabbitfoot: Lol Kate!

CherithBaldry: My favourite saying: I write when I'm inspired, and I see to it that I'm inspired at nine o'clock every morning.

Reedfrost(Q): To Vicky: Have you ever considered writing a full book from the perspective of a Cat from a clan other than ThunderClan?
VickyHolmes(A): I have considered it, yes, and the Super Edition after Bluestar's Prophecy will be from the viewpoint of a SkyClan cat (I haven't decided which one yet). But for stories set among the regular Clans, I think we'll stick to ThunderClan for the forseeable future.

Cherrypetal(Q): in the sight,jay saud BC was looking for the one cat he couldn't that cat ashfur?
VickyHolmes(A): I can't answer that! It would give far too much away. Hint: All will be revealed in Long Shadows!

Brambleflower: Long Shadows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brambleflower: w00t!

Fallenleaf: i can't wait for long shadows.

Adderfang: *cannot wait for Long shadows*

Brightpool: It seems Long Shadows will be very epic. :)

Adderfang: Yay epicness!

SheilaRuth(Q): Is "the Fourth Apprentice" a reference to the three - Jaypaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw? It sounds like D'Artagnan.
VickyHolmes(A): Yay for spotting the Three Musketeers reference! I love that story, especially because it's about the one character who doesn't belong to the Three Ms! Yes, the Fourth Apprentice will be connected with our current heroes. But that's all I'm saying!

Ebonycrow: I was just thinking that. I have to agree with Magic about it being Breezepaw then, since i personally believe the above three kits are Crow babies. xd

Katya: Hmm, I definately agree with Ebony.

Jayheart(Q): To All- I remembers the prophecy that Cinderpelt had a little while after Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw left to go to the sundrown place. It was about Lion and Tiger, and it had a Tiger jumping out of the fire or some thing like that. Could that have any thing to do with Lionpaw/blaze because it makes me think about which one will be the evil one lol.
VickyHolmes(A): Wow, well remembered! I often lay clues way in advance, so keep your eyes open for omens that don't make sense until much, much later. As for this one, I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see.

Thunderstar joined.

Forestpelt(Q): Vicky: What happened to One-eye? Seriously, she disapears and is never mentioned again! O.o
VickyHolmes(A): She died peacefully in her sleep and is much missed by her Clanmates. :)

Adderfang: ..A peaceful ending? And Vicky made it up? Not beliving it.

Reedfrost(Q): To Vicky: When will Fallen Leaves return?
VickyHolmes(A): In Book Five! Wow, it sounds as if the only book worth reading is Long Shadows! I promise Eclipse is awesome too! And Mr. F. Leaves might be in it, I can't remember.

Rabbitfoot: F Leaves lol

Fallenleaf: lol

Sandcloud: gahh book five is taunting me!!!

Stormflower: mr. f leaves

Adderfang: Xd Mr.f.leaves!1!!!!!!! rofl!!!!!!!!!!

CloudWind: Mr. F. Leaves, phrophethetic Tribe cat at your service.

Quailfeather: rofl

Brightpool: Mr. F. Leaves... xd Wow.

CloudWind(Q): Vicky: -unrelated- Do you remember me from the Fall 2007 tour? I was the one who asked "Why do you kill off all the young, pretty she-cats?" and who was wearing the necklace you liked.
VickyHolmes(A): Hi there! Yes, I do remember you. I don't think I came up with an adequate answer for your question, did I? I suspect I said something like, Because they're the most fun to kill!

CloudWind: No, you said because at a hotel, all the young pretty people made you feel old...i think

Swiftstep: Mr. F. Leaves. ::cool

Wolf: *dances for need to go to the bathroom and excitement for Long Shadows*

Talon: me to I want Long Shadows soooooooooooooooo badly!!!!!!!

FireWolf787(Q): When does Cruel Season come out?
VickyHolmes(A): NEVER. Because Power of Three Book Six is now called SUNRISE! It comes out, hmmmm, next April, I think.

Wolf: No!

Wolf: Not Sunrise!

Katya: That's Too Close To Sunset!!!

Tui Sutherland: I agree, that is too close to Sunset!

Lakestorm(Q): Is Flamekit's warrior name going to be Flametail? I'd really like it to be, if you could, in a tribute to my best internet friend (and possibly my best ever friend), Flametail. :D
KateCary(A): I don't know, I'm afraid. He's not even a paw yet...

Dawnleaf(Q): Will the clans ever actually use Lavender for fevers?
KateCary(A): What a good suggestion. They might well do!

Icestar(Q): Why the heck do you keep naming your Ice- cats when they're white with blue eye?! Sorry to say, but it's too common, as well as preditable.
VickyHolmes(A): But Ice is a good name for a cat with that sort of colouring! :(

Icetail: i love the name ice!

KateCary: it's either ice or snow!

Forestpelt: Ice is awesome

Fallenleaf: I luv the name Ice!

KateCary: what else in the forest is white?

Wolf: You say that when your username is Icestar Xd

Brightpool: Aw, you made poor Vicky feel like Ice is a bad name.

Ebonycrow: Frost! 8D

Katya: Frost

Swiftstep: Snow. xd

KateCary: and we have done a cloud

Fallenleaf: *tackles Icestar*

AshfurForever24: Icepaw's warrior name should be Icefire!!!

Ebonycrow: Cloud is too cute. Use it again. xp!!!!

CherithBaldry: Ice, snow, frost, there's not a lot of choice.

CloudWind: I b a Cloud

Rabbitfoot: Bird poop can be white -shot-

Cherrypetal(Q): cherrypetal to vicky: will brambleclaw become leader anytime soon? iknow that firestar still has 5 lives left... but since he still has that many lives left, will you start making him lose lives mor often?
VickyHolmes(A): I am aware that I need to start giving Firestar fatal wounds in order to get to the end of his nine lives - and like Rock in CATS OF THE CLANS, I know exactly when his last life will be finished off - but I'm hardly likely to tell you when Brambleclaw becomes the leader of ThunderClan, am I?!

Cherrypetal: cotton?

Quailfeather: Cloud, cloud in the sky....

KateCary: bird poop! Lol

Wolf(Q): When'll Mistyfoot become Mistystar?!?!? =D
VickyHolmes(A): When Leopardstar loses her ninth life!

Fallenleaf: *laughs at Vicky's response*

Rabbitfoot: Not If? ;__;

FireWolf787(Q): What will be the title of the third Seekers book?
VickyHolmes(A): Smoke Mountain. Cool, huh?

Rayne: lolz, Vicky

CloudWind: Don't Kill Firestar

KateCary: Vicky, we must use birdpoop as a name for our next white kit!

Forestpelt: Pearl, Blizzard, etc

Rabbitfoot: Wow, that's awesome!

Rabbitfoot: Lol Kate!

Ashtail: lol

Sandcloud: lol

CloudWind: Kate!

Rayne: Yes Kate!

Stormflower: birdpoopheart

Forestpelt: "LOL !!!!!

Quailfeather: Lol!!!

CherithBaldry: lol

Rayne: I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

CloudWind: Birdpoopkit

Brightpool: Whoa.

Brightpool: Xd

Fallenleaf: lol Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rabbitfoot: ::laugh!!!

Lightfeather: lol

Adderfang: Xd

Icestar(Q): How can the rest of you stand being in Vicky's evil orbit? Do you Ever revolt against her 'make this cat die' ideas?
VickyHolmes(A): They try... But they always fail! Because it is MY evil orbit, and no one can resist my evil powers! Sorry, did I say that out loud? :)

Quailfeather: ::hyper ::laugh

Brambleflower: Lol Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ebonycrow: I want to suggest the name Cornflakes. :(

CloudWind: Birdpooppaw

Wolf: Birdkit birdpaw birdpoop

Fallenleaf: Birdpoopnose

Rayne: :starts chanting: do it do it do it do it do it

CloudWind: Birdpoop

KateCary: What about Birdpoopforbrains?

cat: evil vicky

Lightfeather: lolo

Forestpelt: Lol!

Adderfang: Birdpoopface x_x

CherithBaldry: We bow to the awesome and all-knowing Vicky!

CloudWind: Lol

Lightfeather: lol

Swiftstep: Lol!!

Brambleflower: Birdpoopkit!!!!!!!!!!!

Thunderstar: Birdpoopstorm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Tui Sutherland: Plus we secretly love Vicky's evil powers. ;)

Icetail: sorry but i really want to know

Pinefur(Q): Have you guys really never met each other?
VickyHolmes(A): Well, I've met everyone! But that's because I get to travel around. :) Kate and Cherith live far from each other, and Tui doesn't even live on our little island!

Quailfeather: Birdpoopfang

Lightfeather: rofl

cat: not birdpoop

AshfurForever24: Vicky, do you realise how much you are like Tigerstar?jk

Wolf: "birdpaw, from now on you will be known as Birdpoop!

Brightpool: Let's drop the birdpoop.

Wolf: Birdpoop: o-o

Brightpool: I mean the subject!

Rayne: lmao

Swiftstep: Xp

CloudWind: Vicky and Magicyou have the same Ebilnezz Sttus, yes?

Adderfang(Q): Why didn't Blackstar or Onestar have a mate?
VickyHolmes(A): Oh, good question. Maybe they did, but we just didn't hear about it?

Rabbitfoot: Lol! Xd I created a birdpoop revolution!!!

CloudWind: *magicyop

CloudWind: Birdpoopstar

Brightpool(Q): If you won't have THE warriors meet the bears, can't you have the US warriors meet them? ...ARE there US warrior cats?
Tui Sutherland(A): Oooo, what an interesting question! I assume there are warrior cats living in the wild in Canada, where the bears are traveling...but my guess is that if a cat saw a bear like Kallik coming, she would wisely run in the other direction! Er, not that any of our heroes would ever eat a cat or anything, no no...

CloudWind: No, name the white kit Bird, their warrior name could be Birdpoop

VickyHolmes: Moi? Like Tigerstar? Surely not! It's not like I visit any of you in your dreams and make you hone your evil powers... Or do I?

Brambleflower: Yes!!!!!!

Lightfeather: A Warriors/seekers crossover would rock

cat(Q): you are all evil
VickyHolmes(A): But lovely with it!

Brightpool(Q): IF there would be a movie, do you all prefer anime or real cats? Real cats would take a while to train but would we get the same feel from anime cats.
CherithBaldry(A): Real cats would be awesome, but it's not exactly easy to train a cat. I think we'd all be elders by the time the movie was finished!

cat: evil, scourge and vicky are the same.

crescentmoon: I think Kate's been up too long.

Tui Sutherland: It's true, Vicky does a remarkable job of being evil And lovely at the same time!

Reedfrost(Q): All: So does StarClan have their own land, their own territories, their own clans, in one place?
KateCary(A): They have their own territory - or hunting grounds as I like to call it - that sounds like a far more peaceful place to rest - no boundaries to patrol. They all belong to one clan - StarClan, though they hang out with their old Clanmates just out of habit

Brambleflower(Q): Will Kestrelpaw(WIndClan Medicine cat apprentice)'s Name be 'Kestrelflight'? And will he have any major roles?
VickyHolmes(A): I haven't decided what to do with Kestrelpaw yet, but that's a great idea for his full name! Thank you! Oh hang on, I've just remembered: I think he's going to be called Kestrelwing.

Lightfeather: I think Breezepaw should have been named Scroogepaw

CloudWind: Vicky, for all your ebilness, will you become leader of the Place of No Stars when /if you die?

AshfurForever24: I love Krestrelwing!

Fallenleaf: i luv Breezepaw! :D

Midnightwind(Q): Hollypaw used to be a great hunter and fighter, but suddenly Lionpaw is the best?
VickyHolmes(A): Lionpaw has had extra training from Tigerstar! Plus his "power" is the ability to fight without getting hurt. Holly is still an awesome hunter.

Fallenleaf: Krestrelwing is a good name.

Ebonycrow(Q): I have to ask such an irrelevant question, if only for the sake of my X-Files buddies Rav and Kurali. But! If you have heard of the X-Files (does it even run in Britain?) is it a show you enjoy? Burn me now for asking. :(
KateCary(A): I used to watch it and I loved it - except the really spooky episode with the squeezy man that came in through the pipes and ate your liver

Lightfeather: Lionpaw is invincible dun dun dun

Rabbitfoot: Lol Kate! Xd

CherithBaldry: I watched X files now and again but didn't really enjoy it.

Ebonycrow: Omg. Xddd I love that one. You'd probably like Teso Dos Bishos--killer cats!

Tui Sutherland: I've seen some of X-files and liked what I saw! I'm really a Buffy fan, I have to admit. :)

Ebonycrow: I used to watch a lot of Angel, but never really caught Buffy on much. :( I sort of regret not watching it, there are so many interesting aspects to it. Oh Well! That's what Youtube is for. :D

cat: vicky is the greatest evil. we have to controlher

KateCary: Vicky just pretends to be evil! She's such a softy really.

Adderfang: Vicky is the awesomest most evil and wonderful person in the universe!

Stormflower(Q): I noticed that Silverstream can go places where StarClan shouldn't be able to go. For example, in Moonrise, she visited Stormfur in the mountains, but StarClan can't go there because of the Tribe of Endless Hunting. And in the mangas, she visited Graystripe- but StarClan told Leafpool that they couldn't see him. Is this significant in any way... or not?
VickyHolmes(A): Silverstream has such a special connection with Graystripe - she died bearing his kits! Sob! - that she is able to appear wherever he is. Or maybe he just misses her so much that he conjures her up with the power of his memories...

Sparrowheart(Q): What will the other SkyClan book be called?
VickyHolmes(A): I'm not sure. SkyClan's Something!

Rabbitfoot: Lol Vicky

Fallenleaf: lol!!!!!!

Dawnleaf(Q): Is there a name for the 1 book of the 4 series yet?
VickyHolmes(A): No. I'm frantically trying to think of one before Kate starts writing it!

Icestar(Q): Will Tigerstar ever keep his nose out of where it doesn't belong, or is he just going to keep showing up?
KateCary(A): I hope he shows up for ever - in fact I'm hoping he'll get reincarnated just like Cinderpaw!

Icestar(Q): If you didn't publish your work, where do you think you four would be now?
VickyHolmes(A): I would still be an editor, I expect. Which would be perfectly okay, but this is waayyyy more fun!

FireWolf787(Q): Was highstones and Moonstone destroyed during the New Prophecy? If it wasn't, is there a chance of a reappearence?
VickyHolmes(A): No, they weren't destroyed because the road wasn't extended that far. The underground tunnels (abandoned mineshafts) wouldn't support heavy road-building machinery! So they're still there.

icyumber(Q): In which book will Hollypaw's power be revealed? I mean, truly revealed, not hinted.
VickyHolmes(A): Book Six of Power of Three will answer all your questions, icyumber.

cat: im dying to read the next warriors book. and its not an expression

CherithBaldry: I used to be a teacher, so I might still be doing that. <shudders>

Tui Sutherland: I love Angel, too! And Firefly -- I'm a Whedon junkie. If I weren't a writer, I'd probably be lying on my couch watching Tv all the time, which would be very wicked, I'm sure. Or an astronaut, maybe. ;)

Pinefur(Q): You have been saying that the next leader would be someone we wouldn't expect, well would that include main characters like Hollypaw(leaf)?
VickyHolmes(A): The next leader could be ANY cat! Including ones you haven't met! I'm going to keep you guessing, of course.

Squirrelflighty: We are going to die from waiting!

Icetail(Q): will the suffix sky ever be used i love the name skyfire
KateCary(A): That would be alovely name - I don't know why we've not used "sky" before - not enough blue cats I suppose ;)

Brambleflower: lol

Stormflower: skyclan

CloudWind: More Blue Catz

Tui Sutherland: oooo, I really like "sky" too!

wildstorm01(Q): Will Cinderpaws Warrior name be Cinderpelt like the other Cinderpelt?
VickyHolmes(A): Nope. But I'm not going to tell you what it would be. I've revealed enough warrior names already tonight! My lips are zipped!

Forestpelt: L O L kate!

Fallenleaf: I think sky is a great ending. like Hawzeysky or something

AshfurForever24(Q): Will you pretty please with chocolate on top, tell us who plotted with Hawkfrost to kill Firestar?!?!?!?!
VickyHolmes(A): I've had enough chocolate tonight, thanks! So NO!

Tui Sutherland: maybe Sky hasn't been used because it's a Clan name (even if most cats don't know/remember that) there isn't a Wind- or a Thunder- anything. ?? just a guess.

Icetail: will someone Please tell me how old barely is??

Wolf: Use the ask box, Icetail

Wolf: *trying to control all the new people* Jeez, I should get more credit for this. Directing all of them to the author chat room, and now telling them how to Use it... Xd

KateCary: Wolf - we appreciate your effort :)

Firefeather joined.

Firefeather: hi sorry im late my kits would not stop crying

Wolf: Welcome, Firefeather ^^

Firefeather: Thanks im still new at this i just got a new litter

Dreaming_Of_Jaypaw joined.

Hazelleaf(Q): Both midnight and the head rat in FQ could speak differant languages. will there ever be a cat with that power/
VickyHolmes(A): Millie spoke a little dog in the second Graystripe manga! I'm not sure if we'll meet a polyglot cat. I quite like having an excuse to bring Midnight back as a translator!

Katya(Q): Will Foxkit and Icekit ever have a large part in the books?
VickyHolmes(A): They're pretty lively apprentices by Book Five, so you can guarantee they'll be popping up in the thick of the action/

Rabbitfoot: I gtg.... >< Bye!

Brightpool: Bye, Rabbitfoot.

Hazelleaf(Q): It seems like Ashfur dislikes Lionpaw. Is this because of Brambleclaw?
CherithBaldry(A): That would seem like a good reason.

Icetail(Q): will sandstorm have anymore kits?
VickyHolmes(A): She could, in theory, but because she and Firestar are grandparents now, I think it would be weird if they suddenly had more kits of their own. So probably not.

Ivyflower(Q): Did Hawkfrost inherit his icy blue eyes from Tigerstar or from Sasha?
CherithBaldry(A): From Sasha. Tigerstar's eyes are amber.

Khestrelle(Q): NO. TELL ONE MORE WARRIOR NAME. ;D For your most delightful fan of the day from Toronto, pretty please? -heart- If you've decided yet, what's Foxpaw's warrior name? -obsessed-
VickyHolmes(A): Alethea, I genuinely can't tell you this because I haven't decided yet!

Fireblossom(Q): who are the cats on the cover of outcast? in the warriors mini movie on the warriors website it shows them as shadowClan. but who are they?
VickyHolmes(A): Oh gosh, I'll have to go and look at my copy... I'm back. It's Stormfur and Brook!

Ebonycrow(Q): I have a mass of people wondering: Did Redtail have kits?
KateCary(A): I think if he had, we'd know about them by now

Ebonycrow: The family tree on the site says he did, though I know it's not a good reference. Just wanted to make sure. xd I've constantly heard rumours that Sandstorm was his daughter.

icyumber(Q): Will Barkface ever die? He's ancient!
VickyHolmes(A): Yes, he is a bit of an old fogey, isn't he? I expect StarClan will come a' calling for him soon!

Jadey EdwardXBella(Q): Tui: How do YOU feel about Crowfeather? He's my fav cat out of all of them.
Tui Sutherland(A): That's so funny that you ask, because he's actually one of my favorites, too -- he's just so tortured and fascinating and darkly heroic. I always love the boys who are tortured by their deep love (like, say, Angel and Spike, la la la, or Logan on Veronica Mars...I think Crowfeather is kind of a "bad boy" like that, but he's got a romantic side, too, obviously) (dreamy sigh).

Rayne: oh meh god!! I Love Crowfeather!!! ... And Hawkfrost!

Fallenleaf: Yes! Crowfeather reminds me of Fang from Maximum ride!

Fallenleaf: Hawkfrost is mineeeeeee moony! Xd

Swiftstep: Crowfeather is cool. ^^

Quailfeather: Sootfur is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ♥ him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisypaw(Q): Will Heatherpaw get a bigger role within the next few books?
KateCary(A): I don't think we've heard the last of her! She's a feisty one

crystal_caverns(Q): Will humans, or twolegs, ever help the cats in the series. I know we're not perfect but I would like to see them think that twolegs are not eevvviilll.
CherithBaldry(A): I think that some cats know Twolegs aren't evil. Firestar sometimes regrets leaving his Twolegs.

Tui Sutherland: We do get to see some good Twolegs in the Seekers books -- the ones who take care of Lusa in the zoo -- but also some very bad ones coming up! (dum dum dum!)

Fidgetpaw(Q): Hey I have a cat on a site called Lilyeyes and Her Mate Sunscorch they had five kits and they Had Twins do u think you will ever have twins in the books??
VickyHolmes(A): Well, twins would be a litter of two, wouldn't they? You could call Holly, Jay and Lion "triplets"!

Squirrelflighty: Twins: Icepaw and Foxpaw! Squirrelflight and Leafpool!

Foxwhisper joined.

Dreaming_Of_Jaypaw: I cannot believe I am talking to all four Erin Hunters.

Fireblossom(Q): Which clan do you like the best, ThunderClan, windclan, shadowclan, or riverclan?
VickyHolmes(A): I would love to be a WindClan cat, all toned and super-fast. But I think I'd be in RiverClan because I'm better at swimming than running! As far as the stories are concerned, I truly love all the Clans, because they all have great opportunities for drama!

Midnightwind(Q): For all: OK, so you know Leafpool met Bluestar, Lionclaw and Yellowfant when she had a StarClan visit, and there she saw the three stars, which I'm assuming is Lion, Holly and Jay. I've given some thought to this. Could they be sort of 'ressurections' of Bluestar, Lionclaw and Yellowfang? Because Holly is smart and cunning like Bluestar, Lion is strong and fierce like Lionclaw and Jaypaw is grumpy but a great medicine cat like Yellowfang?
CherithBaldry(A): It's a nice idea, but no.

Dawnleaf(Q): How did your writing carrers start?
VickyHolmes(A): HarperCollins asked me to write a book for them, and hey presto! I was an author!

Fireblossom(Q): Will you always write the main warriors books about firestars descendants?
VickyHolmes(A): For the foreseeable future, yes. Beyond The Fourth Apprentice? Who knows?!

Fallenleaf: Shadow and River Clan are my favorite. My Fanfic with Singestar in it involves in them both.

Khestrelle(Q): What specific skills must an apprentice learn to earn their warrior name?
KateCary(A): Hunting, fighting and the importance of loyalty and putting the Clan's needs above your own

Talon(Q): Can youn guys say no to the whole movie thing? They'll change Warriors sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CherithBaldry(A): I don;t think we can say no. It would be up to the publishers. It's to be hoped they don;t make too many serious changes, but a movie is a different thing from a book, so there would have to be some.

Lightfeather: Beyond The Fourth Apprentice!!! Gasp!! More Books!!! Gasp!!

Ivyflower(Q): Is Icepaw falling in love with Lionpaw?
KateCary(A): I imagine Icepaw has a big crush on Lionpaw - who wouldn't. He's such a good hunter and so handsome!

Fallenleaf: omg lol Kate!!!!

Jayheart: lol

Thunderstar: but Icepaw Is So Mmuch Younger

Hazelleaf(Q): What ancestors does rock serve or watch over in the caves? Why have they 'taken their places beneath the earth?'
VickyHolmes(A): Rock is such a fabulous mystery, isn't he? I'm so pleased I invented him! And I LOVED writing Cats of the Clans from his viewpoint! He knows sooooo much. Almost as much as me. :) You'll find out more about him in The Fourth Apprentice, but part of him will always remain a mystery. He's more fun that way!

Stormflower(Q): Would Poppypaw have died in The Sight if Jaypaw hadn't saved her?
VickyHolmes(A): Yes, she would. I love that scene so much!

Jadey EdwardXBella(Q): All: Have you ever sat down and talked to Stephenie Meyer?
CherithBaldry(A): Sorry, I don;t know who this is.

Fireblossom(Q): Does Heatherpaw still love Lionpaw?
KateCary(A): Absolutely - though I think she'd not show him after he dumped her. She's a proud cat!

Wolf(Q): Have you seen Allikatnya's Warriors videos?
CherithBaldry(A): No - should I have?

crystal_caverns: someone doesn't know who stephenie meyer is?!?!

Tui Sutherland: I've never met Stephenie, but I've read Twilight!

Forestpelt: She doesn't know who Stephanie Meyer is?!

Rumblepurr(Q): To all: What time period do you think these cats live in. 1960s?
CherithBaldry(A): I've always felt it's more or less the present day.

Forestpelt: I'm reading New Moon currently

Ebonycrow: Nooo, not Twilight! D:

Rayne: Twilight rocks

crystal_caverns: I love twighlight, I own and have read all the books.

Sandcloud: twilight is awesome

Waterstripe(Q): Why did you decide to carry on the third series into the fourth series?
VickyHolmes(A): Because we haven't finished telling Holly, Jay and Lion's stories! They're still so young, and haven't fulfilled the prophecy yet. They have a long path to travel, and I wanted to stay close to them so we share all their forthcoming adventures.

Khestrelle(Q): When the Clans were first divided up into Thunder, River, Shadow, Wind and SkyClans, respectively, how were they divided?
CherithBaldry(A): I don;t know. You'll need to ask Vicky.

Wolf: My cats are climbing my legs... =_=

Forestpelt: Warriors is way better than the Twilight series, though :D

Tui Sutherland: thanks, Forestpelt! ;)

Talon: u r right Forest

Quailfeather: I bet!!!! Thats why I'm not reading that series!

Fireblossom: Harry P and Warriors are tied

Adderfang: Warriors pwnz Twilight by miles

KateCary: we just have better fans ;D

Sparklefeather(Q): My brother asked this and he (really) wants to know: Who are Graystripe's parents?
VickyHolmes(A): Oh goodness, I don't know! Don't believe any family trees you see. I don't think it's possible to make a comprehensive family tree for the first series, unfortunately.

crystal_caverns: They're both equally great!!!

Fallenleaf: Yes! I agree with Forest!

Wolf: I'm flattered, Kate *blish*

Wolf: *blush

Adderfang: Warriors pwnzzzzzz

Wolf: Me cant spell! =D

Forestpelt: blish!!! :D

Jayheart: I agree with Forest! :D

Swiftstep: Blish. ::cool

Forestpelt: good word

wildclaw118: yeah go warriors

Wolf: Me is also having bad grammer, yes?

Forestpelt: blish and blard

Jadey EdwardXBella(Q): FROM LIGHTY! magic please give this lighty has no internet: Vicky, im lightstreak from LA. i gave you melted chocolate one time.
VickyHolmes(A): Thank you! I love melted chocolate! Was that at the Book Festival in April? I seem to remember some deliciously gloopy treats that stuck my fingers together for an entire day. :)

crystal_caverns: no way, both are equal. Twighlight does have a bit older stuff in it but both series rule!

Swiftstep: Warriors is awesome! ^^

Fallenleaf: Warriors wins it all for me. Warriors, and the Erin's were what brought me my love for writing, and because of that, i started writing a book :)

Thunderstar: if Firestar was a macaroni cat, and he died in a pot, some twoleg could pick the pot and shove him in the oven

Thunderstar: and if Firestar was a macarioni cat, then would Squirrelflight be a lasgana cat?

VickyHolmes: Excuse me? Firestar is Not a macaroni cat! Take him out of that pot At Once!

Quailfeather: Warriors is my life

CherithBaldry: Fallenleaf, that's great!

Rayne: lmao

Foxwhisper: Xd!!!!!!!!!!

Wolf: Xd!!

Rayne: Macaroni cat??

cat: gooooooooooooooooooooo erins!

Lightfeather: Good Grief

Thunderstar: just kidding!

CloudWind: Macaroni cat?

Tui Sutherland: awesome -- that's very cool, Fallenleaf!

Wolf: I almosted choked laughing there!

Stormflower: rofl

Jayheart: Xd

Swiftstep: Macaroni Cat...? xd

Adderfang: Warriors+erins+meh= ::hyper

Squirrelflighty: @vicky: I'm gonna cook you if you don't come to Florida...tampa area...

cat: Macaroni Cat? Good Grief

Quailfeather: nooooooo!!!!!!! Don't you dare cook them!!!!!!!!!

Forestpelt: Lol!!!!!!

CloudWind: Did you know that my grandma has a kittypet named Rusty who looks Exactly like Firestar except he has yellow-green eyes!

VickyHolmes: Squirrelflighty, how will you cook me if I don't come to where you live? Are you going to hunt me down? Eek! I must warn you, I won't taste very nice.

Thunderstar: and Lionpaw would be a cheeze cat

Fireblossom: what iz a macarioni cat?

Sparrowheart(Q): Why are the expected release dates of Eclipse and Long Shadows closer together from the rest of the series?
CherithBaldry(A): I;ve no idea - the publisher decides that. presumably they think they will sell better that way.

Fidgetpaw(Q): Will you ever tell us the story of when Squirrelflight has her kits in the snow like it says in the book...? (bc one of the TC Cats mention Jay, Holly , and Lion about a story of how squirrelflight came throught the snow one da where they were younger.)
CherithBaldry(A): You'll find out more about that in Books 5 and 6.

Quailfeather: Lol, actually, you would taste like chocolate, Vicky.

Sandcloud: theres book five again

VickyHolmes: Yes, Quailfeather, I probably would. I ate Two chocolate souffles today. They were so delicious, I couldn't stop at one.

Fallenleaf: I have no one ignored because my mac won't do it

Lightfeather: Go Macs!

Fallenleaf: *hi fives lightfeather*

Thunderstar: mac? as in Macaroni cat?

KateCary: I'm on a mac too fallenleaf

Brightpool: Wow, been an hour.

Fallenleaf: Cool Kate! :)

Lightfeather: Kate uses a Mac? Awesome

VickyHolmes: I'm on a mac as well! We are Macclan!

Icetail: cool! Kate has the same computer brand as me!!!

CherithBaldry: Deeply envying Vicky's chocolate souffles.

Wolf: Yay mac!

Stormflower: macaroniclan

Squirrelflighty: I am nonmac. 8D

SheilaRuth: Macs rule!

Fallenleaf: *hugs Mac* I luv my Mac. Xd

Forestpelt: Windowsclan is better!!!! ::blink

Lightfeather: Kate has good taste

CloudWind: Deeply envying Vicky's souffles and Macclan

KateCary: Chocolate souffle? Yum!!

VickyHolmes: Cherith, they were by Gu, who make all those fabulous chocolate desserts. I highly recommend them!

Brambleflower: Windows!!!!!!!

Adderfang: *looks around* u ppl r good at saying awa*falls asleep*

Fallenleaf: *high fives Shelia*

Greyeyes joined.

Lightfeather: Macclan!

Wolf: Macclan, Anf Windowsclan? That makes me half-clan!

Ashtail: Yes! Macs do! I want one! I'm on a Dell. Xp

KateCary: Macs rock!

CherithBaldry: Oh, I know Gu! <envies even more>

Magicyop: I just got my mac

Swiftstep: I don't have a Mac... ::unsure

Magicyop: It's awesome

Squirrelflighty: Nomacs are awesome. D:

KateCary: I only use my Pc for Sims2 :)

Greyeyes: i am finally here

Talon: Macs pwn Windows!!!!!!!!

CloudWind: Stop Rubbing It In *cries*

Jayheart: I dont have a mac either

Squirrelflighty: Toshiba laptop

Quailfeather: *high paws Kate* I love Sims2!!!!!!!

Firefeather: i have a mac too

Talon: Macs Pwn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightfeather: Anyone use Linux?

KateCary: my son has a better mac than me!!!

Icetail: thanks to my sister for stealling the family mac and then getting a new one so i get the old one

KateCary: my brother always used to get the best stuff too, so I know how you feel Icetail!

Fireblossom: i still cant beleive i am meeting the erin hunters

Lilacheart(Q): I heard that Lillys are poisionous to cats. Are you ever going to use it as a dangerous poison?
VickyHolmes(A): Oh, that's a great idea! Not sure if there are any lilies growing near the lake, though. I'll get Leafpool to check it out next time she's gathering herbs!

Rayne: oh. To the Erins: David says hi.

Waterstripe(Q): What is Hollypaw's power?
VickyHolmes(A): You'll find the answer to your question in Book Six: Sunrise. I sound like a Magic Eight Ball!

Fallenleaf: ooh Magic 8 balls are awesome! Xd

Katya(Q): To all authors: Have your favorite characters changed since The Power of Three?
Tui Sutherland(A): You mean, who our favorite characters are? Interesting question! Probably my favorite character of all is Brackenfur (he's such a hero), but the newest cat I also love is Willowpaw (the RiverClan apprentice medicine cat)...although of course I'm a huge fan of the main three...Jaypaw is so strange and powerful and cool! And Heatherpaw is so smart...ok, I really like them all.

Ashtail: Me, too, Tui! ^^

Forestpelt(Q): Vicky: Who gave the apprentices their powers, if StarClan didn't? If I knew before, I forgot....
VickyHolmes(A): The prophecy comes from somewhere other than StarClan, from the most ancient warrior ancestors whose spirits have faded from sight. We'll learn more about this in The Fourth Apprentice.

CherithBaldry: I love all the cats (well, most), but Leafpool is my favourite. I wish Vicky would give her a happy ending. (Are you listening, Vicky?)

icyumber(Q): What do think of the rabid Mllie-haters who insist that she "replaced" Silverstream, "disrespected" the Warrior Code by not taking a name, and shouldn't be having kits because ThunderClan is "overpopulated"?
KateCary(A): Are we talking about Clan cats or fans here? No one should hate Millie. She helped Graystripe get back to his Clan. Without her he would have died of a broken heart, alone. I love Millie for bring GS back!

Tui Sutherland: Wait, yes, I agree with Cherith! Happy ending for Leafpool! I love her!

CherithBaldry: I love Millie too. She knows who she is, and that;s why she sees no reason to change her name. As for overpopulation, they were crying out for kits a few books ago!

Rayne: Erins: David is very offended. You guys didn't say hi.

VickyHolmes: Happy ending, Cherith? What's that?

Fallenleaf: Yes, Leafpool is a sweet cat. She is not my favorite, but she definetly deserves a happy ending :)

Tui Sutherland: hee hee, Vicky!

Rayne: I don't like Leafpool.

CloudWind: Vicky - Don't you dare kill Firestar or I'll have to kill you.

VickyHolmes: Can you imagine how worried my husband-to-be is, knowing that I don't do happy endings?!

Tui Sutherland: You can do happy endings in real life, Vicky! I believe it! :)

Brightpool: Just no cat happy endings, right?

crystal_caverns(Q): We all know you love writing warriors, but if you could choose one other thing that you could write about, just an idea of passing you might have had, what would it be? And you can't say 'Oh I'd still write warriors!'
KateCary(A): I'd love to write an eerie fantasy story - kind of sci-fi, kinda futuristic...

Rayne: David is going into his emo corner now. :watches David:

crystal_caverns: rayne, whose david?

VickyHolmes: I love writing my historical horse stories. And I'm working on a contemporary novel set on a farm in England at the moment. It will be published by lovely Harpercollins, but I'm not sure when. Too busy with Warriors and Seekers to get it finished!

CherithBaldry: I love writing about King Arthur. I;ve published one Arthurian novel (for adults) but I might go back to it one day.

Tui Sutherland: crystal_caverns, I write lots of other things -- I loving writing supernatural stories (like my Avatars books) and I'm doing a series called Pet Trouble, plus a vampire romance for next year which is fun. :)

Ebonycrow: Why vampire romance? D:

Rayne: vampire romance rocks

Kurisir: Vampire romance?

Fallenleaf: I read a book about King Authur and Elaine the girl of Shalot today! It was actually a very intresting, and pleasing in books

Tui Sutherland: Ebonycrow -- my publishers asked me to do one! Everyone wants vampire romance right now. :)

Rayne: Actually, I prefer Werewolf romance, but...

Ebonycrow: Nooo! Refuse, refuse! D: No more Twilights.

Tui Sutherland: Rayne, have you read Blood and Chocolate? I love that book

Rayne: Yes!

Rayne: I Love Blood And Chocolate!

Squirrelflighty: Isn't Blood and Chocolate a movie?

Kurisir: I don't want any more vapmire romances D:

Tui Sutherland: Agreed, Ebonycrow -- I think we're lucky no one else has tried to copy Warriors yet!

Tui Sutherland: I'm trying to make my vampire romance funny instead of tortured, so hopefully it'll be a little different. ;)

KateCary: you can never have enough vampire romances!

Adderfang: Noo! Vampire whanot is soo common!! Warriors is soo unique!!!!!!!

Fallenleaf: Vampire romances are good, but i think the Twilight books are good enough. I have read another Vampire series, and I have seen about three in total.

Squirrelflighty: Vicky is a vampire with the way she kills cats.....

Tui Sutherland: I haven't seen the Blood and Chocolate movie, but I want to!

Ebonycrow: Vampire x mortal romance only if he eats her!

Kurisir: Indeed, Ebony o:

Rayne: ugh. Tui, the B&c movie doesn't do the book justice

Tui Sutherland: oh, that's too bad about the B&c sounded really different

Tui Sutherland: lol! yummy mortals!

Kurisir: Or, you know, just: "I'm not sorry. You taste good."

Greyeyes: Vicky do you remember my name from the tours in April (In California)?

VickyHolmes: Greyeyes, I do remember your name! Pretty and unusual.

Greyeyes: And the flowerpot, Vicky, you still have it?

Talon(Q): Which one is evil Lionblaze, Jayfeather, or Hollyleaf? Can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give me a hint?
KateCary(A): Nope :D

CherithBaldry: Not under any circumstances.

Brightpool: Hmm... I was suddenly reminded of something. Vicky, do you remember Naperville? I hear something with pizza happened here, but I was gone by the time it happened.

Lightfeather: The Pizza Topping Incident Of 2007 dundundun

VickyHolmes: I most certainly remember Naperville! I've been there twice. The first time, I had pizza just before the event, and someone spotted me in the restaurant and asked the waiter what topping I chose. Apparently, anchovies and extra tomato sauce with No Cheese is very unusual!

Brightpool: I'll never think of Naperville pizza as the same. xd

CloudWind(Q): Have any of you ever white-water rafted?
VickyHolmes(A): No but I would love to! When I'm in Arkansas for Warriors Day (on September 20th, check out for full details :)) I'm going to take a canoe on the Buffalo River, but apparently the water level will be too low for any white water. Which is probably just as well, because I've only canoed once before in my life and that was on a piece of water as flat as a puddle.

Lightfeather(Q): Who were Graystripe's parents?
VickyHolmes(A): I answered this one recently (but it's probably a hundred miles back in the chat window!). Shamefully, I don't know. :(

AshfurForever24: Vicky shouldnt u figure out the Gs thing, cause you might need to know it in Bluestar's Prophecy...

Greyeyes: Vicky, do you still have my flower pot from the

VickyHolmes: I do have your flower pot, Greyeyes! Amazingly, it survived the journey home in my purple (of course) suitcase.

Quailfeather(Q): Will Thornclaw ever get a mate? I think he deserves one after all of the serving he has done for his Clan.
VickyHolmes(A): You're right! Any ideas which cat he'd like?

Icetail: whitewing

Fallenleaf: Vicky= maybe Whitewing. I ca't see an Ashxwhite.

Adderfang: Thornxice! New shipping!!!!!!!

Fallenleaf: Thornxhazel maybe or something

Stormflower: thorn is white's uncle

Quailfeather: oh!!!! Make his mate be Hazeltail!!!!

Dreaming_Of_Jaypaw(Q): Have you ever created a cat after yourself?
KateCary(A): They all have a bit of me - esp Yelowfang and Graystripe...

CherithBaldry: Leafpool has some of me in her, and so do the cranky ones like Yellowfang and Dustpelt and Mousefur.

Tui Sutherland: I think I'm the most like Lusa in the Seekers books...cheerful, fascinated by flamingos, etc.

CloudWind: Vicky, as I recall, you signed my copy of Fq in purple! Xdxd

CloudWind: No wonder you liked my amethyst necklace

Fallenleaf: Yes is purple you favorite color Vicky?

VickyHolmes: Cloudwind, I only Ever sign in purple!

Jadey EdwardXBella(Q): All: Have you guys ever had Switzerland chocolate? hehe i have tons!
VickyHolmes(A): I love Swiss chocolate! It's by far the best. My favourite chocolate in the world is Lindt milk chocolate. I can eat it by the truckload.

Lightfeather: You have good taste, Vicky.

Brightpool: Truckload? Wow. That's... a lot. ;P

CherithBaldry: Oooh, Swiss chocolate! Belgian chocolate good also!

Quailfeather: My favourite chocolate is Godiva Chocolate, they have it at B&n and I Always buy it when I am buying a Warriors book.

Fallenleaf: I luv Godiva choclate! but carmel wins it all

Quailfeather: I love Godiva Chocolate with Raspberries in it!

CherithBaldry: Do you have Green & Black's chocolate in the Us? That is awesome!

VickyHolmes: Chocolate and raspberries is a great combination! Instead of wedding cake, I'm having Four types of brownies: plain chocolate, chocolate with walnut, chocolate with cranberries, and white chocolate. Yum!

Wolf: Chocolate!

Quailfeather: Yummy!!!!!!!!!!

Jayheart: lol

Wolf: I officially love you, Vicky!

Brightpool: White chocolate brownies? O.o

CherithBaldry: Yum indeed!

Lightfeather: Brownies instead of cake? Great Idea!!

Squirrelflighty: Really? I was going to burst out of your wedding cake....

Swiftstep: Chocolate! :3

KateCary: My favourite chocolate at the moment is geranium flavour - I know it sounds wierd but it's awesome!

crescentmoon: Yes we have Green & Black's

Tui Sutherland: Holy Bananas, Vicky,i Love your brownie plan! That is Amazing! We had a sundae bar at our wedding...i'm all about the ice cream, me.

Jayheart: My favorite type of chocolate is white chocolate.

VickyHolmes: Excuse me, Tui! I was at your wedding and I didn't see the sundae bar! Oh no, I missed Ice Cream!

crescentmoon: Brownies for your wedding - Wonderful!

Quailfeather: Today I had to big peices of chocolate cake, left over from my brother's going away party when he went to college.

Tui Sutherland: What? Vicky, your table was right next to the sundae bar! are you serious, you missed it? when did you leave? maybe they didn't put it out until late...tragedy!

VickyHolmes: Rats! I must have left too soon! But I forgive you - and I might even mail you a brownie!

Rayne: Can you mail Me a brownie?!?!?!

Fallenleaf: yes i wanna brownie! Xd

Ebonycrow: I've had a friend mail pancakes before...

VickyHolmes: Did they survive in one piece, Ebonycrow?

Ebonycrow: That I'm not sure about. Xd! I didn't hear the whole story. Though I know it arrived whole enough to tell it was still a pancake.

KateCary: When you say brownie, Vicky, I assume you mean cake. You're not going to be serving up a small girl guide?

CherithBaldry: lol Kate!

KateCary: that would be evil even for you! :)

Tui Sutherland: omg, brownie in the mail would be tres exciting! I also want to see wedding pics!

VickyHolmes: Well, Kate, I did think of serving Girl Guides on sticks, but several of my friends are vegetarians so I had to go for the cakey option!

Greyeyes: Why are we talking about wedings?

Lightfeather: Tui speaks French!

Fallenleaf: Tui can speak french?!

crescentmoon: Chocolate cake is over on the kitchen counter calling to me but I can't leave computer.

KateCary: what about boy scouts wrapped in pastry

Greyeyes: lol

Tui Sutherland: ha ha, Lightfeather! too funny, that's the only French I know. ;)

Wolf: Tui! Tui!

CloudWind: Girl Guides?

KateCary: a nice savoury option?

CherithBaldry: No, the correct way to serve a girl guide is wrapped in dough and roasted over a camp fire.

Wolf: Je suis fromage!!!

Fallenleaf: I took French for two years when I was a little kid.

Tui Sutherland: Spanish is what I grew up with

Wolf: Je Suis Fromage! =D

Lightfeather: That's all the French I know too...

CloudWind: cool!

Cherrypetal: My Best Friends Are Girls Guides!!!...oh No!!! Vicky Going To Eat Them!!!

Greyeyes: Tui, where are you from? With your name.

KateCary: Lol Cherith. You are sooo right

Firefeather: Amazing! i speak a ze freanch myself

Fallenleaf: Vallette Discipilli (i remember some french colors)

Tui Sutherland: hee! Cherith, with a marshmallow and chocolate and graham crackers?

Fallenleaf: Verde!

Wolf: je suis fromage is the only french i know...

Rayne: I can speak Some French!!

CloudWind: I'm taking Latin as my Foreign Language this year in school

Magicyop: Je parle francais mal, Tui!

CherithBaldry: lol Tui

Rayne: I'm going into French 2 this year.

Cherrypetal: i like cheese?

Fallenleaf: Im going to Latin 2 Xd

Wolf: Je suis fromage means....

Tui Sutherland: My name is from New Zealand -- it's a bird over there -- that's where my mom's from. :)

Wolf: *drumroll*

KateCary: good luck with the Latin Cloud - it's a great language to learn

Wolf: I Am Cheese!

Squirrelflighty: Correct way to serve Vicky: Wrap up in a tortilla roll, stuff with chickenstrips, some spices, and stick in the oven. Then add sour cream when you're done. Eat away!

VickyHolmes: I had tortilla rolls tonight, Squirrelflighty! With Quorn (fake chicken for vegetarians), home-made refried beans, my special pea guacomole, and chilli and lime salsa. Yum!

CloudWind: Pea guacamole?

Greyeyes: I was thinking Asain, lol just a random thought.....

Tui Sutherland: Greyeyes, I get that a lot, but my mom says it's a common name in Nz (except when I went to visit, I didn't meet any others! so Hmmm!)

CherithBaldry: Oooh, Vicky, that sounds excellent!

VickyHolmes: Quorn is delicious! But probably not to meat-eaters.

Rayne: Vicky: I love veggie stuff. ::happy Tis good.

CloudWind(Q): Can any of you play musical instruments?
KateCary(A): Piano :) I do a mean bit of Bach

Lightfeather: I love Bach!

CherithBaldry: I play early music on recorders.

Ebonycrow: Records, what are those?! :P

Curratora(Q): Did you name Fallen Leaves off of our W&W member Fallenleaves by any chance? Or was it a coincidence?
VickyHolmes(A): No, the name Fallen Leaves was bobbing around in my head for ages before he made his appearance.

Fallenleaf: omg nice question Curratora!

Brightpool: I'm listening to a song called Fallen Leaves right now. :P

Fallenleaf: I thought it might be possible, since I met her in tour Xd

Lightfeather(Q): Vicky: How did you come up with the names of the Original Series' books?
VickyHolmes(A): I tried to give a hint about the story inside, without giving too much away, of course!

Wolf: Vicky. Come to Colorado. Nao.

Squirrelflighty: My friend, Sunneth/sunstripe sent me a signed copy of The Sight. Purple pen ftw. xd My mom was like "...she signed in purple?" One of my favorite colors is purple!

Wolf: Pwease? ;_;

Lightfeather: Yay My Question!!

Daisypaw(Q): Kate, Cherith and Tui: We all know that Vicky likes her pizza cheeseless, but what about you? What are your favourite pizza toppings?
KateCary(A): Easy - pepperoni, chillies, green pepper and ANCHOVIES!!!!

Brightpool: Eew, Kate! xd

CherithBaldry: Cheese ham and pieneapple.

Forestpelt: When Vicky mentioned pizza I said outloud, "omg, I want pizza!!!!!!! o_o" so my mom went to get some X D

Brightpool: You people have strange pizza taste.

Brightpool: I like to stick to cheese and pepperoni.

Kurisir: I'm not fond of pizza. In fact I don't like it at all, you could say I hate it.

Tui Sutherland: Oooo, pizza! I like ricotta and spinach and extra cheese but mostly I like lots of meat like ham and sausage, because my husband is a vegetarian, so I have to get it where I can! ;)

crescentmoon: Anchovies - Ew!

Ebonycrow: Cheese pizza is the only kind of pizza. D:

Rayne: Tui, I was a vegetarian. :D

crescentmoon: Cheese ham & pine - yum!

Lightfeather(Q): What were the origins of the Tunnels of Dark River? Did badgers build them, or what?
VickyHolmes(A): The tunnels are natural phenomena, hollowed out by underground rivers and also rain draining through the soil.

Dreaming_Of_Jaypaw(Q): Is Fallenleaves stuck in the tunnels forever now that they're closed up?
KateCary(A): Who knows how many other entrances there might be? The tunnels stretch a long way underground.

Greyeyes: Vicky, if you remember my shirt-'feathertail's Number One Fan'- you had your helper lady take a picture, what ever happened to that? haha

Flametail(Q): Will there be a new point of view in The Fourth Apprentice? After all, from what I can tell there's a new character here...
VickyHolmes(A): Well spotted, Flametail! And yes, there will be a new point of view. But that's all I'm saying!

Rayne: Cherith, Vicky, Tui, Kate... David is going "hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi" until you answer.

KateCary: hi David!

Tui Sutherland: hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi David!

Rayne: Yes!

Greyeyes(Q): Vicky, do you still have the flower pot I gave you at the Tours In April? (Los Angeles, California.) It says Greyeyes on it, my name. I hand painted it. I forgot to tell you i was from Wands and Worlds. (Please answer this is my main Question.)
VickyHolmes(A): Yes I do have it! I think I just said that, didn't I? Thank you again!

Rayne: Finally he'll shut up!!

CherithBaldry: Hi, David!

Rayne: ::happy

Rayne: He's running around the room yelling "aaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!"

Rayne: ... He's very immature for 17

Greyeyes: Kate I must say you are my favorite (sorry).

Rayne: oh, To the Erins: Yu can call me Moony. ::happy Almjost everybody does.

Thunderstar: Good bye Cherith, Kate, Tui, Vicky, Magic, Sheia, Adder, Amber, Ashfur forever, Ashtail, Bramble, Brightpool, cat, Cherrypetal, Cloudwind, cresent, Curra, Daisypaw, Ebonycrow, Fallenleaf, Fidgetpaw, Fireblossom, Firefeater, Firewolf, Flametail, Forestpelt, Foxwhisper, Greyeyes, Hawkstorm, Hazelleaf, Icefirewarrior, Icestar, Icetail, icecucumber, ivyflower, Jadey, Jayheart, katya, Khestrelle, Kurisir, Lakestorm, Lightfeather, Licaheart, Losty, Midnightwind, Pinefur, Prairiestar, Quialfeather, Rayne, Reedfrost, Rubyz, Rumblepurr, Sandcloud, Shadowwolf, Snowberry, Sparklefeather, Squirrelflighty, Starsight, Stormflower, Swiftstep, Swordclaw, Waterstripe, Wildclaw, Wildtail, and Wolf! me and Bluefire have to go to sleep. schools a day after tomorrow. bye!

Lightfeather: holy cow

KateCary: Goodbye Thunderstar!

Swiftstep: Woah

Quailfeather: By Thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Brambleflower: Wow bye :(

Wolf: you coulda said "everybody"..

CherithBaldry: Goodbye Thunderstar!

CloudWind: Cya Thunderstar

VickyHolmes: Goodbye Thunderstar! Sleep well!

Thunderstar: well, i felt like saying that.

Sandcloud: bye thunder

Thunderstar left.

Sparklefeather(Q): Is Lionblaze evil? I KNOW he is!
VickyHolmes(A): Well, he's listened to Tigerstar for quite a while, hasn't he? But then again, wouuld I really be that obvious?!

Squirrelflighty: Awesome, Vicky!!

Swiftstep: *high-fives*

Stormflower(Q): Will there be another series after The Fourth Apprentice????? plz?????
VickyHolmes(A): Eek! Can I think about this series first? plz????

Brightsky joined.

Brightsky: I finally Made It

CherithBaldry: Vicky is never obvious. Sneaky, devious and Machiavellian, but never obvious.

Jayheart: lol

Dreaming_Of_Jaypaw(Q): Will one of the Power of Three cats die a horrible death at the hands of Ashfur?
VickyHolmes(A): That would be awesome! Will it happen, I wonder? Well, of course I know, but I'm not saying!

VickyHolmes: Sneaky, Miss Cherith?!

CherithBaldry: Miss??????????????????????

Forestpelt: Brightsky! :D Hiii! You just got here?

Firefeather: Yay brightsky made it

Wolf: *ties authors to posts in advance* You shall nevah leave!

Ashtail(Q): I've been wondering this for a while now, how long can a she-cat be pregnant? I need to know for my fanfic. >.<
KateCary(A): You're going to have to google this because I'm not entirely sure...out queens always start the book already pregnant...

Brightsky: yeah, my mom made me go out to finner

Brightsky: dinner

Cherrypetal(Q): cherry to tui: you said you write a series called avatars... did you know that there was a show called avatar the last airbender?
Tui Sutherland(A): I did find that out after I'd written the first book -- they're not related at all! Except maybe in the meaning of the word Avatar...a clue...

Dreaming_Of_Jaypaw(Q): How does Jaypaw's grumpiness end up? Does he turn out kind or harsh?
KateCary(A): hmmm...wait and see ;D

Curratora(Q): Is there any cat in particular who you hate writing about or hate in general?
VickyHolmes(A): Oh no, I couldn't create a cat that I hated because I wouldn't be able to conjure up any good stories. Some cats bore me, but they tend not to appear so much!

CherithBaldry: I'm like Vicky, some of them are boring, but I don;t hate them. And I love a good villain!

Icestar(Q): Is the fourth series a definate ending?
KateCary(A): Not sure - I think Vicky's ready to move on to other'll have to ask her

Brambleflower(Q): Is Mosskit a girl or a boy? In Secrets of the Clans, Bluestar said he was a boy, but in Cats of the Clans Rock said she was a girl
VickyHolmes(A): Good question. Any ideas, other Erins?

Sparklefeather(Q): My brother has another question...Are Socks, Ruby, and Quince still alive?
VickyHolmes(A): Yes, but Quince is pretty old now.

FireWolf787(Q): When will Firestar lose another life?
VickyHolmes(A): Soon!

icyumber(Q): Will you tell us which clan the "fourth apprentice" is from?
VickyHolmes(A): No!

Brambleflower: Fie Fie Die Soon O_o

KateCary: I need to get to bed I'm afraid - my son will be up in 4 hours!

CherithBaldry: I think a cat is pregnant for about three months, but you'd better check.

Wolf: Awww, Kate :(

KateCary: so I'm going to say goodbye

CloudWind: Noo

Greyeyes: bye o0

Wolf: Bye D;

Swiftstep: Awwww...:(

CloudWind: Nooo

Rayne: noooooooooooooo Kate

Sandcloud: bye Kate

Ebonycrow: Niiiiiiiiiite.

Lightfeather: Noooooooooooooo

AshfurForever24: No!!! Bye Kate:(

Adderfang: Aww! Goodnight Kate!!!!!!!!

Wolf: *tack;e-hugs*

Magicyop: Awww!

Greyeyes: tell your son helllooooooo

Foxwhisper: Bye Kate!!!!! :(

Wildtail: Bye, Kate!

Fireblossom: Bye everybody! my evil parents say i must go.

Tui Sutherland: 4 hours! oh my goodness!

Swiftstep: Bye, Kate! It was fun chatting!

Stormflower: Noooooooooooooooo

Magicyop: Thanks very much for coming, Kate!

SheilaRuth: Aw, bye Kate!

Jayheart: Bye!!!!!

Rayne: :holds onto Kate: Dont Leave!!!!!!!!

Kurisir: Nightnight

Fallenleaf: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Fireblossom: Bye kate!

Jayheart: Bye Kate!

Magicyop: We really enjoyed having you here at W&w

wildclaw118: goodnight

Squirrelflighty: Bye Kate!

Fallenleaf: bye kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brightsky: byem, i wuv u!

Flametail: T_t Aww, g'bye, Kate! Come back soon!

Fidgetpaw: Hugs Kate Bye

Squirrelflighty: Come back soon!

Lightfeather: Good night Kate! Thanks so much! Come again!

Brambleflower: Bye Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Squirrelflighty: We love ya!

KateCary: it's been lovely chatting - you've all been sooo wonderful

Adderfang: We luff u Kate!!!!!!!!!!!

CherithBaldry: Good night, Kate!

Cherrypetal: bye bye!!:(

Wolf: Indeed, Kate. Tank you for your time

Fallenleaf: *hugs kate ajadfhdfhsjahdjshdjafs hjfdhjkdfsahjkfdsjhkdf shjkfdshjkladfshadfsah jdsljdahdfahajkshfjklh fdjkhfkdshdkfshdfshlfa dsshdfhsdjsdfhkdfhsjfds hjkdfsahkdfahsdhfajfadhsjkdfhs jafdshjkdfhjsjdfhsdfhsjhjfds tite*

Jayheart: Hugs Kate Too!

Stormflower: bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wolf: And may Starclan light you bath!!!

Lightfeather: ::sad

CloudWind: Night Kate :(

KateCary: thanks and goodnight

Brambleflower: *huggles Kate hfljkdajlk;adjgkl;jafklajkldagj;lk tight*

Swiftstep: Thanks for chatting with us! :)

Stormflower: light your bath?

Lightfeather: Good night!

Squirrelflighty: Byyyye!

KateCary: Xxxxxxx

Fallenleaf: bye kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swiftstep: Lol, Wolf!

Quailfeather: bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :(

Lightfeather: you rock!

Firefeather: Nighty night kate

Fallenleaf: thanks for doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

AshfurForever24: we miss u already:(

Jayheart: Bye Kat!

CloudWind: Night! :(

Brambleflower: Bye!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Fidgetpaw: Bye i want more questions lol

Squirrelflighty: May Starclan light your path.....xd

KateCary left.

Brightsky: We wuv you all1

Adderfang: Byeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quailfeather: bye Kate *hugs*

Lightfeather: Bye Kate!

Jayheart: Byes!

Wolf: *slow, dramatic music*

Fallenleaf: she left :(

Rayne: ........ I'm sad now.

Foxwhisper: shes gone.. :(

Brightsky: waah

Wolf: May Starclan Light Your Bath--

Quailfeather: We ::wub you Kate!!!!!!!!

Stormflower: no

Jayheart: :(

Icetail: i really want to know how old barely is

SheilaRuth: I don't understand what you mean, Icetail

Brambleflower: Barley

SheilaRuth: Oh!!!!! Barley!

SheilaRuth: I didn't forward your question because I didn't know what you meant!

AshfurForever24: I believe I shall leave 2, goodnight all. I love you Erins!!!!

SheilaRuth: You kept saying how old is barely (which rhymes with bearly) and it didn't make sense!

Tui Sutherland: I don't think we know how old Barley is, Icetail, or we'd have answered you, sorry...pretty old, I think!

VickyHolmes: Barley is about three years old.

Lakestorm: No, he has to be older than three years!

Sandcloud: wahhh firestar's older than three!!!

Lakestorm: Scourge was like three years when he died, and Scourge was way older than Barley!

Greyeyes: Whos idea was it to kill Feathertail....i know if any other cats died it would mess everything up but.....i must know!

VickyHolmes: It was my idea to kill Feathertail, I'm afraid. Such a fabulous death scene, don't you think?!

Squirrelflighty: Yes!

Squirrelflighty: Vicky

Squirrelflighty: That made me cry

Quailfeather: Lol! I was right!

Greyeyes: the best setting yet but it made me cry when she died, the only one actualy.

Squirrelflighty: I drew Feathertail hanging from the giant rock of d00m......

Tui Sutherland: Feathertail's death made me cry, too! so heroic!

Rayne: omg, Tui, it made Me cry, too!!

CherithBaldry: It was tough writing feathertail's death.

Brambleflower: I almost cried when Silverstream died O_o

Firefeather: U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u killed feathertail and caused me sooooooooooooo much pain!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y? do u plan to send me to my death?

Wolf: I Did crie when Silverstream died..

Brightsky: so did i

VickyHolmes: I think I'm going to head off to bed too, folks! I hope I've answered *most* of your questions. It's been a fabulous chat, I've really enjoyed it. Please come and see me on tour if you can! Love, Vicky x

Wolf: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo

Lightfeather: Nooooooo Vicky! Don't Leave

Rayne: nooooooooooooooooo

Foxwhisper: bye bye vicky!!! !!!!!!!!!

Brightsky: okay, thank you

Fallenleaf: bye vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forestpelt: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! :(

Ebonycrow: Byye!

Midnightwind: Vicky!

Brambleflower: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

wildclaw118: wait dont go

Rayne: Vicky!!!!

Magicyop: See you, Vicky

Lightfeather: *ties Vicky Up To A Pole*

Adderfang: Nooo Vicky!!!!!!!!!!

Midnightwind: Nooo

Jayheart: Bye Vicky!!!!! :(

Brightsky: bye vicky we wuv u

Wolf: V-vicky!

Wildtail: Bye, Vicky!

Stormflower: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooo

Kurisir: Nighty niight

SheilaRuth: Bye, Vicky!

Squirrelflighty: Actually, I find writing about killing wariors off as a lot of fun........-shot- Feathertail's death was amazing...

Foxwhisper: thanks for everything!!

Lightfeather: Noooooooooo

CherithBaldry: Good night, Vicky.

Squirrelflighty: Bye Vicky!

Magicyop: Thanks very much for coming to the chat.

Fidgetpaw: Bye Vicky

Fallenleaf: *hugs vicky jkfdahhdfjafdhjljdfsjh fdsjkadfsjkdfshjfdhjkfdskjdf shjklfadshkdsfhklajdfskhjadfshjakdfshjdfsahjfkdsl hjdfshjdhadfsjkdsdjfsdsadfshadfshadfhsjadsfhdhjds jhdksafhjkdfshjkfdshjdfkasdfhjkhjfdkjdfhskjdfhkhkj dfahjfdkashjfdshfjdshjkdfshjdfs tite*

Squirrelflighty: I Shall Cook You!

VickyHolmes: Lightfeather! Untie me at once!

Midnightwind: Don't go!

Lightfeather: Nooooo

Icetail: bye!!!!

Adderfang: We Luv U Vick@@@@@@@@@@

Magicyop: We really appreciate it

CloudWind: Lol

Rayne: Gah!

Jayheart: *hugs* Vicky!

Squirrelflighty: < 3 sleep tight!

Lightfeather: Unties Vicky

Wolf: May Starclan light *sniff* your bagth... *cried*

Brambleflower: Bye! :(:(:(:(

Midnightwind: Love You Vicky

Ashtail: Bye, Vicky!

Rayne: Why do I keep biting myself?!

Cherrypetal: good byez!!!:(

Midnightwind: Write More

Fallenleaf: good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for doing this!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightfeather: Noooooo

Adderfang: D:

SheilaRuth: Thanks so much for coming

Flametail: T_t Bye, Vicky! See you at the next tour!

Wolf: *bath

Sandcloud: it was nice seeing you Vicky bye

Jayheart: Byes!!!!!!!! :(

Midnightwind: Warriors! Warriors

Adderfang: Noo!!!!!!!!!

Tui Sutherland: Bye, Vicky! Many hugs!

Stormflower: bye vicky ::sad

VickyHolmes: Squirrelflighty, I'm hard likely to stay if you threaten to Cook me!

Midnightwind: Wait, say yes if you can hear me

Rayne: :smacks teeth: Bad!

Brambleflower: *hugs Vicky jfgdjhakljdfakljklajkldfsajjkfdklsajkljkldaj tight*

Firefeather: Goodbye vicky

Lakestorm: Long Live Warriors! Long Live Earriors!

Adderfang: Goodnight..

Wolf: Light Your God Stinkin' Bath!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Squirrelflighty: D:

Midnightwind: I think I was gagged on purpose

Squirrelflighty: I love you?

Midnightwind: Earriors?!

Fallenleaf: hehe. i hug a lot don't i Xd

Quailfeather: The top 5 worst Warrior Cats deaths #1 The death of Snowkit #2 The death of Sootfur #3 The death of Silverstream #4 The death of Feathertail and #5 the death of Gorsepaw

Midnightwind: No

VickyHolmes: Bye Tui! Bye Cherith! Speak to you both very soon!

Lightfeather: Good-bye Vicky! come Again

Jayheart: Bye Vicky!!!!! :(

Tui Sutherland: I can hear you, Midnightwind

CloudWind: I'm threataning to kill you if Fiefie dies!

Midnightwind: Not On Purpose

Tui Sutherland: :)

Lakestorm: lol Earriors

Midnightwind: Lol

Wolf: Vicky.... dont gooooooo

Quailfeather: bye Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Wolf: ;_;

Midnightwind: I messed up

CloudWind: Aww.

Adderfang: *ties vicky up* Ha! u no leave!!

Lightfeather: Kill Firestar!

CloudWind: Bye Vicky!! :(

Squirrelflighty: Vicky should so come to Florida so I can hug her.

Wolf: *crying... for real Xd*

Brambleflower: bye Vicky!!!

Fallenleaf: bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amberheart: bye vickey

CherithBaldry: I must go too. Busy day tomorrow.

Amberheart: *vicky

Rayne: :gets in wrestling match with teeth:

Brambleflower: :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Rayne: nooooooooooo

Brightsky: nos

Stormflower: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Midnightwind: Yeah, I want to read the transcript, I have a feeling I missed questions

Amberheart: bye

Greyeyes: bye thanks so much

Squirrelflighty: Bye Cher!

Adderfang: Eveyone is going..

Fallenleaf: I hope I get the chance to hit the next tour and see you Vicky!!!!! :)

Lightfeather: Nooo Not Cherith Please No Go

SheilaRuth: We'll do the best we can Cherrypetal, but it will take a while. It's a long transcript.

Midnightwind: Nooo not Cherith too!

Brambleflower: awwww noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(:(:(

Brightsky: there is a transcipt?

Foxwhisper: Bye Erin Hunters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|

Katya: Byee!

Midnightwind: Bye

Lightfeather: Don't Go Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Adderfang: *disitegrates*

Forestpelt: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Lightfeather: Nooooooooooooooooooo

SheilaRuth: There's a lot to edit

Jayheart: Byes

Midnightwind: Wait, Tui, you're not going too?!?!?

Ebonycrow: Toodles!

Stormflower: nononononononononononononononono

Lightfeather: Head Blows Up

Brambleflower: *hugs Cherith ghjklhklsdjfkljfdkljfsklfajkl;fadj;lkfjfakljklfajkl;afd tight*

CherithBaldry: It's been great talking to you all.

Tui Sutherland: Ok, me too -- Adam is like, dude, where's dinner?

Rayne: Tui, you better stay. :narrows eyes:

Wolf: Dont Go! Noooooooooooooo!

Midnightwind: *hugs Cherith*

Kurisir: Au revoir!

CloudWind: Aww

Midnightwind: :((

Midnightwind: Wait, Tui

SheilaRuth: Bye everyone. Thanks so much for coming!

CloudWind: You have to go Already :(

Squirrelflighty: Byyyyyye Tui.

Lightfeather: Stay Tui

Greyeyes: thamks im going to head off to. dinner time.

Fallenleaf: I love the names in Seekers. So unique :)

Midnightwind: Before you go

Brightsky: yeahs, then i can finbd out if any oif my questions were answered

Brambleflower: Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Tui Sutherland: seriously, I told him we'd be able to eat like an hour ago

Wolf: Dont Go Bye Bye Toot Toot!

Fidgetpaw: Bye All Erins hope to talk to u again

CherithBaldry: I think this has been the best chat yet.

Tui Sutherland: la la la!

Foxwhisper: Bye Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightfeather: Please Don't Go

Stormflower: they're all leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CloudWind: Bye Cherith ans Tui

Tui Sutherland: having too much fun!

Midnightwind: Will you be on the Eclipse chat?

Squirrelflighty: Night everyone!

Forestpelt: Did anyone see see what Kate answered to my Bloodline Q?

Wolf: Is.. everybody going?

CloudWind: Great to meet you Tui!!!

Cherrypetal: To All A Good Night!!! I'm Going To Bed Now!!!*yawn*

Squirrelflighty: It was only good because I was here. ;D

Brightsky: bye

Brambleflower: Is Tui leaving too?

Rayne: ::headcomp

Fallenleaf: yes i think your right cheridith!!!!!!!!! :)

Flametail: *sobs* The Erins are leaving. How will I survive?

Adderfang: Good Night!!!!!!!!!!

Katya: bye

Wolf: Cherith! Thank you for coming in the wrong room! D=

Firefeather: Cora, mitsy,stone,storm,bramble,berry,fire,sand,blue and maya say good bye

Lightfeather: Au Revoir

Adderfang: D:!!!!!!!!!!

Tui Sutherland: I don't think so, since that wasn't my book...but I hope I'll be back again soon!

CloudWind: Bai awesom authors :(

Jayheart: Byes

Stormflower: When Will The Next Chat Be?!

Foxwhisper: im gonna go tooo :(

Lightfeather: good bye, come again

Wolf: It was a pleasure talking to you :D

VickyHolmes left.

Lightfeather: Sheila, when is the next chat?

Brambleflower: *hugs Tui hgfjkl;afjklfajkljakljdklghkljljkhgjksgajl;kgfjklghjjhaklj tight

Stormflower: When???????

CloudWind: *sniffle*

CherithBaldry: lol, Wolf. Thank you for not biting my head off!

Foxwhisper: bye bye everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quailfeather: top five worst Warriors Deaths: #1 Snowkit's death #2 Sootfur's death #3 Silverstream's death #4 Feathertail's death and #5 Gorsepaw's death

Tui Sutherland: and if any of you want to follow my other books, my blog is at

Fidgetpaw: _goodnight- Dusky Night

Adderfang: Bai super awesome cool authirs..

Midnightwind: It's the Eclipse chat

Lightfeather: Waahhhhhhhh

Squirrelflighty: Yaay

Wolf: Why would I? Xd

Squirrelflighty: -clicks link-

Brambleflower: Noooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fallenleaf: kk tui :)

Quailfeather: Bye Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

Tui Sutherland: where I yap a lot about my dog and stuff :)

Jayheart: *hugs all the Erins* byes

Wolf: I'd love to speak to an erin any day!

CherithBaldry: Goodnight, and may Starclan light your path.

Midnightwind: Tui be an awesome author like Dj Machale and give people your email address so we can beg more questions outta you!

Squirrelflighty: -nods- Night!

Sandcloud: yeah it was

Quailfeather: *hugs all the Erins*

Wolf: May starclan light your bath! :D

Midnightwind: Goodnight everyone

Squirrelflighty: Starclan watch over us all.

Midnightwind: May Starclan light your path!

Lightfeather: Bye Erin Hunter

Quailfeather: Tigerstar was eviiiiiiiiiil

SheilaRuth: Lol Wolf

Brightsky: bye we wuv you

Ebonycrow: I'd like a lighted bath.

Lakestorm: Long Live Earriors!

CherithBaldry: Good night, Sheila, and thank you. Speak soon.

Squirrelflighty: ...because Vicky's out to kill innocent warriors.

Magicyop: your bath?

Midnightwind: This was awesome

Firefeather: wispers-no please dont go

Magicyop: Lol, taking a bath

CherithBaldry left.

SheilaRuth: Good night. Thanks again for coming!

Tui Sutherland: hee, Midnightwind -- I probably will one day -- on my website...i'm trying to be brave enough for that! :)

Quailfeather: I ♥ you, Erins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brightsky: tigerstar rocked!

Ebonycrow: With some funky bubbles.

Magicyop: And then Starclan lights it up!

Midnightwind: Lol

Wolf: Tui? Are you going? ;_;

Fallenleaf: *hugs tui jkahjdkfkjfdlhjkdfshjdfshjldfshjkfsdkhjadkj dhafskdjafjdfdlfhkldhfkslhjkdfdkfjdjfkjkdfdf tite*

Brightsky: weird...

Lightfeather: Throws lasso at Tui to try to stop her and misses.

Midnightwind: One day Soon

Rayne: rawer

Forestpelt: Warriors Rule!!!!

Magicyop: Thanks for coming, Tui!

Midnightwind: Lol

Jayheart: hugs byes!!!!! :(

Rayne: :is still fighting teeth:

Squirrelflighty: Yes, thank you for coming!

Wolf: Not Tui!

Midnightwind: Thanks for coming

Magicyop: We really enjoyed the chat.

Fallenleaf: thanks for coming!!!!!!!!! i am glad you became an erin!!! :)

Stormflower: Everyone Tie Tui To A Post

Quailfeather: *hugs Tui* thankyou for joining the Erins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Midnightwind: May Starclan and The Tribe of Endless Hunting watch over you

Wolf: I think you're my favorite, Tui... Xp

Midnightwind: *hugs*

Firefeather: I adore ur books

Lightfeather: Ties tui

Midnightwind: Me too

Fallenleaf: Yes, this chat was lots of fun and I enjoyed it.

Wolf: *hugs* Luv yah!

CloudWind: Thanxiez Erins!

Tui Sutherland: *hugs* to all of you! you're all Ridiculously awesome! thank you for making me feel welcome! :)

Midnightwind: Yep

Jayheart: Hugs Tui! Byes!!! :(

Brambleflower: *ties Tui to a post*

Sandcloud: bye tui it was nice meeting you

Lightfeather: unties tui

Midnightwind: *read review again*

Squirrelflighty: Please come again soon!

Brightsky: man, i missed so much, i love you guys

CloudWind: *glomps Tui*

Fidgetpaw: bye

Rayne: :hugs Tui:

Midnightwind: Holy Bananas

Flametail: *attackhugs Tui*

Fallenleaf: I could never pick between the Erin's but it was really fun to talk to you Tui!

Squirrelflighty: -hugs Tui-

Brambleflower: No leaving!

Wolf: Oh, no problamo, Tui-tui! ^_^

Lightfeather: Hugs Tui

Quailfeather: no problem, Tui!!! Your da best!

Fallenleaf: and btw I love you name :D

Squirrelflighty: We love you!

Midnightwind: I think she's gone...

CloudWind: Thanks Tui

Rayne: Au revoir

Fallenleaf: nope

Fallenleaf: still here

Fallenleaf: lol

Lightfeather: She's stil here

Midnightwind: Er...

Brightsky: tui is still here

Jayheart: Thanks for coming :)

Wolf: Tui, please still come on W&w? ^^

CloudWind: I hope you had a great tim for your first author chat

Brambleflower: Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Tui Sutherland left.

Quailfeather: :)

Midnightwind: Lol anyway, thanks for coming.....

Stormflower: nnnnnnnnoooooooooo

Wolf: She's gone

Fallenleaf: She left

Lightfeather: Noooooooooooooooooooo

Fallenleaf: :(

Quailfeather: she left :(

Midnightwind: Yeah she's gone, pretty sure

Flametail: *sob*

Jayheart: :(

SheilaRuth: Ok, I'm exhausted, too. I'm outta here!

Wolf: awww... bye :(

Squirrelflighty: So much fun!

Squirrelflighty: Thanks for all of this. The Chat was soooo awesome!

Fallenleaf: Yes. I think this is one of the best Erin chats yet.

Lightfeather: This was awesome.

Midnightwind: This was my first chat, but the awesomeest

Jayheart: That was Awesome!!! It was my first chat :D

Quailfeather: I loved all of the chats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was my 4th Erin Hunter chat...i think....o.o

Lightfeather: Great idea with the pre-submitted questions!

Midnightwind: Yeah, I think that was a brilliant idea

SheilaRuth: Thanks!

CloudWind: Thanks for a great Author Chat Magic!

SheilaRuth: bye everyone! Thanks so much for coming. And I'm sorry about the problems at the beginning!

Squirrelflighty: Bye!

Jadey EdwardXBella: bye sheila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonus Questions!

After the chat was over, Vicky sent answers to all the questions that were submitted in advance in the "Get your questions in early for the Erin Hunter Author Chat" topic that she didn't get to answer during the chat! Here they are!

Wolf(Q): To Vicky- is it true that Millie's kits will be named Blossomkit, Briarkit, and Bumblekit? I personally hope not... ^_^;
VickyHolmes(A): I’m sorry, but the rumours are true!

Rainfall(Q): To All: Is the shocking secret in The Rise of Scourge going to affect the later books or is it just a "fun fact"?
VickyHolmes(A): Hmmmm. The shocking secret seems too good to waste, so I suspect it will emerge at some stage. I just need to think of how it could come up.

Jayheart(Q): To all- On the cover of Eclipse is it Jaypaw or Cinderpaw. Every one keeps saying Cinderpaw and others say Jaypaw. I personally think it is Jaypaw though.
VickyHolmes(A): I think it’s Jaypaw.

Losty(Q): To Vicky, Kate, and Cherith: In Cats Of The Clans, you mentioned Onestar being called 'Firestar's kittypet' by the Clans. Is this a reference to former Prime Minister Tony Blair's political reputation with American president George W. Bush?
VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, this is a very sophisticated interpretation. And I have to say that no, we did not intend to refer to Tony Blair’s relationship with George Bush. We wouldn’t put such close political parallels into our stories because Warriors isn’t really the place for that sort of comment.

Hawkstorm(Q): All:Do you belive in HollyxFox, JayxCinder, or WhitexAsh?
VickyHolmes(A): We are constantly astonished by the shippings you guys come up with! You’re very welcome to come up with all sorts of pairings in your fanfiction, but to be honest, we only imagine what actually gets into the books.

Talon(Q): To all: Will the Tribe be of help to the clans since they helped them in Outcast?
VickyHolmes(A):I think the Tribe would be willing to help the Clans if they asked for it, but it would be quite tricky to get a message to them because they’re so far away in the mountains. I want to bring the Tribe back at some point, but I don’t yet know when that will be.

Hazelleaf(Q): What will happen when the tree-bridge to the Gathering rots or is washed away?
VickyHolmes(A): I hope that doesn’t happen! Maybe StarClan would knock down another tree to make a bridge?

Hazelleaf(Q): Why is Fallen Leaves' spirit stuck down in the caves while Rock and presumably all the other cats who died down there are with their ancestors?
VickyHolmes(A): This is an excellent question, and one that I’m not sure I can answer. *looks embarrassed* I think it’s because Fallen Leaves didn’t acknowledge that he was dead, so his spirit thinks he’s still alive, wandering around underground.

Heartwing(Q): In cotc, when Rock said that Cinderpelt wasn’t supposed to get caught in the trap, did he mean Bluestar was supposed to?
VickyHolmes(A): Yes, Tigerclaw wanted Bluestar to come to the edge of the thunderpath and get hit by a car. But Bluestar was busy so Fireheart sent Cinderpelt instead. Oh no!

Heartwing(Q): Was Thistleclaw Tigerstar's father?
VickyHolmes(A): No, but he was Tigerstar’s mentor. You’ll find out exactly who fathered Tigerstar in BLUESTAR’S PROPHECY, next year’s Super Edition.

Soundstorm(Q): To Tui (I think): Why did you kill Nanook?
VickyHolmes(A): Actually, I have to answer that one! Nanook had to die because I wanted all of the young bears to embark on their journeys alone. I know it seems very cruel that Kallik had to lose her real mother and the only other bear that seemed to care for her, but she needed to be completely on her own before she set out in search of the everlasting ice. Plus I thought that a polar bear probably wouldn’t survive a helicopter crash! Kallik only survived because she was cushioned by Nanook.

Soundstorm(Q):To All: Will there be an evil female cat in the current series of the next one?
VickyHolmes(A): Statistically, it’s high time we had an evil female cat, isn’t it? So maybe…

Swordclaw(Q): All: Who came up with rock?
VickyHolmes(A): Rock was my invention. I wanted a mysterious cat that didn’t come from StarClan, and who didn’t fit into any of the Clan cats’ expectations of an ancestor. I decided to put him underground and make him blind and hairless because his physical appearance would be as startling and unsettling as the fact that he seems to know so much, without ever living in a Clan.

Swordclaw(Q): Have any of you experienced blindness?
VickyHolmes(A): I wear glasses all the time, but thankfully I’m not blind. I was very close to a blind elderly lady who died recently, and I have experience of blind animals, so I used some of that knowledge in creating Jaypaw.

Waterstripe(Q): All: Is Rock a God-like figure? He says in CotC that he has been around for a very long time and he knows about pretty much everything.
VickyHolmes(A): Rock certainly has powers of omniscience (which literally means, “knowing everything”) but I wouldn’t describe him as God in the world of cats. One thing is important: he isn’t dead, and he doesn’t belong to StarClan. Though I’m not sure what he eats in those damp old caves…

Johnny Knoxville(Q): Are you guys' gonna bring a book signin' to Louisiana? I wanna go to one, but I can't go to Texas.
VickyHolmes(A): I’d love to come to Louisiana, but I’m afraid it’s entirely up to HarperCollins where I go. Maybe I’ll make it there one day!

Lighty(Q): To vicky, did scourge live in firestars old house? Firestar DID live in a house overlooking the forest...
VickyHolmes(A): Scourge didn’t live in the same house as Firestar, but they both came from the same Twolegplace.

Thrushwing(Q): To all: Jaypaw and Rock are both blind and Snowkit was deaf, Have there been, or do you plan on making a dumb cat? One how couldn't speak I mean.
VickyHolmes(A): Hmmm. I’m not sure if it’s medically possible for cats to be incapable of making any sound. They get sore throats, but nothing that robs them of speech forever. So I think the answer to your question is no.

Thrushwing(Q): To all: Are there any particular songs or artists you listen to when you're writing?
VickyHolmes(A): I can’t listen to music because it influences me too much! If the music is loud and stormy, then all the cats rush into battle. And if it’s smooth and smoochy, all the cats start falling in love, and that’s when disasters happen!

Thrushwing(Q): Why did you name that poor Windclan kit Sneezekit?
VickyHolmes(A): Because it sneezed a lot when it was born, possibly from an allergy to moss.

Lakey(Q): Second Q... hmm... *think* Here's an interesting one: 2. I realized when reading Outcast, at the part where Foxpaw and Icepaw (I think) were talking to the elders that that was actually the first time that Swiftpaw's death had been mentioned in almost two series by something that wasn't just memory (like Brambleclaw did once in one of the books). Do you plan to keep making references to events that happened in the first series (like the Swiftpaw one) in the rest of the third and fourth series? It would be interesting to watch a legend dying out in progress, sort of the understand exactly how for example SkyClan was lost in memory... (to all)
VickyHolmes(A): That’s a fascinating idea, and well done for spotting the few references to Swiftpaw! But I don’t think he’s a legend that will be forgotten, just one more cat who died tragically from the dangers faced by the Clans every day. SkyClan was different: All the Clans left behind in the forest made a conscious decision never to mention them again, to wipe them from everyone’s memory both now and in the future. The legend of SkyClan didn’t die out naturally.

Lightfrost(Q): If the other cats found out about SkyClan, would they react the same as Firestar? Stronger than Firestar?
VickyHolmes(A): Hmmm, I think there would be a huge number of reactions, ranging from indignation on SkyClan’s behalf and horror that their ancestors could behave so cruelly to a Clan in need, to believing that the old Clans did the only thing they could to protect their territories. Firestar sees both sides of the argument; and to be honest, even I don’t know whether the Clans were entirely wrong to tell SkyClan to find a new home. Forcing SkyClan to leave seemed so shocking at the time, but did the other Clan leaders really have an option? The warrior code says your first loyalty must be to your Clanmates, and that’s exactly why the Clan leaders refused to give away part of their territory and their much-needed prey.

Lightfrost(Q): In "Cats of the Clans", it says under the page of Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw, that Hollypaw is the thinker, the politician. The sentence "Wit can be sharper than claws; remember that, little ones." Is that saying something about Hollypaw? Why Tigerstar and Hawkfrost depend on strength, and have confronted Lionpaw, but not yet Hollypaw? Will she be stronger than Tigerstar and Hawkfrost or am I reading too much into it?
VickyHolmes(A): Well spotted! I deliberately wrote lots of mysterious hints into CODE OF THE CLANS, and I’m thrilled that so many of them have been picked up! There’s a brilliant thread on them on this website – and I have to say a lot of your deductions are spot on. J V impressive! I don’t want to give too much away here, but I can say that Holly is very, very different than her littermates, in ways that aren’t always appreciated by her fellow cats.

Ivyflower (Q): Will the Warriors movie cover the entire first series, or will there be a separate movie for each book?
VickyHolmes(A): As I mentioned before, the plans for a movie are at a very, very early stage, so I can’t give you a definitive answer. But I can say that early script discussions have mentioned covering the whole of the first series in a single movie – which would mean leaving a lot of stuff out, sigh. But that’s the way it goes!

Adderfang(Q): If there is a warrior movie, would you make warrior cat plushies? XD
VickyHolmes(A): I hope so! At least, I won’t personally be making them myself but I hope there’d be lots of merchandise from the movie. Secretly, I’d like a plushy of ME!

Quailfeather/Wispcloud(Q): I went and saw vicky on tour, I wonder if she still remembers me. I gave her a huge painting of a calico cat on canvas.
VickyHolmes(A): Hi Wispcloud! I most certainly do remember you – because your beautiful, beautiful painting is right behind me as I sit at my desk! It’s been very much admired. I had it sent back to the UK by mail to avoid squashing it in my suitcase, and I had a very amusing phone call with British Customs about the parcel, which was marked “Painting”. They wanted to know why I hadn’t filled in any official documents about importing artwork from the US, and demanded to know how much it was worth. I told them that it was a gift from a fan, and therefore PRICELESS!

Fireblossom(Q): To all: Can the cats in the Dark Forest see everything? For example: Could they see if Let's say a medicine cat mated with someone? just an example. What I mean is, Do they know EVERYTHING that happens in the warriors world?
VickyHolmes(A): Very good questions, and the answer is: They can see things, just like StarClan, but not everything. So Tigerstar knows more than the cats below, but not as much as StarClan cats. Don’t ask me why, because I haven’t quite figured that out!

Dawnstripe27(Q): All: I have this theory, and I think you thought I was a freak when I told you, vicky, but I want to know what you, the Erins, think of it- A Loner is the Mother of Lionpaw, and Hawkfrost is the father.
VickyHolmes(A): It’s one of my favourite theories about Lionpaw’s parents! But is it RIGHT? Hmmm…

Dawnstripe27(Q): Tui, Vicky: Will Tui be joining the Erins in writing the WARRIORS books, or will she be sticking to the SEEKERS books?
VickyHolmes(A): Tui wrote SECRETS OF THE CLANS, which is totally delicious and lovely, but there are no plans right now for her to write another Warriors book. However, this could change at any moment!

Dawnstripe27(Q): Vicky: Do you still have the things we gave you while we were on tour, and did you actually read any of the things we gave you?
VickyHolmes(A): Of course I still have them! Well, what I actually do is bring them all home, very carefully, and then share them with Kate and Cherith. I promise we read EVERYTHING, and keep all the gifts. Right now, in my immediate area, I have an orange felt cat from Hazelleaf sitting on my diary, Wispcloud’s stunning painting behind me, and a fabulous cat-shaped pen from a boy called Jack from Portland, OR. I display everything with great pride!

Shootingtail(Q): What were Crookedstar, Tallstar and Raggedstar's warrior names before they became Clan leaders?
VickyHolmes(A): Crookedjaw, Talltail and Raggedpelt.

Lightfrost(Q): Everyone: "Are there hints in CotC of the specific cats that will reappear in the future? Example: In Hollypaw "Wit can be sharper than claws; remember that little ones."
VickyHolmes(A): There are lots of hints buried in CATS OF THE CLANS! That’s why I chose to write it from Rock’s point of view, because he knows more about the Clans than the Clanmates know themselves! I love how lots of you have already spotted some of the clues, and even figured out what they mean. J Regarding your example, Rock knows that Hollypaw may not be as strong or mysteriously powerful as her littermates, but she has unique abilities that mustn’t be overlooked.

Reedfrost(Q): Vicky: Will there be an overall villain emerge in Po3? we haven't had an obvious villain in a long while.
VickyHolmes(A): The “villain” in Power of Three has been a lot more subtle than previous baddies, which was deliberate because I wanted to explore the shadows we all have inside us. To me, the villain has been the prophecy, which has given these young cats such huge expectations and also burdened them with a gigantic secret. But don’t worry, there are always evil cats lurking just around the corner!

wildstorm01(Q): (to vicky) I know you won't tell us if Jaypaw is Leafpools son, but could you at least give us any hints?
VickyHolmes(A): Ha ha ha ha ha. You know the answer is NO. I won’t give you any hints!

Flametail(Q): (Vicky) Why is it that you are writing field guides like Secrets of the Clans, Cats of the Clans, and Battles of the Clans before the series has ended? Wouldn’t it make more sense to release those last, when there’ll be so much more to explore?
VickyHolmes(A): Very good point! But these books make great companions to people at every stage of the series, and they’re so much fun to write that we just can’t resist! However, I hope I get a chance to do updated versions when the series finally comes to an end.

crescentmoon(Q): For Vicky (or anyone with the answer really):Re Tawneypelt: What color is she exactly? The books call her a tortoiseshell, but Cats Of The Clans shows her as what we in the US call calico. What is a tortoiseshell in England? Does she have white on her or is she just the brindled orange & brown that we call a tortie? Please clear this up.
VickyHolmes(A): As far as I know, tortoiseshell and calico are the same colour, just called different things. And I don’t think she has any white in her fur.

Dawnleaf(Q): Was the inspiration for warriors from Lion king 1 and 2? Keiara reminds me of squirrelflight and kojack of Brambleclwa.And Simba reminds me of Firestar!
VickyHolmes(A): That’s such an honour, to be compared with the Lion King! But I have to confess that I’ve never seen either of those movies, so no, they didn’t inspire me.

Icestar(Q): To Vicky, Cherith and Kate: Why is Brambleclaw so cold in Twilight, or was that just Tigerstar's influence on him?
VickyHolmes(A): Brambleclaw really struggles to walk the line between being a loyal ThunderClan warrior – and even more, their deputy – and being promised great power by Tigerstar in his dreams. He is totally aware that he has both good and bad in him, and he desperately wants to do the right thing – but he can also see that Tigerstar has some great qualities that it would be worth emulating. Poor Brambleclaw, I really feel for him in this book.

Rainripple(Q): To All: Why do 'amber eyes' keep coming up? Lionpaw has a dream of Hollypaw who is really a foz with amber eyes and Jaypaw sees amber eyes when he's with Fallen Leaves but Fallen Leaves has green eyes. Is this a simple mistake or a sign?
VickyHolmes(A): Er, maybe it’s a sign? (She says, hopefully – although it wasn’t exactly intentional…)

Rainripple(Q): To All: Will Leafpool die anytime soon (this series)? I hope not!
VickyHolmes(A): Do any of my cats live forever? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha…

Rainripple(Q): Random Extra For Vicky: Will you be coming to Vancouver, BC when you're on tour again? Please please please beg your editor peoples! You said you really liked Vancouver last
VickyHolmes(A): I would LOVE to visit Vancouver again! It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen so far, and I’d love to have some free time to go hiking in the mountains or horse-riding along one of the beaches. I’ve told my editor peoples what a brilliant time I had, so here’s hoping they send me back! :)

Dawnleaf(Q): Is Brooke gonna have kits? if so what are their names and genders?
VickyHolmes(A): I think Brook and Stormfur probably will have kits, but I haven’t decided on any names yet, I’m afraid. They’d be great parents, wouldn’t they? And Graystripe would be a grandfather!

Rumblepurr(Q): How could Squirrelflight be such a disinterested mother in The Sight? I was never quite convinced by the explanation that her milk didn't come.
VickyHolmes(A): I don’t think Squirrelflight was a disinterested mother. She loved her kits very much, and was always warm and caring toward them. But she wanted to maintain her career too, being a warrior feeding and protecting her Clan. Unlike Ferncloud and Daisy, who seem happy to live in the nursery forever! It was unfortunate that Squirrelflight couldn’t feed her kits, but they still thought of her as their mother, and loved her very much.

Rumblepurr(Q): To Any: Is "kit" a British name for kittens, or is it a Warrior thing.
VickyHolmes(A): "Kit" isn’t specifically British, it’s just an abbreviation of “kitten” which seemed more appropriate for feral cats to use.

Prairiestar(Q): Hi! Toward the end of "The New Prophecy" series, it was remarked that Leafpool would walk a path that no other medicine cat had before her. (Sorry, that might not be an exact quote.) When will we find out more about this?
VickyHolmes(A): A lot of questions will be answered in Book Six: Sunrise. Sorry, you’ll just have to be patient!

Prairiestar(Q): Second question; I was just curious as to whether or not any of the other "Erin's" would ever join you on one of your book signing tours?
VickyHolmes(A): Much as I’d love to have everyone come along with me, it’s not possible due to the other Erins’ commitments. Also, because I’m the only one who is lucky enough to work on every single book, I’m the only one (in theory) who can answer all your questions. So I’m afraid that, for the foreseeable future, it will just be me trucking around.

coalfang(Q):To all: firestar doesn't seem to get much love nowadays in the series, >.<. you all still love him right?
VickyHolmes(A): Of course we do! But to be honest, I don’t think he’s ever been our favourite character to write about. Gasp! The naughty cats, or the ones who like speaking their mind (Yellowfang, anyone?), are the most fun. However, Firestar is still the most important cat in ThunderClan, as their leader, and you’ll see him facing more challenges and tough decisions in upcoming books.

Rainshimmer(Q): To all- do the three apprentices (Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw) have any crushes? If so, who?
VickyHolmes(A): Well, Lionpaw got pretty keen on Heatherpaw, didn’t he? Hollypaw and Jaypaw haven’t had a chance to single out any of their Clanmates (or otherwise!) for a crush yet, but who knows?

Ivyflower(Q): In your Bluestar special edition book, would you consider making Thistleclaw the father of Snowfur's kit? It would create some angst, because I'm sure Bluefur wouldn't be very happy about it.
VickyHolmes(A): Wow, brilliant idea! I think this might just be possible. Thank you!

Lightfeather(Q): Who writes the manga books?
VickyHolmes(A): I come up with very detailed storylines, including suggestions for dialogue and how the scene should appear, then a super-talented chap called Dan Jolley takes over and turns the storyline into a script with directions for the artist. Dan has tonnes of experience in writing manga scripts, and I love working with him. He has a very dark sense of humour, just like me! I go through his script to check it matches what I pictured, then it goes to the artist. I must admit that I wasn’t convinced about the manga to start with - I’d never read any myself, and wasn’t sure how they could fit into the main series - but now I LOVE them! The stories give me a chance to explore characters that disappear or only feature briefly; check out what Sasha gets up to in the upcoming trilogy!

Kurisir(Q): In the upcoming series, are the main characters still going to be progeny of Firestar/Brambleclaw, or are we going to have an interesting twist with the children of other cats? (Spiderleg's, for instance :P)
VickyHolmes(A): Do you know something about Spiderleg’s kits that I don’t? :) We’re sticking with Firestar’s grandchildren at the center of the stories, but as always, they’re not the only ones involved in the action.

Kurisir(Q): Why is StarClan suddenly not so picky about how many cats, or which cats, acquire a connection with them? In the first series it seemed as if cats who communicated directly with StarClan were special in some way, but now the amount of cats having prophetic dreams and talking to StarClan (especially from ThunderClan) seems to have increased. Is there a reason?
VickyHolmes(A): Are StarClan less picky? I don’t think they’re sending dreams to a wider range of cats; it’s just that we have more cats at the center of the stories who are able to receive those dreams, such as Jaypaw and Leafpool. I can’t think of any other ThunderClan cats with a direct line to the warrior ancestors, but feel free to correct me!

IcefireWarrior(Q): Will cats like Longtail and Snowkit be granted with normal senses in StarClan?
VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, what an awesome question! Do you know, I’ve never given this any thought! But I guess if Jaypaw can see in StarClan, it means every cat has all their senses restored. Hmmm, I’d be curious to know what Kate and Cherith thought about this.

Thank you for the bonus answers, Vicky! And thanks to all of you for taking the time to chat with us!

*tear* I had thought it was the next day! :'(

The Final RIOT!


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Sheila, I think you forgot to close some tags, not to give you more work.

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Jadey EdwardXBella(Q): FROM LIGHTY! magic please give this lighty has no internet: Vicky, im lightstreak from LA. i gave you melted chocolate one time.
VickyHolmes(A): Thank you! I love melted chocolate! Was that at the Book Festival in April? I seem to remember some deliciously gloopy treats that stuck my fingers together for an entire day. :)

-Lightstreak, the hobo-lovin' L obsessed-ShadowClan warrior ^^

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Losty(Q): to Vicky/Kate/Cherith: In Cats Of The Clans, you mentioned Onestar being called 'Firestar's kittypet' by the Clans. Is this a reference to former Prime Minister Tony Blair's political reputation with American president George W. Bush?
CherithBaldry(A): No, we don;t really get into that sort of thing. But full marks for thinking of it!

Losty(Q): To Vicky, Kate, and Cherith: In Cats Of The Clans, you mentioned Onestar being called 'Firestar's kittypet' by the Clans. Is this a reference to former Prime Minister Tony Blair's political reputation with American president George W. Bush? 
VickyHolmes(A): Gosh, this is a very sophisticated interpretation. And I have to say that no, we did not intend to refer to Tony Blair’s relationship with George Bush. We wouldn’t put such close political parallels into our stories because Warriors isn’t really the place for that sort of comment.


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Hazelleaf(Q): What will happen when the tree-bridge to the Gathering rots or is washed away?
VickyHolmes(A): I hope that doesn’t happen! Maybe StarClan would knock down another tree to make a bridge?

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Icestar, what tags are not closed?

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WOOT!!!!!!! THAT WAS AN AWESOME CHAT! My very fist EH chat and all of my questions where answered!!!!!! :D Also I can not believe I was right about Jaypaw being on the front of Eclipse! I proved my friend worng! ^_^ LOL XD *is really hyper now!!!!*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The names are bolded(like on the topics and user names) and the font for me is purple! At least on my screen, anyhow, I could be wrong.

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Icestar, what theme are you using?

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I'm using the normal theme like when you first come onto the site. Maybe it's just that.

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That's what I'm using, too, and I don't see what you're seeing. Maybe it's a browser issue - what browser are you using?

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That's where you lost me. But if you mean like a windows or something, I'm on a Dell computer, windows.

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(last post xp)

Lighty(Q): to Vicky: (remember me? I gave you chocolate in LA, california!) during the last author chat, you said cinderpaws leg didnt heal. If it never heals, what would happen? Leafpool cant have 2 apprentices, According to jayfeather x3.
VickyHolmes(A): Thank you for the chocolate! It’s always appreciated! I especially love it when it goes a bit melty in my suitcase. Don’t put chocolate in the fridge! That’s my top tip. Anyway, Cinderpaw’s leg… Well, you’ll find out what happens to her poorly limb in ECLIPSE, which is only two weeks’ away!


-Lightstreak, the hobo-lovin' L obsessed-ShadowClan warrior ^^

I didn't say this during the chat, but I was worried that I was going to miss it. Thankfully, having the website on offline mode while the problem was being fixed helped me out. n.n;

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Icestar, knowing you are on Windows helps. But when I asked about your browser, I meant, are you using Internet Explorer, Firefox, America Online, or something else?

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Sheesh, I'm not good at that kind of stuff, so you can count me out of any tech classes. Haha. Internet Explorer. I WOULD be on AT&T, but my mom hasn't gotten the disk to load the main program. One of the disadvantages of virus attack. Yeah, Internet Explorer.

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I fixed one problem. Is this any better?

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Yep, looks normal to me. Thanks!

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The chat was awesome! :D I didn't get any of my question answered, though, but that was okay. I didn't really care. XP

Thanks, Wolf!

Is it just me, or was this one shorter than usual?

The Final RIOT!


She mentioned a present from Portland! X3

Wow... that transcript took long enough to read. XD I'm constantly amazed at the Erins' stamina. Up until four in the morning... wow. x.x

Thanks for doing this, Sheila. It was fun to read. :)

Macaroni cat... that line made me laugh out loud for quite a while!

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Swifty, you didn't get any questions answered? That's strange. Did you submit questions in advance? I thought all the advance questions were answered, either during the chat or in the "bonus answers" Vicky sent me afterwards.

Sheila Ruth
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*sighs* good times, good times..

...huh? I posted actual chat at many points during the chat, like when Wolf was saying "Je suis fromage", when the birdpoop craze started I mentioned that mushrooms can be white too (lol), and I also commented when Vicky was talking about the brownies, and it didn't show up! >_< The same thing goes for my second advance question...

Oh well!! I got 4 questions answered so I'm not gonna complain :)
The chat was awesome!!!! :D
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I loved that chat! It was amazing! I'm sure Bluefire liked it too and everyone else.

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We always edit out most of the unrelated chat, otherwise it would be too long and hard to read. We leave in a little bit of the chat for color, particularly when the authors are participating. I'm sorry if I accidentally deleted comments that you made in some of the discussions that I left in. It was a lot of chat to edit, and I could easily have missed some. The original file was around 15 thousand lines of chat, and we edited that down to about 5 thousand.

We also move things around to keep the discussions together to make them easier to read. For example, the discussion about chocolate and weddings was spread out and intermixed with many questions and other discussions; we moved things around to put all the comments in that discussion together to make it easier to read.

I usually put a disclaimer at the beginning of the transcript explaining that it was edited, but I forgot to do that this time. I should probably go back and edit this to add a disclaimer.

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You've done an awesome job, Sheila. Just hope you make it through the other transcripts for the other chats.

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Lol, it's okay Sheila :) The chat was AWESOME ANYWAYS!!!!!!!! :D

Whoa O_O 15 THOUSAND???
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WHAT DO WE CALL HER NOW!! lol, maybe her wedding will be on my brothers birthday... =)


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It's here! Yay!! :D And I made Vicky fat... O_o

Dawnstripe: Wow, you're right! Maybe she'll still keep her maiden name. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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That chat was a lot of fun. I got 5 1/2 questions answered!

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Haha I remember that! The birdpoop revolution...LOLZ, I always make an impression, don't I? Is that god or bad? O_o -foocls-

Oops! *good

LOLZ I left that in there XD

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... 8D *has nothing more to say*


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Sweet, all of my questions got answered! Thank you Tui, Vicky, Kate, Cherith!

A pity I wasn't here for it. And rereading that delightful chat, it left me with several comments and questions...


He was around to witness SkyClan's banishment. That must have taken quite a time leap — many, many years, perhaps.

But back to questions...

Now I really want to know what One-eye, Sunstar and Halftail's names were, and if cats that transfer to elder status will also pick up the naming tradition again.

I was also wondering who Crookedstar's third deputy was. I suspected around the time that SotC was released there must have been a cat before Oakheart. In CofC, when Rock says that "Oakheart came to Crookedstar with the tale of finding two lost kits in the woods" then there must have been another deputy, as Oakheart was a young warrior then. I wonder if it was Graypool. (That would ROCK!)

Awesome questions, guys. ^^

The Infamous Barrel Scene!XP

That chat was awesome.:D The one complaint I have though is that I didn't find out I was still 'gagged' until AFTER the chat was over...:'(

Hani's picture

I deeply apologize to the few of you who didn't get ungagged. I went down the list and ungagged everyone, but it doesn't actually show me your gagged status, and I must have missed a couple. Things were just so hectic at the start because of all the other problems.

I'm going to have to find a better solution for going over the rules than gagging everyone for next time. I feel really bad that some of you didn't get ungagged.

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Spiff! (my new catch word)

Kate Cary told me a long time ago that Tallstar's warrior name was probably Talltail (when the chatbox was still open on her site)


woah, its so weird... to think that vicky actually has a life other than writing warriors... and is getting married! I hope she keeps her maiden name... vicky holmes just isn't... vicky holmes without the holmes (duh, that probably made me sound like an idiot, more than I usually sound like one) ... ah-well, I hope its a cool name. Like... Vicky McDougal... or... Vicky... Hunter! that'd be awesome, for vicky to be named Vicky Hunter! Or something. I'd thought she was already married...

wow, that comment really wasn't worth reading. Im sorry if I just wasted some of your life. Im doing a horrible job of procrastinating more math homework.

Ugh... creepy... this tree is scraping against the window, and its making a really eerie sound...


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I love this part

Icestar(Q): How can the rest of you stand being in Vicky's evil orbit? Do you Ever revolt against her 'make this cat die' ideas?
VickyHolmes(A): They try... But they always fail! Because it is MY evil orbit, and no one can resist my evil powers! Sorry, did I say that out loud? :)

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Hey, I just went back and read the extra questions from the end. Wow, conflicting answers!

Hawkstorm(Q): Do you belive in HollyxFox, JayxCinder, or WhitexAsh?
VickyHolmes(A): We are constantly astonished by the shippings you guys come up with! You’re very welcome to come up with all sorts of pairings in your fanfiction, but to be honest, we only imagine what actually gets into the books.

Ivyflower(Q): In your Bluestar special edition book, would you consider making Thistleclaw the father of Snowfur's kit? It would create some angst, because I'm sure Bluefur wouldn't be very happy about it.
VickyHolmes(A): Wow, brilliant idea! I think this might just be possible. Thank you!

Look at that! A fan-created shipping! I'm going to call myself the official owner of Thistle x Snow. Lol. Hey, Vicky, just because your answers are conflicting doesn't mean that you can't use my idea! Please???

I sent in about ten other suggestions for Bluestar's Prophecy, but they never got answered. =( Oh well.

I meant to ask a lot of questions regarding the author's inspiration for certain plot points, such as "When did you decide to bring Scourge into the story?" or "How did you come up with the idea for Leafpool and Crowfeather," but I never got around to it. Oh well, hopefully there will be another chat soon.

EDIT: I was also wondering who Crookedstar's third deputy was... as Oakheart was a young warrior then. I wonder if it was Graypool.

I think Graypool was nursing kits at the time... I've been wondering about this too, though. Hey, you could look it up in Secrets of the Clans! *heavy sarcasm* I've counted at least three mistakes in Secrets of the Clans regarding Crookedstar's deputies. It was still an awesome book. ^_^

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When is the next Erin Hunter chat? That's the biggest reason I joined W&W.

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Hi Echoheart,

We don't have an Erin Hunter chat scheduled, but there's a good chance that we'll have another one. If we do, I'll post about it, so it'll be hard to miss.

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ooooooooooh!! Author chat! XD *randomly bumps*

my cat was sitting on my hand just a minute ago. And my hand was on the mouse lol. and she would growl everytime my hand moved XD

Photobucket THANKS SQUIRRELY!!!!! ^^

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That's hilarious, Bramble.

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'Riverstripe: no what?

Something tells me I was having internet problems that day... I only said five things.

- The one and only; Riverrocketsparklestripe (is that really one whole name!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

I think I lost my status of ALWAYS being in the chatroom! just send me a pm -_-

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- Don't count me out! Even if I'm not here, I can't be torn from W&W! I'll try not to make unbelievable disappearances like before though =/

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LOL. I'm sorry you were having problems, River!

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Ashtail joined.
Ashtail: It works! I'm finally here! =D
Ashtail: Everyone's posting so fast. lol I can't catch everything! Xd
Ashtail: My question! X3
Ashtail: Lionblaze?! Sweet name!
Ashtail: lol
Ashtail: lol
Ashtail: Yes! Macs do! I want one! I'm on a Dell. Xp
Ashtail: Me, too, Tui! ^^
Ashtail: Bye, Vicky!

I only said nine things. XD (Left out the two questions.)

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Danke, avipperman! =DDDDDDDD <3